Monday, January 31, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

The day before yesterday

I do have some more thoughts on fashion in Japan to talk about here, plus I enjoyed meeting another sewing and blogging friend in Oregon; just let me sort through about a thousand photos first... not to mention excavating through and washing about two thousand items of clothing and restocking the fridge etc...
Back to reality.

Cold weather gear; Mountain Designs
Beanie; my own design, charcoal wool
Snow boots; Big KMart from the US
Gloves; ?
Sunnies; RayBan
Dress; Burda 8511 with fitting variations, white synthetic stuff with printed border
Sandals; Vincenzo from Soletta shoes
Bag; Gucci
Sunnies; RayBan


  1. Welcome back! Oh I love those sandals btw. Yes back to feeding the cat and hanging out in the Coles carpark I see. ;) hehehe.
    Hopefully you have a few nice pics to share soon! :D

  2. Just finished reading your last two posts along with this one. Sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime. It is so neat you were able to meet with Novita and Yoshimi. How fun it must have been to hang out and shop together! I too love seeing the Japanese snow gear. I guess I'm not surprised by how colorful their clothing is, but it's really amazing to actually see how vivid it is against the pure white background of snow. Glad you are safely home. Time to recuperate!

  3. Glad you are safely home! Thanks for meeting me in Tokyo, I hope we have another chance in the future ;)

  4. Ahhh .... the Coles carpark ... Whiskas .... soaring temperatures ...... home sweet home - welcome back!

  5. You look dramatic in your black against so much snow...but that "coming home" dress is quite beautiful. Did you do the embroidery on the dress?

  6. Welcome back :) It has been wonderful reading your posts.

  7. I would like to go myself from 1st to 2nd picture.
    love your white dress