Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another hot day... and some glove stuff

Strange thing.  When I logged onto my blog this morning, it popped up and said I am following no blogs!  How did that happen?  I don't recall going through and un-following any blogs... perhaps I am a far more active and computer-savvy sleepwalker than I ever realised... 
Has this ever happened to anyone else???
Anyway, I am sweltering...  without a doubt my bathers are the most worn items in my wardrobe this summer; I am in and out of them at least four times a day.  In and out of the pool.  I'm a believer that if one has a pool (which we are hugely fortunate to have) then one should not use the air conditioning.  The downside to this is that Perth has not dipped below 22C at any point over the last ten days or so, meaning all night we are stifling.  The only pleasant time of the day is first thing in the morning, when we do get down to around 22C and it is bliss to get outside of this oven of a house and flop into the pool, again.  Of course, by mid afternoon the aforementioned oven is a cool cool haven compared to the fierce heat outside!  Every now and then the family gets jack of it and switches on the air conditioning despite my rants about greenhouse gases etc  Oh I've just googled and 22C is 72F on the old scale.  Highs generally 36C, or 98F.
In glove stuff...  Lauriana and Darci have both made a start on their gloves, which is fabulous... and I am waiting to see how they go on their muslin gloves.  I am still unsure about cutting into my lilac suede skirt.  In fact as it has been hanging in my laundry awaiting its execution I am starting to regain a new fondness for it and am fantasising about all the great combinations I could make with it...  as a skirt.  It may well find its way back into my wardrobe.  I do have another op shop suede skirt that is a very 70's beige and that I have never worn.  I might chop this one up instead.
Lauriana mentioned an unusual seaming around the thumb in her store bought leather gloves... and I got out my own leather gloves to have a look, and on all of my four pairs of leather gloves that I currently own there is the same strange gusset/flap arrangement sewn into the thumb area too  (see below).  I've never consciously noticed this before!  This feature is definitely not in my Vogue glove pattern, and what is more I think this sort of seaming would be way beyond my capacity to draft for myself.

Top; Country Road, originally white and dyed with ground turmeric
Skirt; my own design, charcoal grey jersey knit
Necklace; made by me, tutorial here
Sandals; Anna, from Marie Claire shoes

Gloves (below) a souvenir from Venice.  Look at this lovely detailing on the back....


  1. Wow can't believe the weather... actually, what am I saying? I CAN believe the weather... just glad you all have aircons in Perth, as when that hot weather hits here, our house is just a continuous oven with no relief... sigh...
    Oh and yes blogger has done that to me lots of times but i just refresh and it all comes back. Stay cool!!! :)

  2. Whoof. While it does gets that hot here in the summer, at least sometimes, I think the big difference is it pretty much always cools off at night. Which means you can usually open all the windows and get the house cooled down, making it livable for the next day.

    The glovemaking book on Vintage Sewing has some information about drafting your own pattern, including that little gusset... I'm sure you could do it. (and thanks for the enabling ;), now I'm musing about drafting my own gloves pattern...)

  3. lately blogger has been saying "following no blogs" and then I refresh and they are all there. strange . . .
    your comments about the pool made me laugh, here in very warm California our summers go over 100 F and we would spend the entire day in backyard pool. except of course my mom who would say " I can't make dinner for you kids in the swimming pool"
    hope it cools off for you soon :)

  4. Thanks! I just refreshed and they all cam back again...! phew!
    Beth, it is often over 100F here as well. Just thankfully not in the past ten days. It's the long term heat without even a break at night that is killing us at the mo'...

  5. I sure do feel for you in the heat. I personally have a very hard time tolerating those kinds of temperatures. Thankfully Maui doesn't get that hot too often, however the humidity, and no trade winds can make it feel like that at times. PS: I loved your flashback pic in the previous post. So adorable.

  6. I think that sustained heat would wilt me. I'm so glad you've got that pool! I know when it starts hitting multiple 90 degree days here, I just shut up the house and go to the library. I bought a small AC unit a few years back and that helps, too. I feel ya, tho. :( Glad you made those adorable bathers since you're getting so much wear out of them!

    No need to draft your own glove pattern with the fussy leather glove gusset! Start with already-drafted one on the "Threads" website. Printing it out was the trickiest part of the whole venture. I ended up enlarging the small size to 157% and other than finger length alterations, it was a breeze.

    Here's the link:

    I plan to knock out my muslin this weekend (fingers crossed)!

  7. oooh, I'm totally jealous that you get down to 72 at night in the summer. Here it is rarely below 80, EVER, for three loooong months. 72 would be such a relief, we would switch off the A/C and fling open the windows! LOL, perspective, I guess. Our highs are usually around 100 or 105 ... It seems our weather in TExas is a bit more extreme than most places. Heck, everything is bigger in texas....

    This IS the tank top dyed with turmeric from last year! How does it hold up to regular washing and drying? or do you have a special laundry routine to keep the color from fading?

    We live in the town pool in the summer afternoons, it seems, the only bearable thing to do outside ...

  8. How wonderful to have your own pool. I think I would live in my suit in such a case. Many years ago I lived in an apartment complex with a pool. My girls spent their day swimming and it saved immensely on air conditioning costs.

  9. "Jealous" that we get as "low" as 72? I think you're kidding yourself....