Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gloves: finishing off, and a pattern review

Relax, the difficult bit is well and truly over.  All that is left are straightforward finishing off seams... easy peasy!

The version I chose here has a long gathered body to it, with elastic sewn in the long sides to bunch it all up elegantly.  The instructions say to sew in a zigzag stitch down the length of the elastic like so... all well and good.
Then I sewed up the remaining side seam of the glove...
Now, to attach the elastic to the flat ironed-out seam, as specified in the instructions is an impossibility on my standard ordinary little machine... I tried, but it is pretty much impossible for me to sew up the inside of a long tube as narrow as this one.. I settled for sewing the elastic to the side seam allowance.  Has almost the same finished effect, really... as well as being my only option.
Oh, of course the final step is the lower hem, but I didn't take a photo of this, after those gussets a simple hem is kinda humdrum...!
Et voila, my first pair of gloves!
Hehe, so pleased with myself that this "muslin" turned out OK and I will undoubtably wear them once in a while.
Now will I cut up my suede skirt to make some gloves using this pattern?  I might, but I'm going to take a short break to do some regular clothes sewing first, start working on those ten stash-busting garments, and I will take out my old leather gloves and carefully size them up against these new stretch fabric ones before taking the next step.
Following is the review I submitted for this pattern:

Pattern Description:
Package includes patterns and instructions to make nine pairs of unlined gloves.  Each view is available is size small, medium or large.  Variations include contrast applique, contrast lined gauntlet, contrast tabs and covered buttons. 
Pattern Sizing:
Allegedly small (18cm), medium (20cm) and large (23cm).
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you had finished sewing it?
I made view A, and yes
Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions are straightforward, but making gloves is not really easy...
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like that it is a well drafted pattern, the pieces went together very well and fitted together perfectly. 
What I didn't like; well, what do those measurements, small, medium and large actually mean?  There is not a clue on the pattern instructions as to what part of your hand you should measure to find out which size you should be looking for!
Also, in spite of saying that the gloves come in three sizes, they actually do not!  The pattern is really only in one size.  The different "sizes" are just simple lengthening of the arm tubes and gauntlets, which is an obvious adjustment anyone could make without needing a pattern to do so... there are no gradings on the pattern pieces to allow for different sized hands.  If you had particularly long or short fingers you could probably make this adjustment yourself without too much trouble, but I think adjusting for a wider hand would be a lot trickier.
I guess this is why a stretch fabric is recommended!
But ultimately my first attempt at gloves fit alright, so I must have an "average" hand... thankfully.
Fabric Used:
Stretch cotton jersey
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I originally bought this pattern because I had seen beautifully coloured gloves in runway shows that were unavailable in the shops, and because I wanted a new challenge.  Then an old suede skirt I had got a bit stretched-out in places and I thought I would cut it up to make some gloves for myself...  these jersey gloves are my "muslin", or trying out the pattern for the first time.  I would still like to use this pattern to make gloves from my suede skirt, but I'm unsure how the un-stretchy suede will go with this stretch fabric pattern.  I'm going to think about it before I cut up my suede skirt, for sure!
Regardless of whether I use the suede or a different fabric, I'm sure I will use this pattern again.
I recommend this pattern for advanced seamstresses who are looking for a new challenge.
Making gloves is not for the faint-hearted, and is a fiddly process.  But once you get the hang of those tiny seams and fiddly little gussets it is a quick project.  I'm not crazy about all nine of the variations of this pattern, but some of them are really beautiful and unlike anything I've seen in the shops here, so I'm excited I can add something different to my wardrobe like this!


  1. Fantastic. What an achievement.If holding a long cigarette holder (plus cigarette), you would look like the 'femme fatale' from the old movies.

  2. Your gloves look terrific. I am a bit put off by the stretchy requirement though, my glove fantasy is real purple leather.

  3. These are so glamorous! Love them & look forward to other colours you will make them in.

  4. Wow! I am very impressed! I am sure you will have fun wearing those red gloves now and again. I can imagine that making gloves is very fiddly.

  5. Very elegant! Having seen your step-by step, I see that it's not all that difficult. Definitely a great way to add an accessory to an outfit.
    As for the stretchy issue - leather does have some give to it. Perhaps enough to make this pattern doable in the suede?

  6. I love them! they look gorgeous and i love the colour too.

  7. I love those gloves. Very elegant. Now spring is almost here you made me want to make a whole batch of different colours gloves too. Very pretty.

  8. They look great on you. I like the photos with the red against your neutral clothes.

  9. Wow, those are super nice... And I've been having trouble finding gloves long enough to wear with my Lady Grey jacket... Hmmm....

  10. They look wonderful! Now you need to sew a glamorous dress to go with them!

  11. Ooh they do look fabulous - and very striking in red! Lovely photos!

  12. oooh, I didn't realize they were going to be elbow length! How elegant! What a fun accessory. I hope you do wear them some because I would have no clue how to mix "fashion" gloves (I've had plenty of practice with the ones worn solely for warmth in my lifetime. :) ) I love the shirring too. I'm eager to see how your refashioned ones come out. and am thoroughly impressed with your attention to detail and fiddly things, just like I am when I look at your sock knitting. Have a good weekend!

  13. they turned out beautifully. I'm wondering if the thickness of the suede in the skirt might affect the future gloves.

  14. These came together fantastically. Super job!...and nice color.

  15. Looks very beuatiful. I would like to sew something for myself, but it seems there are so many work...

  16. Awesome, awesome, awesome job on these! I'm so inspired, and empowered - perhaps I can do it! Thanks for taking us through your process of making these. Have fun wearing them - they are fab.

  17. I'm so glad I found this post! I've had a pair of gloves cut out (Vogue 8608) for months now with no idea of how to start. I'm totally intimidated by the tiny seam allowances-- looks like there will be some hand sewing involved. I've wanted a pair to wear with my Lady Grey. Your red pair is fabulous! What a great addition to any wardrobe and think of all the possibilities.

  18. Gorgeous finished gloves! So swanky!

    I'm dreadfully behind...but your gloves are an inspiration! Let me know what fitting changes you'll plan to do when you make the gloves out of your suede. I've got some leather scraps set aside for this project, too. With ostrich leather cuffs! Fun!

  19. Red color makes it more stunning.

  20. That gloves make it more startling. The best thing of this stuff is it keeps the hands relax and also let the skin breathe when it is put on.