Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little yacht romper

A blast from the past for today...
This is a little romper suit I made for our eldest Tim when he was tiny.  I have no memory of where I got the pattern, it might have been a TopKids design, but I do have a very vague feeling I just saw it in some Women's Weekly crafty publication, hehe.  It had a pocket at the front with two appliqued yachts, edged with zigzag stitch and with red satin stitching to represent the hulls, and some tiny little embroidered flags at the top of the sails.  Turned up cuffs and lining, in contrasting yellow.
It was a nice little thing that all three of mine wore, but this is the only photo I have, of Tim wearing it.  If you would like to see what this cute little kiddie looks like now, go here...


  1. Cute - I remember my mother doing similar type things for my little brother and sister. I bought a couch for $50 on the weekend from Lifeline that looks like it's covered in the same stuff as the couch you're sitting on - funny!

  2. Oh my gosh! Don't kids grow up quick. It's really scary. They grow up while we grow old :(

    Cute jumper.

  3. I love your old photos! You still look exactly the same age (as you are now) in all of them!!!

    My bolero fabric is from the stash, yep... everything (hopefully) this year will be from the stash... and I'll probably highlight if I ever go to the shops for something!


  4. Ahh! How adorable. It's fun looking back.

  5. Ah what a beautiful picture...such a cute fella.

  6. Were you a child bride? You look so young! I sewed so much from Top Kids. The clothes were so innovative.

  7. SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!!! LOVE it! Gosh, you are talented! And I LOVE the sundress in the post below. I mean, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have got to brush up on my sewing skills! You are inspiring!

    heart: miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

  8. Thank you ladies! Veronica, you are officially my friend for life after that comment!!
    Gail, I wasn't quite a child bride; married at 22. I am 25 in this picture. When I was a teenager I hated looking young for my age, now I don't mind so much!