Sunday, March 13, 2011

Burda 7723, a pattern review

These shorts aren't new here on the blog, I made them over a year ago and have worn them a zillion times since, although not for Me-Made-March yet.  Since this version here was my first attempt at this now fairly well-worn pattern, and the only time I've made them up exactly to pattern I thought it was high time to review it... albeit belatedly.  The review I submitted to Pattern Review is below, if you're interested.
Incidentally the shirt is another of my most-used patterns, Burda 7767 that I've made up possibly a dozen times now (?I think?), and also the first cab-off-the-rank from this pattern and the only version made up exactly to this pattern too!!  Hehe, it's pretty rare for me to stick identically to a pattern the second or more times around... and not introduce little variations and/or improvements (that's debatable...) for subsequent garments.  Not always fabulously successful alterations, I hasten to point out...  but that's the beauty of being handy with a needle, if you're not completely happy you can take steps.  Like I did yesterday...

Shirt; Burda 7767, pink linen with navy blue top-stitching and buttons, close-up details here, my review of this pattern here
Shorts; Burda 7723, white linen, close-up details here
Thongs; Mountain Design
Nail varnish; Glamourpuss, BYS

Pattern Description:
High-waisted shorts; with double pleated front, fly front, front slanted pockets.  There is included as well patterns for a pair of trousers, and two variations of a jacket.
Pattern Sizing:
European 34-44 (8-18)  I made up a straight size 10
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you had finished sewing it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
very easy
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love just about everything about this pattern!  The pattern is very well drafted and goes together easily and well.  The pockets are generous and deep, and the double pleated front allows enough fabric fullness for you to shove your hands down deep in those pockets with plenty of room.  
Some very very minor issues; it doesn't have a zip placket, but this is a super easy feature to add yourself.  Also the waistband is not shaped, so subsequent times I've made up this pattern I've sewn a diagonal joining seam in the centre back of the waistband to accommodate my sway-back.
Fabric Used:
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I added rear patch pockets.  Subsequent times I've made up this pattern, I've lengthened and flared the legs slightly,  added the aforementioned zip placket, and for one version re-drafted the front piece to eliminate the front pleats, as I was using heavily embroidered fabric and wished to avoid the extra bulk of the pleats. 
As mentioned above, I've sewn the centre back seam of the waistband with a diagonal seam, to accommodate a swayback. 
The waistband is designed to be a double width, that folds in on itself to form its own facing; for two versions of these shorts using bulkier fabric I joined a strip of fashion fabric to a strip of thinner cotton fabric to become the inner facing.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I've sewn this shorts pattern up four times now.  It is my tried and true go-to shorts pattern.  I highly recommend this pattern!
Absolutely, this is one of my favourite patterns that I turn to first when I'm considering a pair of shorts.  I think the shape is very flattering and I love the wide waistband, that sits firmly and securely up high on the waist, holding everything in.


  1. Woweee, the color of that ocean is unbelievable.

    Anyway, your outfit is so cute and so perfect for the setting. It looks RTW, but in a good way. :)

  2. What an amazing backdrop. The ocean looks picture postcard perfect. Linen is lovely for beach strolling. Your shorts look great.

  3. More cute shorts, still soooo jealous! :-)

  4. Oh, how I would love to stroll on that beach right now. Your shorts are fabulous. I absolutely love linen.

  5. All the pictures of your beautiful clothes and dog on the beach are making me want to pack up my girls and head to the beach.

  6. I thank you for the few moments of "warmth fantasy" that your posts allow me.

  7. I do this with recipes. I always have to tweak something! So even if we love it we know it won't be the same the next time. I'm starting to do this with sewing too. I think I will have 3 or 4 running skirts soon with various variations, none of them quite perfect, but all perfectly serviceable. You look like you are having a lovely day. Hope it is as relaxing as it looks!

  8. I LOVE those shorts. Seriously I have to make these. I'm glad to hear this is a favorite pattern of yours and is easy to follow. That always is a good thing.