Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cleaning up

Earlier in the month I wore a silk dress for general gardening.  Today I have selected black lace... to clean out the garage and shed.  Don't worry, it's not expensive lace just cheap-ish polyester-y stuff.  But it is lace, meaning cool and open to breezes; a priority.
Every six months local councils around here organise a verge pick-up.  That is, you get to toss out all your unwanted old junk onto your verge, and theoretically the council will come around and pick it all up for you to cart off to the tip.  Theoretically.  In reality however, everyone's rubbish pile is reduced to a fraction of its original size by the time of the pick-up because this is just the best neighbourhood re-cycling scheme ever devised. Cars cruising very slowly up and down the streets become a common sight; people checking out everyone's rubbish piles and periodically hopping out to retrieve a few treasures to stash in the boot for their own house and garden.   Kudos to the clever cookie in the public service who thought this one up.
And for once, this time we have managed to not pick up anybody else's junk, although we had a close call when Sam spotted an old TV on the way home from volleyball yesterday... and I had to talk firmly and convincingly about how not only did we not know whether it actually worked  (sometimes people put a helpful note on the top telling you whether things still work; not this time which tells me it probably didn't) but that personal TV's in one's bedroom are unsociable and unhealthy and not conducive to study, blah blah blah.  None of these points of view being particularly relevant arguments to the teenage mind.

Top; Butterick 4985 with different plainer sleeves, black lace and blue nacre heart-shaped buttons
Shorts; Burda 7723 modified, ivory corduroy, details here
Nail varnish; Santorini Sunset

Later: I lie.  We just got an old beautifully decorative ironwork gate from next door.  Score!


  1. I'm glad to hear that's cool, since you never know with poly. It is a nice outfit for cleaning the garage. :)

    Here, if you don't want something, put it on the curb and it's usually gone within hours. Just yesterday I put out an old wooden breakfast tray with legs and it was gone by the time I looked again. (I never liked it and hadn't used it in years.)

    And then there's freecycle. Yay for simple schemes like this. :)

  2. Haha-- I love that your community is basically sanctioning dumpster diving!

    And the top is really cute.

  3. Love the top...especially the longer sleeve look.

  4. "None of these points of view being particularly relevant arguments to the teenage mind." How true. At that age I told mine I need to be able to determine he wasn't on drugs and had gone to school. If I denied him TV and fridge in his bedroom, I could force him to come out and a while.

    He didn't have an answer for that.

  5. Carolyn - I love to read about your clothing for the heat as we were hit again with bitter cold winds and spitting ice! But the best part is the words that you use to describe things! Who would have known the language could be used in such different ways! I love it!

    I am sewing again like a mad woman - and you are a big part of my inspiration! Thank you!

  6. Ha, we do this in my neighborhood too! I salvaged the cast-iron trellis off an old sewing machine table and made a new sidetable out of it.

  7. Lol, I always forget that things get called differently here in the States than in Australia! Basically, dumpster diving is just that--people pulling stuff from dumpsters or trash piles that would otherwise get thrown away in order to score free stuff. (I've never done it myself, but have read about it on other blogs and such--from what I gather, the actual dumpsters are more likely to be used in a city, and in the suburbs it's more a case of pulling things from the curbside trash pickup/backs of stores/whatever. That's actually how I got my previous sewing dummy--a friend of mine picked up a few for free from a bridal store that was tossing them, and I just padded it up to fit my size! I don't have it anymore, though, since I got an adjustable one for Christmas and the old one had a tendency to fall over. A lot.)