Saturday, March 26, 2011

A new shoe day is a very good day indeed

It's actually too hot to be wearing my new shoes today, but I don't care.  Wore them anyway, because I  just couldn't resist their ever-so-slightly blotchy ivory leather, their pinked-edged, laced-up, strategically placed cut-outed charm.  Wore them to volleyball (we won).  To the supermarket.  Now they are off because my feet were swel-ter-ing and crying out to please be free of hot closed-in footwear... but I am already looking forward to wearing them again, soon.  Tonight, in fact, at a family barbecue...
All the other garments today are basic old favourites, all made years ago, including the necklace.  Comfort dressing.
Me-Made March has held an unexpected challenge for me in that we have had such an unprecedentedly long hot summer.  This first month of autumn has brought temperatures more like we would expect in January, meaning pretty hot.  So I haven't been able to even think about wearing some of my old or new autumn things as planned, some of which haven't been shown in that me-made group before.  I'm a little disappointed that most of my outfits have been just plain... well, plain.  I like to play around in my wardrobe and layer and mix things up, but when the days are an unending parade of 35C* one is limited to an unimaginative unlayered approach. Even so I'm pretty pleased with myself I've managed to (so far) not have any repeats, apart from my beige, sorry, sorry! nude petticoat.  The obvious inference from the fact that I am even able to do this is of course that perhaps I have too many clothes...

Top; my own design based on the basic shape of NewLook 6483, ivory cotton and crochet trim
Skirt; Vogue 7303 lined, ivory wool mix
Necklace, my own design
Shoes; Bronx, from Zomp shoes

*35C=95F in the old measurements


  1. Those shoes are very cute! I love the pop of color from that beautiful necklace. I am sorry it's so hot!

  2. Nice shoes! Your shirt is so pretty, I am impressed that you designed and made it yourself. I am also impressed that you have so many self made items in your wardrobe!

  3. The shoes are gorgeous. Your top is beautiful. I do so like the "heirloom" touches in the details.
    So what's the definition of "too many clothes"? If you have the closet space, if you wear all you have - you just don't have to do laundry too often.

  4. Those shoes are wonderful and i love your top its gorgeous!

  5. love your whole outfit...the necklace is gorgeous!

  6. Love the shoes; so cute! And at first I thought you were wearing a dress! Heh. But, I really like the top. It seems perfectly appropriate for sweaty weather. I wish I was wearing something like that now!

  7. YAY, love them! SO gorgeous with your outfit today, and I bet heaps of your clothes will suit! Hurry up cool change!

  8. Just think of the upside...if you can go a whole month without repeats then you can also go a whole month without washing!

  9. I love white on white and the breezy lace insets in this top. You would never think it came from that pattern! Fun shoes, too bad it's so hot yet. I'm not so looking forward to those sorts of temps arriving here in a month or two ...

  10. I had the same revelation about maybe having too many clothes, too. It got me to thinking about things like quality vs. quantity. A few things got pitched.

    I think I'm going to start focusing on making things that go with at least three things I already own (like your 6-ways posts). Last year was SO sewing-manic, and maybe it's time for me to slow down and be more thoughtful about what I make. MMMar '11 had some surprising insights for sure.

    It'll be colder there in Australia eventually. Then you'll wow us with all of your finished projects! Can't wait to see them!