Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Un-feminine, but...

I quite like the utilitarian edginess of this outfit, with vaguely military overtones, thanks to the trench skirt.  When I first tried this top on with this skirt I was a bit struck with the unusualness of the look.  Sort of  intriguingly different.  It's all quite boxy and not shaped to flatter my body at all.  But I'm OK with that.  After all, I dress to please myself; for both comfort and appropriateness to the weather, as well as to look nice.  Today is another hot one, so the airiness and unfittedness of the outfit allows for breezes.  And "nice" encompasses many things, pretty not always having to be amongst them.  This is more funky.  It's not a very feminine look, but I don't want always to look feminine.  I like an edgy unconventional look too; and I think this has that appeal.  So yeah.
The necklace is another I made a few years ago, during my beading fad.
Re Vogue 8333, the jacket with the "inside secrets to luxurious custom couture construction" (this is verbatim from the envelope, I'm actually not making that up); I bought some wool/silk mix while in Japan specifically for this jacket pattern and made a tiny start today.  I cut out the paper pieces today and read through the instructions.   Well, I did say a tiny start...
Has anyone else got this pattern and read through these instructions?
Some new concepts here; hair canvas... pad-stitching... er, bridles? I always thought bridles were for horses, apparently ladies wear them too, just in a different form, tucked away inside their lapels... ha!
You learn something new everyday.

Top; my own design, made from an old pair of ivory light cotton pants, details here
Skirt; Burdastyle magazine 08-2009-107, khaki cotton, close-up details and my review of this pattern here
Necklace; my own design
Belt; Country Road, had this for about twenty years
Shoes; Betts & Betts Brazilian collection, had these for about twenty years too


  1. I didn't get as far as reading the instructions. I got the pattern pieces out ready to cut and realised it has 19 pieces. I chickened out at that point, as I would probably have to make fitting alterations to a lot of those pieces, and I'm not that good yet. I will make this jacket though, I will!

    Your "nude" dress from yesterday is gorgeous.

  2. I had to google that jacket Vogue 8333 you are talking about, and I went "ooooh, it´s THAT jacket! That is one fantastic looking piece of clothing, I´m sure you´ll make a great job on that one. Can´t wait to see the progress!

  3. Love that skirt! The jacket's cute too, but that skirt...I love the button details. Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a great day!

  4. Love that necklace :)! I'm going to have a lace question for you pretty soon here, I think (if it ever stops snowing long enough for me to think about sewing with lace.)

    Oh dear... Now I'm going to be thinking very naughty things next time I tailor a jacket... I think the only thing weirder than tailoring terminology is glovemaking terminology... Quirks and trangs?

  5. That is an awesome skirt. Love your necklace as well.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I really love my cowgirl boots,too. I wear them quite often.

  6. That is a wonderful skirt! Love the necklace.
    Re: Vogue 8333 - check the fit through the midriff and hip. I made it up (without much thought to fit problems) and ended up with an unwearable jacket due to it being way to tight through the midriff. Never had that problem before. One of my tailoring students also had the same problem with this pattern, but luckily we realized this while there was still the possibility of fixing.
    Thanks for the scanning tip. Uh - guess that would mean I'd have to plug in the scanner, read the instructions and learn to scan.

  7. I have that Vogue 8333 also, and now tht spring is arriving I have decided to save it for next autumn. Hair canvas, pad stitching, those I am acquainted with, but bridles? in sewing? mysterious.
    Your daily photos are so interesting, I like your variety of settings and background.

  8. Today's outfit is great! I like how you played with volume. Very cool.

    That jacket sounds like a great tailoring challenge! I'm sure you're going to learn a lot!

  9. I really really like the skirt. It seems like it would be quite versatile and could even be paired with some really feminine pieces, or some edgier things like a jacket with chains (not that I've seen you wear that...)

  10. I love the skirt--the double row of buttons, the stiffness of the fabric, the color!

  11. I love the urban-militariness of that look. I think you are tall enough to pull off any style and look fab!

  12. Hi!
    I love coming here once in a while, and I LOVE this outfit!

  13. What a great skirt! Some day I have to sew it on my own...