Monday, April 18, 2011

Bluestone socks, and a new pet

Normally if one of my children brought home yet another new pet I would gently but firmly manoeuvre said pet back to where it came from.  Our house already passes for a menagerie.  However our new house guest is quite welcome, as he is economical on food, undemanding as far as expensive veterinary visits and vaccinations go, and will not add wear and tear to the garden and furniture.
I don't know what this little guy's name is, or whether he even has been given one yet.  He just turned up on our sideboard one day.  Unknown origins or parentage notwithstanding, he is already creeping into my affections with his gentle quizzical little face and sweet nature, not to mention the cheerful colour of his low maintenance coat.
Above, he is asking quietly and politely if we can go walkies now.
Below I am complying with his request.  Isn't he sweet?
In other new things, I have knitted some new socks... but I concede that that is small bickies compared to a new pet.

Socks; adapted from the pattern for Ladies Sockettes, from Patons Knitting Book C11, a 1960's publication, using Morris Empire Superwash Merino 4 ply in Bluestone (col 408) and with Beluga (col 430) heels and toes.


  1. Wow Carolyn, its great to have a new post from you almost everyday!
    Your dedication to creating is amazing. Love everything you make :)

  2. I love those socks!! And of course, the new family member. :)

  3. Love the socks and I love to knit but have never knit socks, for some reason. But you've inspired me...and I'm now knitting socks. Love your blog.

  4. Great socks...hope your old pet isn't jealous of your new one :)

  5. AnniinBC; thank you so much for your comment and I'm thrilled you've taken up knitting socks! I hope you get as much satisfaction out of it as I do!

  6. Ha, this seems to be the PERFECT pet! We had one float into our car window the other day and it rode home from a shopping trip in our back seat, without making a peep.

  7. He he, thanks for the chuckle!

  8. Ha, ha, ha... Great Post, thanks! And lovely socks, of course...