Sunday, April 10, 2011

Customised nails

What to do, what to do...
I saw this extremely yummy shade of nail varnish in the latest Vogue magazine and felt it was just the thing!  Really wanted to have it...  Tres beautiful, no?
But the blurb described it as a seasonal limited edition Chanel shade (Nouvelle Vague) that has quickly sold out.  Not going to let a little thing like that stop me from wearing this delectable shade on my toes, now.  For a start, the name "Chanel" on the bottle is already going to mean a ridiculous price tag.  Sorry, but I don't pay more than a few dollars for a bottle of nail varnish... and what's more it's so super easy to mix and match your own cheap and colourful nail varnishes to get the colour you want.  It is!  Have you ever tried it?
Sometimes (occasionally) I buy a colour simply because I know it will be a goodie for mixing with others to get new colours.  Such as white.  Not always, I often then get side-tracked and lazy and just wear even the more unusual colours straight as they come out of the bottle, prompting questions such as "why the turquoise nails??" and having to come up with an explanation that doesn't involve a fancy-dress party...  Fortunately I think Perth is becoming more switched on to exciting new nail colours such as the ones I like.  Whatever, I really wanted this particular shade of heavenly muted duck egg blue for this week... 
So I got a little bit of light blue (Artmatic Lit'l Boy Blue, I've had this particular one for about fifteen years) and mixed in just one drop of light yellow (BYS Bright Light, a newie) and got the perfect shade.
This is so easy!  The only thing to look out for when mixing your own is that it dries pretty quick, so use it as soon as it is mixed.  
Voila.  The perfect duck-egg blue, and even better, I didn't have to pay $50 odd for the designer label...
I have a friend who has a firm saying, "there's only one thing worse than chipped nail polish on your toes, and that's no nail polish on your toes" and I couldn't agree more...


  1. I have never thought of that before! Thanks for the idea :) I quite enjoy your blog. :)

  2. Para misturar é melhor usar um vidrinho vazio, daí não seca...

    (To mix up, it's better do it in an empty embalage so it don't dry soon)

  3. This is such a pretty color. Brilliant to mix your own colors :) Now I too will have to try it ;)

  4. Oh dear, I have such UGLY feet I daren't wear colour on my toes....

  5. Toenails in unusual colors are my favorites! I usually wear alternating colors (pink & neon green right now). I haven't thought of mixing them before, that's an awesome idea!

  6. Oh yeah, whenever I have about 1/4 of a polish left, I pour that into another one where the color was not quite to my liking. Now I will have to get some blue and try that.

  7. I am inspired to paint my toenails. My daughter was aghast when my naked and unpolished foot inadvertently appeared on my blog the other day - she must have been talking to your friend! ;) (At least they weren't muddy post gardening feet....)

  8. your toes look like PERFECT robins eggs!

  9. Brilliant solution! I'm a fan of toe polish, myself and have been known to wear outrageous colour combinations. I see it as the little gift I give myself every day. Who cares if no one else sees it? I know!
    I never considered mixing, so this is a great solution for me. Thanks, Carolyn!

    Also, thanks for the blogger award! That was so thoughtful of you! :)