Monday, June 27, 2011

3 sleeps to go...

... and Me-Made June is over.
Sorry, I know it sounds like a whinge, but I am very over posing for a photo every day.  was over it probably 10 days ago, actually....  And yes, possibly I could have made it easier for myself by just posing at home or something, but when I decide to commit to something, I stick to it.  Plus, I know when I look back I will be glad I picked this spot to take my photos.  You know what?  The changing clouds and state of the waves on the river, and the wind, and rain (or lack of it); this has been my favourite aspect of looking back over my own photos this month.  I like that I have this little daily snapshot of how winter really is here.  I have loved how the clouds have looked, and how changeable the river is.  Of course I walk by here every day, so I see these things with my own eyes on a daily basis, but you take it for granted.  And you forget.  Having an instant pictorial progression to flick through; I'm really pleased I did it this way.  
I suspect I would enjoy it more if there didn't have to be me stuck right there in the photo, too...  but there you go.
I have a few thoughts festering about this me-made month and will do a sort of post-mortem summary when it is finished... in 3 sleeps...
In the meantime; this skirt.  It was for a time my favourite skirt.  I still love it, and drag it out once in a while, although I have a suspicion lean long-line skirts are perhaps so a-few-years-ago... but meh.  I still like it.
I've realised looking back through my photos of it here that there has never been a side-on shot of this skirt, to show off the layers properly (what was I thinking? my favourite feature!)  Here you can see the back of the skirt has four layers, and the front has four layers, and they all hang free from each other at different levels.  I was pretty chuffed with myself when I pulled this off.  Even now I'm kinda impressed with my old self.  I wish I could pat my old self on the back and say, "Yay! you did it.  Turned out OK!"

Top; the twist top from Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi, charcoal jersey knit, details here
Skirt; my own design, using Vogue 7303 as a starting point, pale pink, slightly shiny damask, to see this skirt styled in 6 different ways go here
Socks; not seen, but hand-knit by me, details here
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies in Dunsborough


  1. Great outfit today Carolyn. Love it and especially with the boots!

  2. That skirt *is* great and I don't remember seeing it before. What you did is so interesting. I hear you on MMJ. I've mostly stopped taking pics, but am still wearing me-made. ;)

  3. Your skirt is great. I like all the layers in differing lengths. It's so you.

    I hear you too on MMJ even though I ran out of things to wear I'm sure D is a bit over the photo thing. Although he is gracious and does take them for me. Note to self-I really need to learn how to work the self timer.

  4. Hey that's why I never go in for made by me months. I do wear something made by me most days, but posing for photos is not my thing. Your skirt however is very much my thing!

  5. Are you kidding? That is a gorgeous skirt! Major kudos!

    I'm a little sick of posing for photos also - and looking forward to the option of wearing non-me-mades ;)

  6. I don't think a unique skirt like that could ever be out of style.
    You are a trooper to photograph and blog everyday. I would be far too lazy to bother!

  7. That skirt is sublime! I have really enjoyed all the photos of your MMJ, although this may be tiring for you, other people are enjoying it. I'm intrigued by your post-mortem summary.

  8. I can SO sympathise with the picture-every-day-tiredness! I'm not even in Me Made June, but I think I'd find it a struggle... having said that I intend to paticipate in something like it sometime in the future, but I'd have to find a solution for the pictures.
    Yours are lovely by the way! I can smell the fresh air by the river just looking at them, thank you for making the effort!
    The skirt is really nice, and I think that clothes that aren't the "it"-piece of clothing at the moment still can be very fashionable, if the person wearing them can carry them off, and wear them nicely, and you do, so xx fashion ;-)
    Btw, the word verification code I have to type to post this is blessid. One of the nicest ones I got to type so far!

  9. Very cool skirt! I'm also getting a bit tired of the photographs...

  10. I don't think a classic stylish skirt ever goes out of style. I love it with the boots and jumper. You look great.

    Must say I envy your lovely backdrop as well. How lovely to have such a fantastic recreational spot so close to home. Your dog must love diving in there after sticks in the summer.

  11. I like all the layers in this skirt--and that the hem of the layers in front fall at a different length than those in the back.

  12. This is a fabulous outfit, and one that suits you and your style to a tee. I enjoy looking at the beautiful landscape (and your amazing clothes) every day!