Sunday, June 26, 2011

The age of reason (or not...)

Me-Made June, Day 26
I mentioned my son's 21st birthday yesterday; perhaps a background explanation of what that means in this country would be helpful, sorry.
The simple truth is... not very much any more, actually.  The age of 21 was once upon a time considered the age of adulthood, and the age that one "received the key to the door".
I say "once upon a time" because those concepts have gone in Australia, and even before my lifetime... When a kid hits 18 they are an adult in Australia.  At the age of 18, Aussies can vote, drink, smoke, get married without parental consent (allowed at the age of 16 with parental consent) and are considered to have achieved legal responsibility independent from their parents. 
Even the key-to-the-door idea is completely outdated now, when kiddies as young as 14 often need to have a house-key for various reasons... so the age of 21 and its subsequent big party are just one of those hoary traditions that have been kept up in Australia for no more good reason that it seems a good excuse for another party.  And Aussies need very little justification for keeping another milestone on the agenda that requires another party...

Re today's ensemble; I know I look terribly unstylish, but for explanations please see previous Me-Made June Sundays and attached musings on not caring about looking tres fly on those days...  I almost threw out these jeans after I saw how awful they looked the last time I donned them.  But then I wondered whether they could still function as a leggings-substitute for casual winter-y days... well, the colour!  I do so love this light neutral stone colour (petering out lamely)  So at the last moment they were saved from the Salvoes bag.  But I can see this outfit is somewhat... strange.
Hmmm, thinks; have definite problems tossing old and unflattering stuff out...  the explanation for my too-large wardrobe becomes all too apparent.

Dress; Simplicity 3745 with modifications, white dotted cotton voile and crocheted lace, details here, and to see this dress styled in 6 different ways go here
Cardigan; self drafted and part of a twin set, leopard print slightly fluffy jersey, details here, and to see this twinset styled in 6 different ways go here
Jeans; Burda 7863 with modifications, details here
Socks; not seen but hand-knit by me, details here
Shoes; Country Road

below: we found this salutation on the beach today


  1. I like the dress a lot, the lace hem is very pretty. :)
    I actually love how adventurous you are in combining and layering clothing. It's something I'm trying to get better at. :)

  2. I love your socks. It's so cool the way the tops look different.

  3. The bright socks with a neutral outfit is a fun touch, and they look very comfy too.

    I didn't see on your other posts about the dress--is the crochet trim is vintage or new? It's a pretty touch.

  4. I love the skirt, but honestly wondered about the jeans. I do find that my basics wear out almost without my noticing and it is necessary to replace them

  5. I quite like the dress and cardi combo. I must admit that the dress-over-trousers thing is something I associate with the juvenile set here, generally perpetrated in the winter when your daughter absolutely HAS to wear that ridiculous dress out in -30C temperatures...

    I am all for needless reasons to celebrate, at least if I get to be in on the party. I'm happy to report we have survived our shindig and the house is still standing and all the kids are, as far as I can tell, still speaking to each other. Although it was touch and go at once point. Also, my oldest got her first house-key at nine. Although I'm generally home before they get home from the school bus, I take transit and work on the far side of town and if the trains are down for any reason, the delays are massive. It was too dangerous to run the risk of the kids not being able to get in the door if I am held up in the winter (see above about winter temperatures).

  6. I see you Aussies have evolved a little more than us Americans. 21 still is quite significant in the U.S. since we can do everything you all can do at 18 including joining the military and dying for freedom, except drink.

  7. And where is the dog? He is an blog's associated...

  8. about the 'age of reason': same in France! (yep, I live in the States but I'm French!) - at 18, you can drive, vote, drink, get married without parental consent... all te same!

    I love the layering, and often wear a dress on top of pants!

  9. I actually like the leopard sweater with the white dress--a daring mix of animal and femininity!

    In the states, about the only thing left for our 21 year-olds is legal gambling and possibly renting a car.

  10. We have seen some neat sand sculptures people have left on the beach for others to enjoy. A grand alligator has been my favorite!

  11. sdBev, thank you for your comment! I'm trialling the jeans as a leggings replacement, but may have to concede defeat here...

  12. Well, I like it, at least the dress withthe lace detail and the animal print cardigan. Not so sure about pants with it, but I'm not a fan of jeans under dresses either, go figure....

    Huh, that's interesting about "ages of things" here it is state by state - in south carolina you could get married as young as 13 with parental consent (old south, you know...) crazy stuff. I had a 15 year old once in one of my classes that was divorced already. An 18 year old in another with two kids, divorced, and getting remarried. Yikes! We laughed too as there are some old laws against interracial marriage on the books in SC (from slave days) so I guess technically our marriage could have been illegal. That always made Kevin laugh. Alot of the northern and western states have more reasonable ages for these things. Interesting cultural tidbit.