Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frazzled, or what?

Me, that is.  
We have been planning our eldest son's 21st birthday party, and the big event was last night.  He took the modern step of sending out initial invitations via Facebook which, me being a Facebook ignoramus and having heard stories like this, sent a few chills down my spine.  Tim assured me there were safe and locked ways of doing this... but still.  I've been stressing out about it all week.  Not just the invites, but ... everything.  The food, the booze, the music, the glassware, the guests, the weather... everything.  At 6.30pm last night, with the guests due to arrive in an hour, there was a massive stormy downpour, including hail, and Perth received 30mm of rain in a half hour burst.  The papers this morning called it a one-in-every-10-years event.  You can imagine how we felt...
Thankfully the storm blew over, and all went extremely well and there was no antisocial behaviour, no gate-crashers, and no horrible kids.  Everyone seemed to have fun, even us olds!  I think my favourite part was the slideshow we had put together of Tim's life, all the photos of him we could lay our hands on... scrolling randomly through his life.  Pictures of him as a baby, as a toddler, as a little boy on his first day of school, winning a tennis trophy, receiving certificates at school assemblies, graduating.  Holiday snaps.  Birthday parties, with all the birthday cakes, Christmas Day's, and all the special photos of all our family.
A very special evening...
...and it only took about three hours to clean up.  I'm thinking das ist gut.
On a sartorial point, I wore this outfit for the party, thus keeping in with my Me-Made June pledge.  Not that I actually have much choice in the non me-made department any more.  But just saying...  I did.
And above is today's effort.
Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, I'm off to have a cuppa and relax!

Shirt; my own design from several patterns, black cotton, details here
Skirt; self-drafted, charcoal jersey knit, details here
Hooded cardigan; self-drafted and handknit by me, Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed in Ambrosia, details here
Scarf; made by me from an old Tshirt, details here
Tights; photo too gloomy to see, but they are charcoal, and textured, Metalicus
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. What a lovely son you must have! I'm just imagining my parents planning my 21st...with photos...I'd have been mortified! Bless them, they ever-so-trustingly let me use the house, but kept out of things. Of course, I'm thinking of 21 as the big "legal drinking age" milestone, which it is in America, and I don't know that that's what it signifies in Australia at all!

    Then, its a little hard for me to believe you've got a 21 year old!

  2. Still stylish and it looks like your weather has cooled down again.

    So your 25C gave you a nasty storm. So glad the party went well, you hear of too may horrid tales when Facebook is involved.

  3. Can't believe you are old enough to have a baby who is 21! You don't look it. Glad the party went well. Have a nice day recuperating :-)

  4. I'm loving your party outfit and the inspiration for it. As always you look fantastic.

    Glad your party went well despite your anxieties. I know that feeling only too well having been there 3 times myself.

  5. I am glad the party went well. I can understand the fear of facebook invitations! I followed the link and loved the party outfit!

  6. Glad you survived the party! With any luck I'll be grabbing a cuppa (something) once I've survived ours. The dress is gorgeous :)

    You're definitely right about legs being more durable. As to tummies, I can't even blame mine (at least directly) on the kids... I was 22 when I was pregnant last, and perfectly comfortable in midriff tops until at least 27 (well, after the initial post-baby period). My current issues are strictly "age" (I know :P) and lifestyle. /sigh.

  7. Ha ha, my 21st I went to bed at 8:30 as we had a cross country meet the next day ... which I won, with my best time of the season, totally worth it. I think my first taste of alcohol wasn't until 2 years later ... Can't say I like it still.... I love the idea of a slideshow - filing this away for goose's ...

    Oh boy. I think I've totally misrepresented my view of Texas weather, ... a danger of blogging, I guess, your full intent doesn't come through. I suppose I thought I was making neutral conversation (heck, we in texas talk about the heat amongst ourselves alot!) rather than bringing up politics or religion, ya know. I didn't realize it came across as complaining ... thanks for pointing that out. I'll have to watch how I say things because I don't want to use the ol' blog as a springboard for complaining ...

    just a bit of backstory - I grew up in western PA - suburb of Pittsburgh. We did NOT have central heat, which I can attest to is absolutely miserable, esp. when the space heaters aren't deployed adequately ... one of my parents' (mostly my mom's) extreme frugality. Try doing your homework under piles of blankets with gloves on, or your shampoo being hard as a rock in your room. Needless to say Christmas break was hell and I loved school, just because it was warm. And heated dorms in college? blisss ... so I moved south as soon as I could - to south Carolina at age 21 ...

    And I must say, I do seem to be physiologically adapted to heat ... as for as sweat rate and sweat volume are concerned - even in PA it seemed I would race better, comparatively, than my teammates in the heat. Not always socially acceptable to be the sweaty girl, but whatever. This morning I ran 14 miles and push mowed the lawn, and I'm tired, but fine.

    The carolina's were wonderful - lived there for seven years. moderate, though hot humid summers. We laughed when we moved to Dallas and they would think 60% humidity was extremely humid, and to us it seemed quite dry...!

    Texas is a place of extremes - we have both central heat and air, and are thankful for both - even though where we live now it is more a coastal climate and we hardly get snow, we did have a week last winter when it never got above freezing even during the day. Tho' definitely use the air more than the heat. I guess I do miss having significant trees, and shade, and mountains nearby ...

    Well, that was rambling and took up your comment space,s orry! Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. oh, and meant to say, I like the color of your sweater - I bought a jacket recently of what seems to be a similar color ...

  9. Ninetten is the drinking/voting age in Canada. It's common where I live to go out but not so common to have a party like you're describing. What fun. We just watched a similar slide show of our youngest son at graduation. It makes me cry. It all goes so fast. LOVE the outfit you wore.

  10. Second comment - would you mind emailing me privately? I'd like to have a longer discussion about style if you have time. Myrna (at) MyrnaGiesbrecht (dot) com. Thanks. If you don't have time, just let me know. I totally understand.

  11. What fun that must have been. You know you must be exhausted and somewhat teary from the milestone. Rest, read, order out. See you later on, friend.

  12. Glad the party went well! Have a great 'rest of the weekend'!

  13. Today's outfit looks lovely, but I just adore your mother-of-the-21 year old outfit, so stylish and sophisticated but young looking!
    It sounds like a good party.

  14. Yup, all the same here in NZ. Actually I think 21st birthday parties are a bit of a waste of time. I had one but the drinking age was 20 back then. I am not sure what I will do when my own children get to 21. I guess like most parents, go with the flow. Just let me get through driving lessons first!

  15. Sandi said You did a fantastic job Carolyn and we enjoyed getting together and meeting some of Tim's friends.