Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's very windy...

... thus the crazy hair.
I've made a new top, but it's not extravagantly exciting in either cut or construction.  Not even a Pattern Magic thing, sorry, though in my own defence this was already half finished before I even got my new Pattern Magic 2 book, plus those pattern magic designs do use more fabric than your average unadorned garment, and I had very minimal fabric to play with here.  It was squeezed out of the leftovers from this dress, and is basically the top part of a dress pattern from Burdastyle magazine 08/2009, number 128 seen in full here (and my review of this pattern also)  So just a little basic Tshirt thing that will hopefully be a useful little winter wardrobe builder.  I cut the body pieces as long as I could get them from my fabric scraps, and the front piece ended up a little longer than the back.  I like this though and decided to leave it this way, and left a little open slit up each of the side seams and hemmed around the corners.  It is not lined, but has uninterfaced, understitched front and back neckline facing, which extends to the shoulder seam and halfway down around each armscye.  The top has a long invisible zip up the centre back seam so I can get it on.
(Later edit: removed the zip; the fabric is slightly stretchy so the top can just be pulled over my head)
And I've made this new scarf too, this is just a couple of long skinny lengths of this rather luscious deep-raspberry coloured thin jersey knit that I picked up from the remnant bin, joined together in a French seam.  Voila.  Two embarrassingly short seams and one has a new scarf.  Couldn't be easier.  Don't you just looove this colour?

Top; the top part of Burdastyle magazine 08/2009, dress 128, of charcoal wool mix, my review of this pattern here
Skirt; my own design; charcoal jersey knit, details here
Scarf; just two skinny lengths of raspberry marle jersey knit, joined together with a French seam
Tights; Metalicus
Socks; handknit by me, details here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. Love the colour of your scarf. The hem on your top is very interesting - makes it a little avant garde.

  2. This raspberry / burgundy color is one I find I'm adding more and more of to my wardrobe. I have a couple of lengths of fabric in similar shades that are waiting to get made up ... wishing I weren't so slow!! And I like the shades of grey. The top is a nice shape, simple, but not boring like most tshirts. I like it! I would wear this! Well, if it were at least 30-40 degrees cooler....

    Funny about my grad gown, we all wore mortarboards, and threw them in the air at the end ... for my BS, we had regular black gowns & hats; for my master's, we had black gowns with those funny sleeves, and black mortarboards and then hoods with the color of our degree in side ... I should make another post with those sometime.

    And you are right about who is me, and who is my "twin" - not so hard of a guess, I guess. :)

  3. I do love the color! And the color of your socks, too.

  4. " It was squeezed out of the leftovers...... I cut the body pieces as long as I could get them from my fabric scraps....."

    so i'm not the only one who does this! ;) there's also 'i THOUGHT i bought enough material' or the gift length. right now i'm making a short straight skirt out of scraps from a pair of cargo pants (ripstop cotton). i ended up having to do a LOT of piecing to eke it out, i started putting it together right after cutting it out, afraid i'd forget how it goes together if i left it even an hour or so!

    beautiful top & looks very useful - i love the raspberry against the burnt orange!! steph

  5. I like the whole outfit. The colors are great together.

  6. Great top! Marcy Tilton also dabbles in hem lengths with her patterns, and I'd always thought it was a fun look.

    The burgandy scarf really adds a cozy, colourful touch, too!

  7. I love the way all the neutrals have been combined. The top is very nice.