Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Musings on "winter"

So going by the comments I received yesterday on what I assure you was a really really winter-y day for Perth, I guess it is true that I am a terrible weather wuss (hangs head in shame)  But I was glad to see a few corroborative comments from fellow Aussies, agreeing with me that yes, 18C is cold.  Thank you, ladies.  It probably will get a bit colder here as winter progresses, and we may get a low of 5C for a few awful mornings, and it is possible there will be some whinging.  Fair warning.
But it was nice for us to get the rain.  Unfortunately for our water supply's sake, a typical winter's day in Perth looks more like today.  Although I did see a few grey clouds hovering in the distance, so we may see a few drops today, if we're lucky.
To give some weather perspective to this outfit for the penultimate day of Me-Made June, 11C-18C is our expected range.

Jeans; Burda 7863, khaki stretch gabardine, details and my review of this pattern here
Top; self drafted, navy and white stripe jersey, details here
Scarf; self-drafted, Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, details and my pattern here
Trench; Burda 7786 modified to be double breasted, beige ripstop cotton, details here
Socks, hand-knit by me, not seen but same as yesterday, details here
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies in Dunsborough
Sunnies; RayBan

Actually, our family has survived short experiences in colder countries.  We visited Japan earlier this year, but I did not find Japan to be bitterly cold, like some other places we have been.  Japan has a pleasant kind of cold.  I think it is related to the lack of humidity, or something...
So, for your amusement I have here some photos of our family being incredibly brave about the cold.  These particular photos are from the coldest places in my memory...
The first was taken in Pennsylvania, USA, in early to mid December (I can tell that because my children and I are standing in front of a tree decorated for Christmas)  In case you can't see, because it is an old, poor quality photo, you can barely see a square inch of bare skin showing.  Our US friends often joked, "spot the Aussies!"
The second photo is of my children and me in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory, Canada; January.  We are each wearing at least three pairs of thermals/jeans which is why our legs look so bulky.  We are all begging Craig to hurry up and take the photo, dammit, because we were all seriously DYING!!, and could only stand still outside for mere seconds.  Like a split second after this photo was taken we all dived into Tim Hortons to thaw and revive. Our friend K, who lives there, thought we were hilarious. 
(And something completely mysterious: why don't more of the Me-Made participant's daily-outfit photos in these countries look more like this....?!)


  1. I'm a weather wuss too. I had an interesting conversation with the father of our French exchange student last night urging him to ensure that his daughter brings warm clothing because Sydney is having a cold winter. But it is 18 degrees he exclaimed. Yes I said, but it feels like 8! In Sydney we insist that we are tropical city and cool rather than heat our homes. You looked nice today BTW!

  2. Another lovely outfit. Just think, if we weren't weather wusses, we would never get to wear coats or jackets.

    Thanks for your comment on my t shirt. The fabric is subtly metallic - there is a dull gold thread through it in a marle sort of way. Unfortunately it is stash - about 18 months old. I bought it from Gorgeous Fabrics, but I think I got the last piece at the time! It was quite the bear to sew if that is any consolation.

  3. I am a weather wus too. I may walk my son to school in 0 deg c some mornings in the winter but on the odd day every few years that it snows I am usually over it pretty quick. My kids get very excited and quickly get every item of warm clothing soaked through and then leave muddy puddles on the tiles and I spend the next week washing and drying!

  4. Please do not go hanging your head in shame, I was amused at how different our outfits were on different continents experiencing roughly the same temperature.

    I too am a weather wuss, it's currently not quite warm enough, and when it does get warmer here it becomes unpleasantly humid and saps your energy, and then it will be back to the rain and cold for the winter. To be honest I don't know how on earth I would cope with your Aussie summers - I think I'd melt!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. Yay for the striped shirt, and the coat is lovely! :)

    I think it's funny, how different weather can feel depending on your perspective. 18°C makes me think of my favorite times of the year: late spring/early summer and early autumn, the times when you don't feel hot but don't need to wear a jacket. Then again, I'd probably die of heat in Perth summers.

    Another funny anecdote: we had a really cold winter (like, -10°C) last year, and my friend, who had been doing work experience in Saskatoon/Canada, was home for Christmas. She walked around in unzipped, lightweight winter jackets and without gloves, while we were all freezing in our 4 layers of clothing! She said she felt really warm, because they'd been having -30 to -40°C for weeks...

  6. Me too! I hate the cold weather and Melbourne is colder than Perth. I was saying to D yesterday that I thought you didn't have enough layers on for the temperatures you are getting. Me, I would look like the photos of you in the States.

    BTW I love your trench coat. Really nice.

  7. 18 C is cold indeed:)) I experienced minus 20 in Romanian winters, crazy!!!

  8. I was born and raised in South Florida, so I totally understand that 18 is cold! It's taken me a decade of living in England to realise how to dress (undershirts, scarfs, layers, etc!) for the cold and the damp.

  9. Had to laugh at your photos.

    I think that you get acclimatised to the region in which you live. Living in Queensland, I think that I would look very similar to your photos should I be in such a climate -such great photos - very funny!

  10. I love the weather commentary! Makes me laugh! When you say 18C here (Alberta Canada) you are talking about the spring weather. It has been raining here for the last two months, and 18C feels like summer right now! (which it actually is) Where we are it will actually reach 30 - 40 C for a bit, but the winter will me more like -30 to -40 C. So every day you don't have to wear at least two layers is summer!
    (and the reason you don't see the layers in the Me Made challenges, is because we would take our pictures inside!)

  11. Our cold here is the dry kind, too, fortunately. Someday I will get photos of me in full winter hijab, but there wasn't much call for it in March, despite my whining. Also it's a pain setting up the photos, especially since my camera has a touch screen which doesn't lend itself to use with gloves.

    As my brother (who lives in Adelaide, but enjoyed the climate in Edinburgh best) reminds me when I I am scoffing at their winter temps, the cold is a lot worse when you don't have central heating.

    Almost as interesting to me as the temperatures themselves is the ranges. Even on the hottest summer days here, it will still get quite cool overnight, usually below 10C. Which is great if you're trying to get by without AC. Warm nights are lovely for partying but crap for cooling the house down.

  12. Oh, and 11 to 18C is our forecast range for Thursday. ;)

  13. Ah! The temperatures are roughly the same for your winter and Tanitisis' summer!

    It stays mostly warm here in South Carolina, though I am closer to the mountains so in winter we do get some colder temperatures (usually in the 30's F- so I guess that would be 0 C). I do think it's funny how you become acclimated to weather. I have seen people from Wisconsin swimming at the beach here in SC in early spring (when the water is freezing) because its so much warmer than what they are used to.

  14. Your trench coat is fabulous, you look so casual-chic.
    I am obsessed with sunshine and so enjoy all the weather talk. Here in sunny California we all complain we are freezing when it gets in the 40's (F) in the winter, and wonder how people survive on the East Coast of the US. And this weekend it is supposed to be around 102 F here (39C) which we frequently have in the summer. me and my veg garden love it.

  15. Another cold weather wuss here. Our winters in Georgia (the U.S. one) do get a bit colder than your winter, but right now we're delightfully hot, consistently in the 90s most days. Which is why my Me Made outfits do NOT look like the ones you wore in Penn. or in Canada. Even in the winter here I wouldn't be that bundled up.

  16. I recall holidaying in Portugal (Algarve) in February (Winter) one year wearing summer clothes and the local wearing boots and coats - I think it was about 20 C. As a brit I thought it was lovely and warm!

  17. He he, my sis lives in Montana. in 1995 I went to visit her in January - she was working in Yellowstone national park. We went snowmobiling through the park on a day when the HIGH was -20 F.

    I remember another cold one in PA when it was -21F - in college; I walked from chapel to class in a dress with no hose underneath. What was I thinking? It was so cold it didn't even feel cold, it HURT.

    That being said, I always hated it when our track coach moved practice indoors. I'd much rather layer up and run outside in negative wind chills (when you are running, you are warm!) then run around the rec building for 45 minutes. Or do wind sprints on the 11-laps to the mile indoor track.

    I think you grow accustomed to certain weather, and suddenly plucked to a different one is really hard ... though after a few years you do adapt. Plus I think one's personal thermostat enters into it - my mom is just about dying of heat if it gets to 60F (you should hear her complain!!) while I might still be wearing gloves to run ... and my dad is still sleeping under the electric blanket. Guess which one of us took after my mom?

    Good thing you live where you do!

  18. By any standards, the Yukon is cold! I think you're right about there being different kinds of cold. I lived in Montana for many years and because the dry air could tolerate very low temps. In the midwest, where there is much more moisture the cold soaks into the bones.

  19. I agree - it is terribly mysterious when fashion bloggers are wearing skirs, and dresses in the middle of winter. Is it never actually cold where they live? (However, during Me-Made-March, I took my photos indoors (before the obligatory outdoor layers.) Outdoors - I'd look almost exactly like your Yukon pictures.)

  20. I'm completely with you. Pennsylvania in the winter is FREEZING. I live one (very tiny) state below there, and have therefore been to mid-PA in winter, and it is COLD. Of course, I'm of the opinion that my home state is also too cold in the winter, because I will freely admit that I am a cold weather wimp. This is also why I can never truly be a fashion blogger-- I walk around in pants and bulky sweaters and as many layers as I can manage all the time in the winter! (And also the reason I ended up bailing on Me-Made-March this year.... I was SO sick of my winter clothes by then, it was still too cold for my spring stuff, and I couldn't stomach the thought of taking pictures of myself wearing the same blah stuff I'd been wearing for the last four months or so. I really need to work on sewing myself some colorful warm clothes!)

  21. My husband is a weather wuss for heat. Anything above 27C and he's moaning about how he's melting. Given half a shot he'd love to move up to Alaska or someplace similar. Whereas I grew up in upstate NY (cold winters, -30ish C wasn't unheard of), and visited my grandmother in Florida in the summer, so my tolerances are very wide. Perth in winter looks quite lovely to me. I adore rainy, blustery weather.

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