Thursday, June 23, 2011

On planning your outfit...

Today was to be one of those beautifully precision-ed days.  Since it was one jam packed with lots of errands, duties and a smattering of social things, I didn't think I would have much time for standing in front of the wardrobe debating on what on earth I should wear this morning. So I devoted time last night to a bit of mental strategising about my outfit.  I had a fabulous and complete outfit worked out in my head, all designed to look "just right" for the activities I had to do today.   I can assure you this isn't something I do very often, I'm more of a "how the mood strikes me" kind of a dresser...  
So I had the perfect outfit all mapped out.  And then got up this morning and just intuitively grabbed a, like, completely different, and I'm talking head-to-toe here, ensemble.  Yah, I can be sorta contrary...
Moral of the story: don't bother planning your outfit, you'll have changed your mind by the morning anyway.
Realistically it was too warm today for my envisioned outfit anyway...   (11C-21C, if you're interested)  I'll wear it some other, more winter-y day.

Shirt; Burda 7767, with modifications, cotton chambray, details here
Skirt; skirt "m" from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like by Natsuno Hiraiwa, pink cotton/linen, details here
Socks; handknit by me, details here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti from Zomp shoes

(Below; just for interest, the back view.  This skirt is real versatile in that it can be swivelled around so that bustle is facing any way you choose.  I like the skirt worn this way around, but my husband informed this morning he doesn't like it like this.  Hmmm, conundrum, should I dress to please my husband, or me??)


  1. Whenever I try to plan my outfit in advance I never end up wearing it. Unless I have to 'cuz it's a wedding or something :)

  2. I love your today's outfit, even though your heart last night was different. I love the color of the skirt on you. BTW I've sent an email to you about the woven labels. Could you check your email inbox whenever you have time, please?

  3. I love this outfit; I think it's super adorable. However, if I tried to pull it off, I'd totally look frumpy! I may be...a tad jealous. :)

  4. Dressing for your husband or dressing for you? Hmm. You probably should dress for your husband occasionally. But all the time would be a very bad idea! Just on principle alone.

    And thats a cute skirt btw.


  5. Thanks for the knitting explanation. I do think that I understand. I'll have to try it next time to be sure though. Unfortunately, I started a new ball last night before reading your comment! So it'll take me a few days to give it a try. I'll let you know!

  6. For you - of course. Husbands tend to prefer us without clothes anyway.

  7. Once again, your winter temperatures are matching my "summer"! ;) Well, the morning here was a bit colder, the afternoon may be a bit warmer, though it's supposed to rain.

    I have the same conundrum husband-wise ALL the time. My hubby's ideas of what look good are... well, a little narrow. They also seem to have crystallized right around 1988. And he hates red, my favourite colour. So mostly I weight his opinion by how much I expect to see him during the day... ;)

  8. I'm a planner, too, and about 40% of the time, I actually wear what I'd set out the night before. Ah, the joy of a full wardrobe... maybe too many options sometimes.

    This outfit is so easy and breezy! I have a nearly identical top (not me-made) that I wear with tan linen jammy pants around the house. I think I might possibly be channeling you. LOL

    Thx for the comments on my blog, too. Your comments are my favourite, and I'm always interested to know what you think about my clothes. :)

  9. Thanks for the comment on my dad's shirt! I just made a chambray top like the one you are wearing in the picture. I like how you styled it! I'm working on finding better ways to wear mine because I realized I have nothing that goes with it!

  10. hmmm .... is your husband going to see you a great deal today, or not? If he is, then I think dressing to please him is important. If he's not, then I think however you want to wear it is fine. I mean, if you were going out somewhere together .... but if you are at home working by yourself maybe not.

    Love your casual comfort. And I amreally liking the short socks with ankle boots. It's so fun!

  11. I'm not really a pre-planner either, I tend to have one item in mind though, and rush around trying to find things that match!
    You look lovely in chambray, your hair colour really compliments it! I like back interest on the skirt too, maybe you could wear it at the front, and swivel it round to the back once husband leaves for work! ;)

  12. If I pleased my husband I would have nothing to wear.