Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture the scene;

...the place, the walk-in-robe; time, first thing in the morning.  Our protagonist is rummaging frantically around in her wardrobe, looking for a dress, not just any dress, but the dress, the winter dress she has firmly set her mind on wearing.
Mutters, "...must be here, somewhere..."
Hangers, two and sometimes even three deep in garments are flying back and forth across the rail...
Thinks: surely I haven't tossed out that dress.  I like that dress!
Five more minutes of mad rummaging, during which our protagonist climbs up onto a stool and starts to ruthlessly toss stuff from the top shelf, going through the mess of scarves, gloves, tights and other assorted accessories that live on the top shelf.  Well, mess, let's just say it wasn't a mess before she started on her quest...
Suddenly she stops short, climbs down and races (uhuh, half-dressed, it's a good thing everyone else has left the house...) to the cupboard under the stairs.  A vacuum cleaner, mop and broom are removed from where they have been shoved haphazardly and in an unloved manner just inside the door, and are stacked against a dining room chair, where they inevitably slid off and crash onto the floor.  Our half-dressed heroine hasn't noticed.  She has cast aside some tennis racquets, blow-up mattresses and a doll's pram.  She emerges finally with a suitcase and pauses to unzip a small aperture, checks inside with a handy torch before diving back into the cupboard for the next suitcase.  Finally a little aha! of triumph, and she extracts the elusive dress from amongst other winter-y woolies in, like, the last suitcase.  She puts it on, and stops to survey the incredible mess she has created, but she is already late, so off she goes to run her errands before meeting her friends for morning tea.  But she gets home, the chaos is still there.  Obviously...
I need to get my act together, sort out those darn winter clothes...

Dress Burda 7897, dark olive green bamboo/cotton mix, first seen here  (this is the one I always wear with a scarf over the front, since the bodice is kinda funny-looking...)
Scarf; Colinette chenille yarn, my own design, details here
Belt; emu leather, from Luxxe
Tights; Metalicus
Shoes; Django and Juliette, from Zomp shoes


  1. Ugh, it sounds so familiar. Even now my dressing area is *such* a mess! I couldn't find the sandals I wanted today, or the pants. Just close the door and walk away... :)

    The dress is hard to see but looks nice, but that scarf IS scrummy!

  2. I love this style of dress. Have a knit version in my own wardrobe and it is one of my favourites.

  3. Looks like a great dress, happy you found it.

  4. Might this be the reason that those organizer types tell you to lay out your outfit the night before? Hmm. Personally, I have better things to do in the evening (as obviously do you), and who knows what inspiration will come in the morning. The dig was well worth it - you look fabulous.

  5. Again another funny post lol!

  6. Love your story!! lol. When I am running about the house in some stage of undress, Gideon calls it "striking", his version of "streaking." anywho. Lovely dress, worth searching for! I love the asymetrical hem.

  7. You are quite a story teller. Sounds some mornings I have had myself. Love that scarf.

  8. I think your dog is laughing at your story.

  9. :D Honestly? Happens to me, too... :)
    Cute shoes!

  10. Oh, the scene you described...has happened to us all.

  11. Indeed, sounds all too familiar. I have the tendency to toss all of my looking-for-something-but-can't-find-a-thing-which-results-everything-being-messed-up clothes on the floor of my wardrobe (if that makes sense). I violently close the doors, and go back the next day to realise that - shoot - the clothes haven't found their right places without my help. :)