Friday, June 24, 2011

Windy, or what? *

Me-Made June, Day 24
I don't know if you can tell but it is blowing a gale!  Happily the temperature is still quite warm (12C-23C, if you're interested...)  A perfect washing day!
It's a pity, because I had my hair done and it is impossible to see here how glamorous it actually looks at the mo...  but I'm not caring much because I love this sort of weather.
Today's mini-challenge for Me-Made June is to pose with an animal
So I've pressed into service my usual animal...
And because Sienna rarely if ever gets her own lone shot (I often get comments from the family about this...) here she is, doing her best supermodel-flipping-the-hair-about-in-the-wind impersonation.  The camera loves her, yes?

Top; self-drafted but basically just rectangles, rusty corduroy body and purple raw silk sleeves (all leftovers from other garments), details here
Jeans; Burda 7863 modified, purple stretch denim, details here
Socks; (pictured at right, don't they match nicely?) handknit by me, details here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti from Zomp shoes
Sienna's do; self-styled with natural products (sun, salt and sand)...

*  I really enjoyed kbenco's Aussie lexicon and am providing another Aussie turn of phrase for those readers who may not have heard it before, in my title today "Windy, or what?"  Australians often put "or what?", on the end of an adjective and this is considered a complete sentence.  It translates as "Hmm, it is very windy out today, is it not?", and the listener can respond wholeheartedly with "Bloody oath!"  (translation, "Oh, yes, I couldn't agree more")  Any other circumstantially appropriate adjective can be substituted for "windy", depending on the situation.


  1. I love this top - especially the contrast between the corduroy and silk textures.

    (I'm also laughing at the temperature perception difference between Europe and Australia - I'd thought it was fairly chilly, judging by your outfits, like maybe mid-teens C, but it's 23! That's like pleasant summer temperature here! Only 22C today and I'm planning on wearing a summer dress... Although having said that it's due to be 34C on Tuesday :)

  2. Great Sienna action shot and what gorgeous socks!

  3. I admire your beautiful socks, and Sienna's supermodel action shot.

    I would like to know why your top, made of "left over" rectangles looks like something from Vogue, and my colour blocking attempts look like back yard clothes. Would sewing with silk be a contributing factor?

  4. Ha! Canadians would use an even more efficient, "Windy,eh?".
    I've been following you MMJ and love so much of them.

  5. (Sorry, I'm typing with my daughter on my lap; hence the bad grammar.)
    I've been following your MMJ *posts and love so *many of them.

  6. Hmm, you don't look like a weather wuss here! I was actually sweating in the 25C the other day, but I guess it depends on what the sun (and wind!) are doing, too.

    Re. the kids' parties... yeah, I know I have plenty to dread in my future ;). Drinking age varies by province in Canada, here in Alberta it's 18 but in Saskatchewan (which is where I suspect we'll be by the time my kids are up there) it's 19.

  7. I was laughing about your comment about little girl undies not being seen. As this particular little girl runs around like quite the crazy one and I have no doubt the undies will be seen - when she is wearing a dress, of course!

    hmmmm, do you ever have the problem of hanging up a wet load of laundry, and by the time you are done pinning up the last bit, the first bit is already nearly dry and ready to take down? This happened to us quite a bit in north texas. and when I hang my laundry out here in the evenings it's done about as fast as the dryer would have been.

  8. well, I guess you didn't say "not being seen" exactly ... :)

  9. Every time I see those purple jeans-- I love them. I may have to search around for some purple denim and shamelessly copy them.

    I never heard the "or what?" when I was in Australia (I was in Newcastle) but I did hear "hey?" put on the end of a statement quite often. Like everything was a question, even when it really wasn't. Also cracked me up that everything was abbreviated with an -o on the end-- like my presentation for school became my "preso."

    I absolutely loved everything about Australia, by the way, and I would have happily moved if it weren't so far away from my family.

  10. Fun shot. Great socks. And love that top, too.

  11. kbenco said: "I would like to know why your top, made of "left over" rectangles looks like something from Vogue, and my colour blocking attempts look like back yard clothes. Would sewing with silk be a contributing factor?"

    I also wonder. :-)

    It has also been windy here on the high desert in Oregon. During the day we have 70-80s F, and then the mountain breezes start around 4pm. Just lovely weather and so nice to listen to as I fall asleep.

    oh, sorry, nice socks!!

  12. Am I late to comment, or what? did I get it right?