Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another trip down memory lane...

...  Remember when I said I had only once before made Cassie and myself matching clothes? Well this is Cassie's dress, that was made from the leftover scraps of a dress I had made myself.  Her little dress, made using a TopKids pattern, has a white Peter Pan collar, and a miniature faux man's tie in turquoise fabric, itself the leftovers from these shorts (so you can see how long I hang onto scraps...!)  I'm sorry it's not a very good picture, and what's more I have no pics of my own dress in this fabric; but imagine this maroon, deep turquoise and red large-scale plaid in one of those 90's style shirt-dresses with a high small collar, long sleeves and a big full gathered skirt.  Something like the red version of this pattern at right... yes, very very very 90's.  I hope I haven't shattered any delusions of myself as a style maven now!  At least I never liked shoulder pads so never used them.
So I've got that going for me...    (Can anyone recognise that quote?)

Tim is wearing here a little jumper here that I knitted for him using scraps of wool from other projects... rather cleverly eked out if I say so myself, so that the front, back and both sleeves had the same colours and in the same proportions!  Knitters will know this is not necessarily a simple thing to achieve when you are working with scraps...  It went from the dark shades of purpleblue and green at the bottom through grey, then pale blue then the palest yellow and back to navy blue at the top, and the colours were not in defined stripes but faded together in an ombre effect.  I did this by knitting two colours together per row in the fair-isle knitting method.
In this picture, Tim is wearing another jumper I knitted, and I can't recall now if it was from a pattern or if I took the embroidered teddy bear design from a cross stitch and just transposed it to a knitwear graph... yup, memory not what it used to be!  Again using scraps for the teddies.  Cassie is wearing a little dress I made for her using a TopKids pattern.  It was in two different white and navy blue prints, one a polka dot and the other a floral.  The fabric was slightly fluffy, brushed cotton, and I sewed in white piping around the collar, sleeve cuffs, the single curved breast pocket and around the dropped waistline where the buttoned-up blouse joined the skirt part of the dress.  It was quite cute, no? and a nice and warm little number for winter!

And the quote?  From that great 90's cinema classic, Caddyshack.


  1. The middle sweater is my favorite! I'm so impressed you knit so much for the kidlets. You are right, figuring how to actually use up scraps is such a challenge. It looks perfectly designed.

  2. Really cute, Carolyn. Why was I such a slugabed as a mom? Are both of your kids as creative as you and your mother?

  3. Adorable stuff! I love the last picture, your kids are too cute.

  4. I think I made that dress too - although I have no photographic evidence to prove it. Wasn't Top Kids great?

  5. I quite like the little dress Cassie is wearing in the third picture!