Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winding cable scarf; grey and brown

This is a scarf I finished last year, but never blogged about for some reason, which is peculiar since I have worn it once or twice... just never got around to photographing it, I guess.  I discovered it anew in my recent winter woolies sort-out.
I knitted it using a pattern that was just on two photocopied, typed sheets stapled together, from Calico and Ivy from where I bought the wool; so I expect it was probably designed by one of the talented ladies at that store.  The design is a cable but instead of twisting over and over the same way to finish up with that classic barley twist cable design; in this design the cable was twisted first one way then the other, so you end up with a meandering cable, that loops in and out of the scarf in a lazy snake-through-the-grass kind of a way.  It is cleverly reversible, so both sides look pretty much identical; thus satisfying a slight pet peeve of mine about right-side-and-wrong-side scarves...  The ends are tapered to a lovely curved arrowhead point, quite an unusual feature.  I should wear it more because I always get compliments for it, but I have this feeling that being of an eclectic mix of neutrals that it doesn't end up going with any colour much except for other neutrals!  Yup, I am very strict about how I mix my neutrals and my colours; I have quite firm views on which colours go together and which colours don't, and the shade is so vital and just has to be taken into consideration also... I know, pretty neurotic huh?
 Anyhoo, the long and short; this scarf looks great with other earthy neutrals, but I don't tend to ever wear it with any actual colours.  So perhaps not as versatile as I first envisioned when I selected this wool!
The wool is a Noro yarn, hand-dyed in Japan, and I'm afraid the tags with the type of yard and the colour  has long been tossed out.... so I cannot provide you with this info.  Sorry!

Scarf; hand knitted by me, using Noro yarns, to a design by Calico and Ivy
Brown top; Metalicus
Black top; Sexy Woman, found secondhand
Skirt; my own design; charcoal jersey knit
Tights; Spencer Lacy
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. I love the mix of the grays and browns. It is a really gorgeous scarf. I think it's great that you know which colors go well together. I am forever asking my husband what looks good together when choosing my outfits. He's the one with the good eye. Your children are so adorable in the previous post.

    In my post, the young woman throwing food up in the air for the birds is my 18 year old daughter. Thanks so much for all of the compliments on the pictures. And so glad you liked my accent vlog, especially the bloopers. I was so nervous to do it, but it was fun.

  2. What an interesting design. I too have this thing about what colours go with each other. I would wear this with other neutrals too but I would hesitate to wear it with say...red even though I'm sure it would actually go with red.

    BTW thanks for the nice comments you write I always appreciate them and for the advice about a sock pattern. The wool comes with one on the inside of the band. I'm still knitting the never-ending jumper, getting there but still going. Will probably do the socks next.

  3. Beautiful scarf, just the reason to see it the same on both sides, right and backwards, and is infinitely original. You have so much "eye" with the combination of colors, no, you're not neurotic, you're a perfectionist and that's good.

  4. That's a fascinating cable pattern, such interesting wool as well. If you are neurotic, then so am I. Some colours just "go"and others don't!

  5. That is lovely! I am always impressed by people who wear scarves artistically. The only way I every wear them is wrapped around my face as tightly as possible in the winter... and then I take them off as quickly as I can when I get in the door.

    Your neutrals are an education, frankly. :)

  6. Mmmmmm Noro! I just love their colourways and they knit up like a dream. What a gorgeous scarf!

  7. I like how you described the snaky cable! It's beautiful design & I love the yarn's colour shifting :-)

  8. It is very snaky isn't it. The colours are really lovely together. You've pulled off another great outfit.

  9. Cute scarf! And I love that neutral mix outfit for autumn/winter. The contrast ribbing on you top is really cute and I really like the tights. I need more interesting tights for winter...

  10. A meandering cable....I love how you describe this scarf. It looks good too. And I like the tree in the background of your photo.

  11. oh, i am glad to see there is someone as persnickety as i am about neutrals! to me, there is as much color in your newtral outfit today as in any 'primary color blocked' look! whew!

    also, thank you for inspiring me - http://tinyurl.com/6x28qcj

    i never would've noticed that pattern if i hadn't seen your chambray version....i have my eye on a misty blue seersucker and some black rayon knit for encores. thank you for kick-starting the old neurons! steph

  12. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while and am totally amazed at how much sewing you get done! I did enjoy all the river shots last month.

  13. I have firm views on which colors go together, too. That scarf is beautiful.

    I just made you a beautiful fairy seamstress in my most recent post. Hope you don't mind :)