Thursday, August 25, 2011

Army shirt (not really...)

... but my interpretation of a sorta military look.
I love khaki and all muddy colours, and felt a khaki/muddy/sludgy coloured shirt would be just the thing; and once the military mindset had taken a hold on me it wasn't long before vaguely uniform-y style details starting sneaking onto my new shirt too...
I used Burda 7767 again (and yes, this is version fifteen of this pattern that I was referring to in the rogue's gallery of Burda 7767 here).
I added a few little touches; some shoulder tabs, held down with a decorative strip, sleeve tabs to keep those sleeves in place when pushed up halfway up my forearm just how I like it...  The bottom hem is curved.  The pockets have a folded bizzo down the centre front which is top-stitched in place, and I squared off the lower pocket corners.  This shape is echoed in the pocket flaps.  I also folded back the button band to the outside so I could get that look of a separate band, rather than that smooth look you get when it is turned to the inside, although this played havoc with my usual method of neatly finishing the button-band hem edge I worked it out OK in the end.
These buttons are fabulous, aren't they?  I used 16 to finish this shirt, and if I could have invented ways of sneaking a few extra in here somehow then I probably would have!  They are brass, and are stamped to look somewhat like an ancient Chinese or ancient Roman coin.  Or something like that... am even vaguely toying with the idea of going back to Fabulous Fabrics and buying up every single one of them.  But mustn't be greedy, must play nice and leave some for others now...  :)
And take a sqizz at my new label! (thank you so much to my good friend Yoshimi who helped me to get these adorable things!  You have my unending gratitude!)  I LOVE them!  And I feel about them a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld when she found out her favourite contraceptive sponge had been discontinued, and she only had a limited supply left, and she then had to judge each new man she met on whether he was "sponge-worthy".  Now I have to judge each new garment I make as to whether it is label-worthy or not.  I think my new shirt is label-worthy... What do you think?

Shirt; Burda 7767 with modifications, dark khaki linen
Skirt; my own design; charcoal knit stuff
Tights; Spencer & Lacy
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes
Sunnies; RayBan
(and for those wondering if I had traced off this much used-pattern, lest it get all tattered and torn, I am using the original tissue every time and it is in pretty good nick still, see?  I take very good care of my patterns!)


  1. Gorgeous! And absolutely label-worthy!

  2. I love it! Great color and details. Do you tweak the pattern fit when you make version for different members of your family?

  3. I love this shirt and your alterations to it. This post and your last makes me want to make a dozen shirts with tweaks of my own.

    I know what you mean about buying out all the buttons. There are so many times that I've gone back for something I've loved and been so disappointed that I couldn't get more.

  4. Kathy; yes, the shirts I make are individually fitted to the intended wearee; after all we are none of us the same size or shape!

  5. You have WERQED the heck out of that pattern! Very sharp! But I don't get how you can use the original pattern tissue each time. Don't you trace off a particular size?

  6. Your analogy of clothing labels to contraceptive sponges is making me laugh out loud!! YES, your new shirt is label-worthy, but then again, everything you make is I think.

    I love this low contrast outfit, and how it blends with the tree trunks, and then your hair just glows in the first picture...

    Guess what?!! It's raining here!! and it's almost noon and only 80 degrees!! I can't believe it. And now the updated forecast says tomorrow will be 104 instead of 108. :)

    Have a great day!

  7. Definitely label worthy! It looks gorgeous fabric. I love the photos...great textural background, perfect for your outfit.

  8. Love this look and it is beautifully made. I'm a pattern collector, 100s of them! I love the way you constantly rework a few tried patterns.

  9. Oh, dear, I want one of your labels!

    What kind of fabric did you use in the shirt?

  10. Ooh, I really like this rugged new shirt. It is definitely label worthy!

  11. This kind of shirt is so in right now. I love it. Where is the fabric from?

  12. Thank you so much!
    Terri and ASW; the fabric is dark olive linen. I got it in Spotlight, a large fabric and decorating chain store here in Australia. Sometimes you get lucky and find good fabric like this there, but it is a bit hit and miss...

  13. Shams: no I haven't traced off the individual sizes. I have the size cut out which fits both my boys now, and marked on the pattern pieces are the variations I need to remember when I am cutting out one for Craig. When I make one for me, I have to fold back the pattern pieces to my own (smaller) size.
    When I made the boys' jackets, I cut out to a larger size by one, which is pretty easy to work out from looking at the nested sizes printed on the pattern.

  14. What a wonderful, wonderful shirt!

  15. I saw this one and imediately remembered you:
    I'm trying to make some comments in french and english in my blog to help my friends all over the world. Please correct me anytime you found a mistake in my english text!
    Lovely army shirt!

  16. Great shirt, it looks very "you"! :) I love the shoulder and sleeve tabs, and how you styled it with the mini skirt. :)