Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weddings, parties, and other special events...

... seem to be the only times we ever took any photos of our family.  So thank goodness for those!  
I didn't do a heck of a lot of sewing when I had three tiny children.  I do have an excuse.  I had three tiny children...
But I did manage to churn out a few little things.  Oh including, come to think of it, the quilts for all our beds.  They were major.  So I guess I still got a lot done.
Here are some other things:
Book Week wasn't a big thing when my children were little like it seems to be now.  But I recall a few sporadic requirements for costumes.  I didn't make this fabulous dog costume, loaned from a friend, but I did make the little top and pinafore that my grubby little daughter is wearing in the background.  Another TopKids pattern.
Here on the left is an outfit made just for Sam (see, he didn't miss out!), a tartan button-up shirt and some navy corduroy jeans with some of the tartan using in the detailing, to make it a co-ordinating "outfit".  I was into "outfits" for my kids back then, and always made tops and bottoms to match each other.  Both were using TopKids patterns.
Following are three little dresses I made for my daughter, using the same Simplicity pattern, a very nice design which had a button-up front bodice, and a sash inserted in the side seams to cinch in the waist with a lovely big bow at the back.  Or a rough knot of some kind, depending on how busy her mother was that morning... 
I customised the pink gingham version with lace edged pockets.  It was one of my favourite dresses for her at this time. 
The blue one here had gold stars printed on the fabric, and I sewed on a single star shaped button at the top, like a brooch.  In this picture, her first day at pre-school, she is standing beside a white wooden chair that Craig made, and I painted.  It was made of jarrah, so it weighed a tonne!
And my brother and sister-in-law's wedding... I made the two bridesmaids dresses and the flower girls dress.  And yes, now I do wonder at my own sanity at attempting this feat when I had all those little children underfoot at home...  but I managed it!  (Sorry about the grainy picture, but this is the only one I have of all three of us)
(This isn't necessarily illustrating any extra in the way of handmade-ness, but I included it because I just really love this picture.  This is my wonderful family, including my parents, my two brothers and my two sisters-in-law)
 The two bridesmaids dresses were from a Vogue pattern, and had boned bodices, with a lovely and very flattering folded portrait neckline.  I hand-sewed on all that gold lace, and miraculously got the motifs to fit perfectly on the two different sizes so I would not have to chop any in half.  Cassie's little flower girl dress was adorable, and had a miniature sweetheart neckline, big puffy sleeves, cascading ruffles down the back of the skirt and a big bow tied in the small of her back.  Sigh...  both my dress and hers have been passed on, and I only have C's dress (the other bridesmaid), which is pictured below.  It is a bigger size than Bessie who is modelling it here, thus necessitating Cassie's hand you can see there unobtrusively pulling it in at the back to illustrate what it actually looks like when it fits the wearer.
Of course now I look at it and see multitude little imperfections, but at the time I was pretty darn proud of myself.


  1. So much eye candy. Very impressive, Carolyn. I don't know how you accomplished all that you did with 3 little ones. You have such a beautiful family.

  2. You can still be proud - those are awesome!

  3. I love the style of the dresses. You should be proud of your achievements especially making them with 3 little kids running around.

  4. How lovely to have a peep into your special occasion sewing past. Thanks for such wonderful sewing to look at.

  5. These are all so beautiful. It is amazing what you accomplished with "little helpers" in the house.

  6. What lovely dresses and delightful details....and all the more special because you did it surrounded by the litle ones. Your family looks happy to be together for such a great celebration. And I am unfamiliar with "book week" but I think it sounds wonderful.

  7. I enjoy these little retrospectives back into your sewing life. Your family seems to have benefited a lot from your skills.

  8. I'm loving seeing what you made for your kids, who seem to be about the ages of my kids. And the wedding sewing is beautiful!

    I "stole" your idea and have posted some of the outfits I made for my kids. :D So nice to take a trip down memory lane! Thanks!

  9. Wow you have some amazing talent Cazza! And awesome you've kept photos of your other works... seriously, it must be so fun to go back and see what you've done! xo

  10. A beautiful wedding! The dresses are lovely, you had every right to be proud of yourself. I made five dresses very similar to Cassie's dress for my cousin's wedding. She had five little girls as her bride's maids!

  11. The dresses for the wedding, just amazing.