Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Futuristic Nun

Self-stitched September, the penultimate day!!
Some thoughts on the day; lovely weather, things are warming up beautifully around here!  Walking this morning was so lovely, the highlight of my day.  Apart from that a fairly uneventful schedule; office work, cooking, blah blah blah.  Oh I forgot, I have been sewing!  And I have a couple of new things to show off now!!  But I'll hold off until after self-stitched September is over.  I'll write more about my thoughts on the challenge this time around, tomorrow... when it is actually over (tiny yay!! with a self high-five that I've almost finished)
My dress; I know it's kind of an unusual one... I made it a few years ago inspired by the fabric.  I've always loved the contrast between the heavy shimmer-y grey/purple fabric and the flimsy white fabric that is a pseudo petticoat.  Together they reminded me somehow of a nun's robe.  Soon after finishing it I read a report about a runway show (I think it might have been Rick Owens, or Helmut Lang, someone like that??) and the journalist described the parade as like being confronted by an army of futuristic nuns stomping down the catwalk... well who could resist an image like that?  Certainly not me.  So that is how I've always thought of this dress.  It isn't a copy of any dress, or doesn't even look like anything that was in the collection, but I picture sister Perpetua giving aid to the needy on board a space-ship being garbed in something like this.  You see I do sometimes play little games with my apparel, even if they are very silly games, hehe.  I wore my brown cardigan for some of the day too.
Yesterday a birthday gift from my parents arrived.  LOOOOOK!
Here are some of my favourite projects, that will probably be attempted first.  Ohmygosh, I just have soooo many plans...

Dress; my own design based on Burda 8511, grey/purple shimmer-y stuff and white cotton, white velvet ribbon
Cardigan; my own design, of Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed in Brindle
Shoes; Country Road


  1. Wonderful concept for the dress. I'll have to file this one away somewhere in the brain.
    Can't wait to see what lovely things you will produce with the inspiration from the new book!
    Question - what kind of tree is that in the picture? The roots(?) look very interesting.

  2. That dress could also be something of the middle ages theme. With the dress and the overdress. Very pretty.

  3. Lol, love your word picture ... and what a great present..!

  4. The colours in that incredible tree blend in with your dress brilliantly.

    Great looing book. The first tunic looks intriguing

  5. Sister Perpetua giving aid to the needy on board a space-shi--- that's a funny image!
    I love those two tops that tie at the bottom. Hope you make one of them ;)

  6. wow that new pattern magic is very avant guard so it will be interesting to see which projects you end up taking up ..

    .. well done for making it through (almost) another monthly challenge .. it seems like you have the kind of discipline and dedication that is necessary for these kinds of projects, which means that you should manage the fall/spring project very well.

  7. This seemed like such a challenge but your wonderful pctures and posts made it seem effortless....but we all know differently. Thanks for taking the time all September. Your pictures and outfits are inspirational and sometimes aspirational. Love this wonderful dress, both middle ages andmodern.

  8. what a dress! what a setting! what title!

  9. the place you chose for the shot is OMG! perfect! Amazing picks from the book, so so cool!
    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ

  10. I love the notion of you as a nun!
    It's quite a dramatic photo!

  11. Thank you ladies!
    Irene; the tree is a Moreton Bay fig tree, and this specimen is probably quite old. The above ground root system is very distinctive of this type.

  12. This was a fun post. You did a fantastic job with SSS. I can't wait to see your creations from the new Pattern Magic book. What a perfect gift for you!

  13. Pretty! I love the peek-a-boo skirt!