Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green is good

Just to explain the winter-y-like apparel; well it has been insanely wet and windy today; everyone here is incredulous about how cold it is for this time of the year.  I look fairly dry here, but I was rained on earlier and then blasted dry by the wind...  Whatever happened to spring?!
Some thoughts on my outfit; I really like how all these sludgy greens blend harmoniously together, and almost unconsciously I've been slowly accumulating more items in these colours.  I would like for them to be more of a staple colour in my wardrobe because I think they suit me.
Lately I've been toying with the (alien) idea of actually planning my wardrobe... up until now I have just happily made stuff up as whim and whimsy took me; buying fabric that I loved, and making up things as inspiration and need has hit.  But I've been reading up on Collette's "fall" challenge and even joined up! although for us southern hemispheries it is a Spring challenge...!  I've looked through my stash and selected a few pieces of fabric that go together nicely and started planning a little mini collection of pieces that should actually go together. Even though my current random approach has always worked out quite well, I'm sort of excited at the thought of being more organised.
But I do have a few reservations; mostly that I will rebelliously lose interest in making something if I feel "I have to", even if it is me who in the first place told myself that I had to.  The planning stage is always the fun part, and the actual sewing up can turn out to be a bit of a hard slog, maybe even a chore.  I want my sewing to be fun.
Has anybody else found these challenges to be successful, or are they difficult to follow through?

Shirt; Burda 7767 with modifications, dark olive linen, details here
Jeans; Burda 7863, khaki stretch gabardine, details and my review of this pattern here
Scarf; knitted by me, from a wool kit
Socks; not seen but knit by me also, details here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. The scarf is gorgeous! Really eye catching. I am almost finished with my first pull over - woo hoo! Seeing your scarf, I think I might like to try knitting a unique and artistic scarf with lots of textures and interest. Looking forward to seeing your Spring pallet. Busy sliding into Autumn here:-)

  2. Like that scarf, great colors!One can never go wrong with grey jeans, or grey anything to my way of thinking.

  3. I think the scarf is fabulous!

  4. As usual your ensemble suits you perfectly. Would like to do some knitting soon here myself.

    As far as the challenges go...I like sewing with a plan, and I do enjoy sewing along with others. I do occasionally have to give myself a stern talking to when I allow it to pressure me. I think you will find that everyone uses the challenges as a springboard really, and then we all produce on our own time tables, change the plan as required or desired and just support each other along the way. There is really no outside pressure, just self imposed pressure and I am confident you can take control of that. I look forward to seeing your collection:)

  5. What a great scarf! I love the colours in this photo of yours - they somehow took me by surprise in a good way!

    I'm very interested to read your thoughts today as I was also toying with the idea of taking up the Fall Challenge (but making it a Spring Challenge). Even though I know I should be less of a bower bird with my sewing choices, I know I enjoy the process less when I feel an obligation... However I imagine completing this sort of challenge must be very satisfying (and useful).

  6. I have similar reservations about the palette challenges. I specifically *didn't* join up in the spring... but then I totally picked three colours (cream, coral, and dusty blue/aqua) and sewed probably half my spring and summer garments in them. Kind of like not admitting to myself that I'm following a plan.

    So I'm kinda thinking about a not-plan for the winter except that I'm also trying to be on a fabric-fast, so I may not be able to follow the not-plan even if I want to... so either way I'd better not talk too much about it. ;)

  7. really loving all these greens together. Green is such an overlooked color—I'm constantly surprised at how good it almost always looks when I see someone in it.

  8. Beautiful! I love the color and textures of your scarf.

  9. I would get bored with a plan. Wearing the same colour scheme all the time would also bore me. I like to mix it up a bit. Today I am in pink, yesterday purple, the day before red.

    On a side note, the 19,20,21 deg weather you are getting is very much Chch spring weather. With these sort of temperatures we get out our shirt sleeves, and put the big jackets away. Lets not get too carried away, it isn't summer dress weather although I have seen a few hardy souls bearing summer amounts of skin.

  10. First, the scarf is a fantastic color with your hair!

    Second, as for challenges, I find myself resenting the arbitrary rules of them about a week to ten days into them.

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  12. Nice outfit-- I like the scarf especially!

    I find mini-wardrobe challenges tough, personally. I've only tried it once, and a combination of color issues from getting everything online and not being able to REALLY match them + bad pattern choices made me end up with an unfinished wardrobe where nothing went together as planned. And it's hard for me to pull things from my stash to go together too, since I'm naturally drawn to crazy prints. I'm focusing more on stashbusting atm, but once I get through a decent chunk of that, I think I'm going to have to force myself to shop more with palettes in mind so I don't end up with really cool stuff that doesn't go with anything else I own!