Friday, September 23, 2011


... and thank you so much for your kind well-wishes yesterday.   Sorry, I'm still a bit flat.  Today our schizophrenic weather who doesn't know if it's Arthur or Martha, turned so so beautiful.  This was such a contrast to the last few dismal days I couldn't bear the thought of wasting it, so I forced myself to get out and involved in my normal daily activities.  That could have been a mistake.
Today I am wearing a skirt (with side seam pockets) and shirt, all re-fashioned from three of Craig's old business shirts here.  It is still one of my favourite re-fashions, and just pulling it out of the wardrobe and putting it on kinda inspired me to think about a few more of the men's shirts that I still have in my re-fashion pile.... oh dear, so many plans and so little time to actually implement them!  
Hehe, in case you didn't know by now, I do often like a little "weird" or at least a little twisted, with my clothes.  I think I was so pleased with this outfit because it looks like a sort of freaky monster version of the mundane boring business shirt.  So the fabric is business shirt fabric, quiet tasteful stripes and all (even the orange fabric has a very tiny pinstripe although it is hard to tell from this picture) and the general shape of the shirt and skirt has that business shirt aura.  But first impressions can be deceiving, the eye, on first registering "business shirt" then takes a second look and goes, "hang on a minute... this is NOT a business shirt.  This is like the business shirt after that twisted little next door neighbour kid in Toy Story who frankensteined his toys got a hold of it... !"
(cue twilight zone music) this is the psyched-out, butchered, business-shirt-on-elm-street!
Hmmm,I've just read back that whole load of nonsense above, apparently written by me.  Perhaps I'd better go and lie down...

Shirt and skirt; my own design, a refashion of three old business shirts, details here
Shoes; Bronx, from Zomp shoes


  1. Oh I really like it, its so original and love that you took the inspiration and really made the idea your own. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon, get some rest this weekend and relax and enjoy.

  2. That is a totally awesome refashion! I really like your layered-shirt looks. :) The weather looks gorgeous and I'm a bit jealous of your lovely, beachy surroundings... Hope you feel better soon!

  3. such an interesting juxtaposition! Shirts, although basically a masculine office-y cut,can look feminine and nonchalant!

    I was hoping you'd send me your email, I left a comment about that a few posts ago..around Mobius time:)) I wanted to ask you if you could make a pretty guest post for me- I'd be honored! If you would I'd love to talk to about the details:)


  4. mmm yes, it did make perfect sense, but a lie down and a cup of tea might be in order, maybe in the sun if it is warm enough? I like this refashion - it seems easy to wear and fun ... I too have loads of shirts, but I'll get to them one day.

  5. I love all the shirts in this look. I'm going to "pin" this to my inspiration board at Pinterest.

  6. Mmmm Perhaps you should lay down for a bit! Still, I do love this refashion. Quite an eclectic outfit... love it!!