Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shades of grey...

Self-stitched September; day 20:
Awkward time of the year.  Donned tights again this morning because of a pessimistic weather forecast, only to later find myself too hot.  Lol!
And not sewing or handmaking related at all, but still exciting... the first batch of cygnets has arrived!  Here they are below with their mother and father; and did you know that swans mate for life?  They are always in pairs; very romantic, I think...  and I've also noticed that swans are extremely good parents.  Once their cygnets have appeared, both parents stick close together with their little family until they have fully grown into adults, and then the group still hangs around together for even a bit longer, presumably until the second generation find their own mate and leave.  There is still another nesting swan nearby here, and I'm looking forward to seeing how many are in her brood too...
Some reading this may not be aware that black swans are native to Western Australia, or possibly that they even exist; I only mention this because when we had our delightful foreign exchange student staying with us she was quite amazed to see black swans hanging around.  She had seen them in the movie Black Swan, but had assumed the ones in the movie were fake.  Well, of course, black swans are not fake at all, and occur naturally and plentifully here.  It is the white swans which are exotic around these parts!

Jacket; my own design, a re-fashioned pair of old pants, ivory cotton drill, details and tutorial here
Tshirt; self-drafted, leopard print knit stuff, part of a twin-set, details here; and to see this styled in 6 different ways go here
Skirt; self-drafted, charcoal knit stuff, details here
Tights; Spencer & Lacy
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. I like this outfit with its animal print peeking through. That is interesting info on the swans-they are beautiful.

  2. I had never really taken much notice of swan colours before but very interesting that black ones are native to your area.

    I am pleased to see the weather in your area is as fickle as ours this week....one minute spring, the next winter. I was just complaining this morning about how cold it is here the last few days!

  3. I like the outfit. You probably know that I like layers of grey too! You are definitely inspiring me to sew with knits more. I just have a few more tings to make with my exisisting non-knit stash before I can allow myself to buy any knit fabric though. The swans are pretty - I had n't realised they are native to Perth area or is it to Australia as a whole? I am so used to the white ones here, the black ones are lovely.

  4. Love the outfit today and thanks for sharing the picture of the swans. I wondered when they would make their arrival!

  5. Thank you, ladies! Debbie, I put in this post a link to the wikipedia article on black swans, which states that they are native to the southwestern and southeastern part of Australia.

  6. Great outfit! I love the tonal blend of colours.

    It's also good to see that Melbourne is not the only place having crazy weather. It was 30 here yesterday and 17 today. Crazy, insane!!

    Thanks for the encouraging comments you leave on my blog and I think there is no better place to be than the beach.

  7. Love this outfit-greys are my favourite!
    The swans are gorgeous. I remember being surprised when I saw a flock (??? Can't remember if there is another word for it!) of them bobbing around on the sea at Port Welshpool here in Vic - had never associated them with the sea before!
    Agree about the weather, brilliant weekend and yesterday, with wild winds last night and pouring rain and hail at times today.

  8. You have the wonderful gift of God to look with any color and any outfit! Absolutely brilliant!

  9. I adore the outfit! would love to see the animal print top in full!

  10. I am just thinking I may try an animal print and here you are in your top. Just enough print showing to add zest. That is a great phrase you used, "awkward" weather - too right. that in between time when it may be chilly or get hot. hmm what to wear...

  11. ahhh, it's about to be the fall version of that quixotic weather pattern here, and I am dying to wear my colored tights, but I know I'll have several days where i deem it a mistake halfway through ...

    The swans are beautiful. Thanks for sharing some tidbits about them!

  12. Don't mention Black Swan! Swans are wonderful and all (including the black ones, I "met" some when I was in NZ) but that movie seriously gave me nightmares. I was afraid to look into the mirror for days! (So psycho movies psych me out...)

    But yay, shades of leopard! Nice!

  13. Oh My! Lovely swans (and kids)... (Lindos cisnes e filhotes).

  14. How dumb of me? I just checked the top post in detail and wow i love it!