Sunday, November 27, 2011


In the midst of catastrophe; a funny story, this snippet from Saturday's West Australian.  Please enjoy.  It certainly gave me a laugh.  That poor moggy!

In regards to the bushfire; the firefighters saved about 370 homes in the path of the fire.  I was utterly amazed to see on the news the helicopter view of some of these houses; looking like perfect little oases stuck in the midst of acres and acres of grey-white ash with leafless black tree-trunks poking out of the ground all round; absolutely incredible!!  Such a fantastic effort...

In the past nearly-a-week, I've been doing my yearly duty of staying at our beach house, guarding it against the expected hoards of drunken marauding teenage school-leavers.  Well, that is how the media like to portray leavers, anyway... I can only guess whether the extras diverted from the bushfire areas are here, since as usual it is pretty quiet and I've only seen small groups of teenagers sitting about together on the beach, enjoying themselves in a cheerful yet still civilised way.  Honestly, I don't know what all the hysteria about leavers is.  Most of them seem pretty nice kids to me.  Sienna is an absolute magnet on the beach for pats.
On the other hand I am getting rather lonely now.  Sienna is sorta good company, but...
I'm reeeeally looking forward to when the family turns up tomorrow for our "family" part of the holiday.

Dress, modified Burda 8511, with wave-y pocket welts which (oops!) you can't even see here... linen with raw silk pocket welts, details here
Cardigan and hat; Country Road
I'm sorry I've been so bad at replying to comments lately.  The internet is so cut-in-cut-out at the mo, I've thought I was going to grow old and die!!  I keep getting kicked off the internet which is soooo frustrating.  So if my commenting has seemed a little distracted in the last week, then now you know why...


  1. Funny little story, about the cat.

    Your dress is really cute; love the hat, too.

  2. Hey Carolyn, What are "leavers"? Are these students who are skipping school for the day? That is a beautiful picture of you, and I love that dress.

  3. I think teenagers do get an undeserved bad wrap really but I guess you have to either be a teenager or parent of one to see that! My daughter finishes school for the year at the end of the week. It has come round so quickly, especially this year.

    What a terrible thing, so many people loosing their homes right before Christmas. I am glad no one lost their lives though.

  4. To explain further: "leavers" are children who have just finished their final exams, in their last year of school. So they are "leaving" secondary school. Here in Australia, the final exams are held quite early, during November, so the yr 12's have all finished by the end of November, as opposed to younger school children who don't finish their school year until mid December. In the last few years (say ten, or so? it wasn't around when I finished school!) it has become customary for the leavers to go off together for a few days to party. A lot of people here are terrified about the possible shenanigans, but my experience is that 99.9% of them are quite innocent, sweet and well behaved... it's only the naughty few who give the rest a bad name.

  5. Nice to have you back. Your blog disappeared for a while yesterday! I was getting a little concerned.

  6. Oh I'm so glad your blog re-appeared.

    In regards leavers, or schoolies as they're more commonly called over this side, I've noticed they tend to be worse behaved when they're in the centre of main cities. The ones who go to Brisbane misbehave terribly, but when my friends and I went to Byron Bay, you hardly would have noticed there was any schoolies around at all if not for the slightly more crowded beaches.