Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old things...

... this will be the very last of my "old things" posts.  I promise.
I've done a mammoth sort-through of the photos and I think this is it!  (heaves a sigh of relief...)

Firstly, since this is the only garment in this post still in our possession (apart from the Grim Reaper come burqa outfit, that is); a cardigan I knitted for Craig.  It is knitted in the fair isle method.  Above is a picture Craig took of me wearing his cardigan on a holiday last year (isn't he sweet, giving his cold inadequately-dressed wife his nicely pre-warmed cardigan to wear, hmmm?  What a gentleman!)
And some close-ups of the cardigan I took today...
showing the right front, and at right the wrong side of the fair isle knitting... (as is correct, the yarn is carried over at the back with no weaving in, only if the distance is four stitches or less...)

Now, some costumes...
Sam as "Link".  I thought he was so cute in this.  He loved this little outfit and often wore it just for everyday wear.  (if you would like to see what this cute little jigger looks like now, go here...)
Sam, as... guess who?  Hehe, the famous Harry Potter, natch, compete with broomstick and Hedwig the owl.  
On that note, a black cloak is such a useful thing to have in the dress-up box.  It can be the basis for so many costumes.
Here is the same robe again, worn by Cassie as Hermione, complete with Garfield Crookshanks the cat... I threw together the skirt and tie as well, but they do not bear close inspection...!)
(I've shown this picture before... but here it is again just to illustrate the versatility of the plain black robe as a costume), Tim and two of his mates as Grim Reapers.  I made all three of their costumes.
Tim's same costume again, this time worn by me to an Arabian Nights party.  I didn't want to hire an outfit and I didn't want to make some bejewelled thing I would never wear again, and as every single female I have seen in the Arabian region is dressed something like this, so I was like, yeah this'll do.  I naively assumed other girls would have the same idea...  As it turned out I was literally the only female dressed (I thought) anywhere near authentically!  Also the only one not heavily sequinned and baring plenty of belly-flesh...  I confess the costume was abandoned when we decided to start dancing!  Don't worry I had a skirt and top on underneath...
So, away from costumes now, and a ball-gown of my own design that I made for balls in years gone by (Sorry for the headless shot but my face and my hair look awful in this picture...!)  It is silk organza, overlaying silk and silk jersey layers, three layers in all.  It had a beaded and embroidered neckpiece, both beaded and embroidered by me, that is...
A dress I made for Cassie for her graduation dance at the end of primary school.  It was a simple turquoise cotton halter neck dress, the fabric had metallic gold lines randomly strewn across.  I also made her jewellery, of turquoise glass fish beads and strands of gold wire.
Some rather lovely (if I say so myself) wide-legged white pants that she wore almost constantly for a summer, and a little white broderie anglaise blouse.  Both my own design.
Going way back, and this shirt is from a Vogue designer pattern that I believe my mother still has my copy...  I know I also made and am wearing here the small-waisted and very flared skirt from the same pattern too...
I made both the skirt and top and also my necklace here.  The top was an experiment, I flipped the shoulders out in a twist to get this cowl-like effect.  It used to get a lot of compliments, believe it or not! (my friends are very kind)  We are sitting on one of our sofas in its first slipcover, made by me too...  (now looks like this)
Some more dresses.  I really regret now I never got any good pictures of these two.  The white and red one was rather nice; it was a dress, but looked like a matching skirt and camisole when I was wearing it, as it had layers in several graduated lengths.  My own design.  The patchwork dress, also my own design, took lots of planning; I bought the fabrics separately and cut and pieced them together, then made the dress.  It has smaller squares at the top, graduating to larger squares around the midriff, and then down to the largest squares at the hemline.  It is all on the bias, with a handkerchief hem, and I loved it!
A drop waisted, handkerchief hemmed dress of white dotted swiss voile, pictured against a famous backdrop.  I still have this Vogue pattern too, actually...

And that should be all folks!
From now on, I will only be showing newly made stuff here....


  1. So impressed by your designing skills! That patchwork dress is awesome and must have required a lot of math :) And I'm totally impressed by your knitting too: what beautiful and flawless fair isle! Thanks for sharing the 'old' projects.

  2. My gosh! You knitted that cardigan?! Wow!

    I love the old pics. I have to admit, I don't really look at the clothes, I am just nosy and love to look at other people's old family pictures and get a feel for the arc of their lives. Whenever I visit an older in-law, I am always more than happy to let them get out an old photo album and tell me all about it.

  3. Woww look at that sweater! Very impressive! I love all the other pictures too. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life!

  4. What a lovely trip down memory lane. I appreciate that you've shared these. It's wonderful that you have pictures of all these items that you made. The knitting is incredibly impressive.

  5. What a lovely piece of history! so much diversity! my old pics are far away from me, but one day... can't wait to share some of my old projects! Very inspiring! And whenever you feel like making a retrospective of your favorite pieces ever, my guest blog invite is still open:) If time is a problem I can pick my favs but I must admit I am curious to know which are your picks!

  6. your talent boggles my mind - your creativity and skill are amazing and I really enjoy every post. That dress with the patchwork squares is fantastic. Love the holiday pics. And the sweater - beautiful.

  7. Wow, what a cornucopia of creativity! That fairisle sweater is particularly stunning, but there is so much here to feast on, it's hard to narrow it down to comment.

  8. Oh, this is really fun! Too bad it is all done. I fell off my flashback wagon and know I have loads more, esp. if I go through old photos...

    I love Cassie's little white cropped blouse, -- I would have worn that non stop too.

    The burqa is of course the right "costume" - wonder why no one else thought of that?

    I love the first costume in green....

    hmmm, you myst have something else up your sleeve if you aren't doing any more of these?...?

  9. It is nice to see your daughter wearing an "apropriate" dress for her age at her primary school graduation. At my daughters graduation so many of the girls looked like they should have been attending a high school graduation. My son is graduation from primary/intermediate next month. We are busy getting together his outfit at the moment. It is soo exciting...can't wait!

    I like seeing your old photos and love the Europe backgrounds. I have to say though, the photo on the couch, I am assuming is with your kids, you look like one of the kids!

  10. I love the silk organza dress. And I'm totally in awe of the knitting. Just, wow.

  11. Your ball-gown is absolutely gorgeous - and what a sweater, must have taken months to knit

  12. How fun to look back! And also very entertaining to look back through decades with such different silhouettes.

  13. O my! Am I impressed by your many talents! You are one of a kind Carolyn and your hands are made of pure gold!
    Thank you for sharinf all this with us! This is delightfull!

  14. Wow! What a collection and all so different! The patchwork dress is amazing. I'm glad you loved it after all the work you did! I love the pink with the cowl neck too. You are so clever!

  15. I love that so many are your own designs! :) I really like that patchwork dress...

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  17. What a wonderful collection of costumes. It reminds me of my high school days. I wear a harry potter costume with a purple novelty ties, instead of brown with white stripes.