Wednesday, March 28, 2012


O, hai, peops!
(drum roll) another pair of Burda 7723 shorts.
This is ma "greige" corduroy pair, that gets more appreciation as the cooler autumn weather rolls around.  The pattern modified in that they are longer, and substantially flared.
Colours, or lack thereof; well, but monotonality pleases me.  I like beige (what can I say, 80's girl and all that) and I like that when one removes the obviousness of colour from the equation, then the textures and the flavour of the fabrics are allowed to shine.
The soft velvety furriness of the corduroy shorts, against the matte translucency of my net cardigan, and the crisp and simple cleanliness of the white cotton top with its self scarf.  The subtlety of these textures and the individuality of the fabrics can really be appreciated in an outfit of just one shade of soft pale neutrals.
This week is feeling remarkably like a me-made exercise, is it not?  Except that it is much much shorter  :) and much much more restrictive  :(
And I am finding it a very interesting experiment, just the same  :))

Top; Top "a" from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, white cotton, details here
Shorts; Burda 7723 modified, grey/beige corduroy, details here
Cardigan; my own design, coffee and white net, tutorial to make a similar one here
Sandals; Misano, from MarieClaire shoes
Nail varnish; BYS Fool's Paradise


  1. Beige and white are one of my favourite combinations. I find it very elegant.The lenght of those shorts is just right for the kind of fabric...Love the whole thing!

  2. I like the close-up photo; you can really see the interplay of the textures there. :)

  3. Carolyn, you are my muse! I've been having a real slow time sewing and all your new creations cheer me up and inspire me so much, so just wanted to say thanks!

  4. Oh, the matchsticks is a brilliant idea! I was trying to think of something to hold them apart. I also thought of using my huge yarn needle on top of the inner button and making sure all my thread loops went around the yarn needle, then taking it out, loosening the button through the now-slackened thread and wrapping thread underneath. does that make sense? Thanks for your idea!

    I'll be back to read your blog for real later - got to get the goose off to school now!

  5. You're a woman of immaculate good taste - with the best legs in Blogsville. When I grow up, I want to be you!

  6. I love this outfit..the shorts look wonderful!

  7. I really like the beige look, especially the cardigan.

  8. Beige and white are hardly boring. You cant wear those two together without thoughts of simple summer dressing coming to mind!