Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get shorty

This week I am taking part in another cool online sewing community project; the One Week One Pattern project set up by Tilly... yay!  I love join-in stuff like this!
So the idea is that we choose one pattern and wear our stuff from that pattern for a week.  For someone like me who uses and re-uses their patterns to nigh on death (poor wee tattered things) then this a fabulous opportunity to assess my wardrobe and my pattern collection again to see which patterns are really working for me.  
I did have more than a few choices  :)  
But after a bit of dillying and dallying I chose Burda 7723; for a few reasons.  
Firstly; I have a good selection to choose from, since I have made myself five pairs of shorts and one jacket using this pattern.  So I can mix it up with a different outfit for (nearly) each day of the week, which is great.
Also; we have another quite warm-ish week ahead.  So shorts are weather appropriate.  I would have loved to be showcasing say, Vogue 7303, an old skirt pattern which I have used tonnes of times, but half of my options there are winter-y and I would die if I wore them during the heat of the day.  Seriously  ;)
Plus, well, shorts fit into my life nicely this week.  Yeah.  Let's just say my calendar is not full.  It is the opposite of full.  I think walking my dog and thinking about where to take a picture is going to be just about the highpoint of each day  :D  
Well, OK, I do have one very nice soiree to look forward to, for which I will don my new red dress But I will be wearing something Burda 7723 for most of that day.

Top; my own design, made from an old pair of charcoal, linen mix, three-quarter trousers, details here
Shorts; Burda 7723, made from an old charcoal gabardine skirt, details here
Sandals; Misano, from MarieClaire shoes
Nail varnish; BYS Mint Condition
random graffiti seen on our walk...


  1. You have a great range of shorts - my faves are the lemon ones and the hot pink! I love the graffiti... yeah for hot weather ...

  2. Yeah for hot weather as well. I donned long pants today because of the weather man, but he got it so wrong still sweltering in them at 8.30pm with all the doors and windows open....I will not be beaten though! May just have to drag out the shorts tomorrow though.

  3. Summers in Perth must be really hot, like the ones I knew as a child in Florida and Latin America. Here in England, it's sometimes cool enough for a jacket- in the summer!
    I'm looking forward to this weeks outfits:-)

  4. The OWOP is made for you! All of your versions are so unique that I think most people wouldn't know they come from the same pattern.

  5. I love everything you wear, but I really really like these shorts! You always amaze and inspire me.

  6. Great choice for your beautiful weather... Xx

  7. These shorts are a great cut. I know you'll have OWOP in the bag.