Monday, April 30, 2012

Delightfully tacky

I like the clashiness here.  A reminder that nature can beautify anything...  The rose is a late autumnal bloomer from my garden; some litterbug chucked the Coke can onto our verge and in the act of picking it up to toss into the recycling bin I suddenly saw artistic possibilities.  We don't actually drink the stuff ourselves  :P
And below; quinces from my parents' garden.  
That classy platter is actually an old fan guard/cover that I picked up off a neighbour's verge in a council toss-out.  Pretty cool, huh?  Fair dinkum, best neighbourhood recycling scheme ever conceived!

So next, I am participating in me-made May, and we are travelling later in the month.  
Now I've had some thoughts about blogging during me-made May; and I would welcome your feedback, please!  In the past, I have posted an daily outfit picture, and blogged a few thoughts each day.  I find this an easier way for me to keep motivated and keep going with it.
But I have read quite a lot of negative feedback on other blogs about the apparent boredom of "having" to look at people's daily outfits; and if the blogger is participating themselves, lots of apologising about the "posting overload", whatever that means.  I'm bemused by this; since the feedback on the me-made flickr group is always the polar opposite; that people really do like having a bit of a squizzy at everyone else's daily outfits.   I know I enjoy sneaky-peeking into other peoples self-stitched closets and sharing a bit in everyone's daily lives, too!
So please tell me, what are your thoughts?  Do you tune out during the me-made months, or do you, like me, enjoy a daily sticky-beak at all the self-stitched goodness?
A lot of participants are talking about how they are going to up the ante this time.  I am opting to go ALL me-made, and mix-it up with a different outfit for each day like I always have for these challenges, and truthfully I don't think I can up the ante more than that!  So I will try to aim higher with my photography, and do my best to capture beautiful and/or interesting images each day.  Sound fair?  :)
I am pretty up-to-date with posting my recent creations, with only one new thing up my sleeve, yet to be photographed.  It has been a very productive month for me  :D  but this is going to be offset next month when we go away.  So, although there will not be stacks of new things over the next six weeks, I am hoping to post some lovely scenery on my blog here, along with my hopefully groovy-doovy outfits.
And I am sure going to try my best to keep it up during our travelling schedule, later next month.

And after all that, an addendum; the abysmally astronomical additions for April...

Ivory Trench Coat
Outer fabric; a gift from my friend C, from her late mother's stash
Facing fabric; $14.81
Lining fabric; $21.43
Pattern; McCalls 5525, used before
Buttons; $4.20
Total cost; $30.44
Curtain skirt
Outer fabric; a gift from my friend C, from her late mother's stash
Lining; leftover from the trench coat above
Zip; $2.20
Pattern; Vogue 1247, used before
Hook and eye; bought a new packet of 3 for $3.45
Total cost; $5.65
Leatherette skirt
Fabric; $57.98
Lining; $6.99
Zip; $1.42
Pattern; Vogue 1170, used before
Started one new overlocker thread; $1.00
Total cost; $67.39
Clipped Wings, a top
Fabric; I'm not sure since I bought this last year, guestimating $20
Pattern; drafted from Pattern Magic 3, which I have used before
Total cost; $20
Sapote cotton cardigan
Yarn; $62.70 (bought during the 30% off sale, yay!)
Pattern; used before
Buttons; $5.40
Total cost; $68.10
Gingham PJ's
Fabric; $17.45
Elastic; 1.05
Buttons; leftover from another project
Total cost; $18.50
Ultramine corduroy skirt
Fabric; $7.01
Lining; $4.19
Zip; 0.99
Pattern; Vogue 1170, used before
Thread; $3.20
Started one new overlocker thread; $1.00
Buttons; from stash
Total cost; $16.39
Strawberry Pink jeans
Fabric; $13.21
Zip; $1.99
Facing fabric; recycled old PJ's
Jeans button; from stash
Total cost; $15.20

The running total for the first third of the year; $633.04


  1. The rose is beautiful...not sure it entirely rescues the coke can! The fan cover as fruit bowl is total genius! No experiences of MM blogging, I just know I like to see what you've made. I think how much or how little time I spend drifting around the internet is entirely determined by me, not by 'having' to look at blog posts. Does participating in Me Made come with the requirement to keep up with everyone else's posts in realtime? I think you should do what suits you...we'll fit in with that.

  2. Well... I don't have any experience with MM blogging either, but I would be fine seeing outfits each day. I am SO not creative, and seeing what others come up with is helpful.

  3. I am a bit nervous about "blog posts overload" as well. I was considering doing a weekly post with all my outfits but then I'm afraid I might lose motivation during the week.

    I just don't know. I am still torn between daily posts vs weekly ones.

  4. I totally agree with Shelley re your Me Made May posting. I visit your page whenever I get an update that you posted something new because I enjoy what you share and I always get a lot of inspiration and learning from it. I'm participating for the first time (more to encourage me to get out of PJs actually) and while I will check out (some) of fellow participants' posts don't feel that I am required or impelled to keep up with everybody's. So just do what's organic to you, although I will sure miss it if you decide not to post!

  5. I will confess that I sometimes skim Me-Made posts, but that's mainly because as a participant, I'm also seeing the outfits on Flickr, etc. You should do what makes sense for you, if a daily post works best, then daily it should be! (I always find your photography inspirational, as an aside.)

    I'm planning on doing a weekly post for Me-Made-May, but a daily upload to Flickr. That's mostly because I don't always have time to blog daily, vs. any kind of consideration on blog-overload, etc.

  6. I like the daily outfit posts, but I agree that you should do what *you* want to do. I'll stop by and check them out however often you post them. :)

  7. I enjoy all of your posts. However you want to document your month is fine with me. I think you should do what suits you. If people are busy and don't want to read every day, they don't have to.

  8. I think daily outfit posts are nice. I don't mind at all and would likely click over daily to see what was up. Honestly, It only takes a few seconds to click over and see if someone's post interests me.

  9. Regardless of what anyone else is doing I would be very pleased if YOU blogged your outfit every day in MMM. Between the quirky elegance of your makes and the awesome beauty of your photography (how could you up the ante there?) your blog is always a treat.

  10. I am apparently in the minority here. I find that I delete a lot of post without reading during the me made/self stitched months. Of course not yours Carolyn. 8-) That said, you should do whatever works for you, if it keeps you motivated, by all means post daily.

  11. I'm considering that this is your blog and you should post whatever pleases you! If some readers don't like the content, they can come back later :)
    I really like the last image!

  12. Mmm. Pink and red. Lacroix :-)?

    Were you saying your sewing expenses were too much this month? But it's a crapshoot whether you find something cheap or get some late mother's stash, isn't it? Besides to me this means you've been very productive this month, and of course that takes some materials. If they were sitting in your closet in unwearable form, they wouldn't make it into the total, but they wouldn't be cheaper, right?

    This is something I truly don't want to calculate for myself.. shudder.

    As to me-made months, I personally love them. I especially love yours as your photography is so gorgeous, and it means you post more :-). You know, sometimes someone on a blog I like to read gets into something I don't care about, some sew-slong or something, and then do you know what I do? Right, I skip it till they're through with that phase.

    So the real question here is do you enjoy doing those me-mades? Or do you bore yourself silly? If as I hope it's the former, just do it. Shut down the comments if you're getting out of control complaints :-). It's your party, and you'll sing if you want to. They can just open a blog of their own where they bitch about MM, which you then don't have to read. That's the game, and that's why this is your blog.

  13. I would like everyday MMM posts, but then I only read a selection of blogs.

    I think you should do it any way you feel comfortable with and however it works best for you. No need to worry about others, it would be to time-consuming and difficult (and impossible) to please everyone.

  14. I love the daily posts, even when I'm not participating. I would get so frustrated the last two rounds whilst going through the list of participants and clicking on a blog and barely anything was said about it. I wanted to see pictures of people styling their handmade items! But apparently I might be in a minority.

  15. I like your frequent outfit posts! That being said, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do, personally. I'm thinking that since I'm in a phase where my time is limited to actually create things, I'm probably going to post as close to daily as I can, and just pretend for the month that I'm a fashion blogger. I know I'm not one of the most frequently-read bloggers out there anyway, and I know the amount of posts can get overwhelming, so I won't be offended if some people decide to just skip those posts.

  16. I am so looking forward to your me-made May - I love watching what you do. I find you very inspirational. You really shouldn't care what others think - you go girl!!

  17. I think where the me-made-months have got a bad rap is where the person is now under obligation to wear their own clothes and daily document it even when it is obvious that this process is not working for them.

    I am also thinking of that Hollywood concept of "overexposure" - that some of the mystic and elusiveness downgrades the "brand" by it being too available, and the sense of intrigue and fascination is lost.

    On the other hand, I am very much of the opinion that if it is something that inspires you and you enjoy, do it! No-one is ever forced to read anyone's blog - if they don't like it, they have complete control over whether they read it or not.

    In all of this, if you can identify what is worth to you to participate, that is all that is required. Your audience will take care of themselves!

  18. i like sneaking a peek at everyone's outfits and sometimes it's easier to do that in blog form than flickr RSS... that said, it's your blog (and a delightful one) and anyone who's bored can hit the 'mark all as read' button at any time!!! i can't wait to see what you've made and how you style it, bring on me-made may!

  19. Well, the detailed part aids learning with your help way better for perhaps wannabe 'copy cats' ;-)

    If YOU don't mind, go ahead with daily postings - it's up to each person anyway, HOW they finally proceed: via computer I can well and truly select my own pace and work my way up or down - so what.
    (my hubby would at times be very happy, if he could 'portion' me this easy style ;-) ! )


    (delighted to find the 'anonymous function' here; even if's only temporary.
    I'm an avid admirer of yours from the east-side and definitely in heaps of awe most of the time with your creations! Aaall thumbs up, incl. toes - for confirmation! )

  20. From what you've proposed and the great photos that you take, post each day.
    I'll be bundling up my MMM12 pics because I'm feeling a bit bored already and it's only MMM12 day 1.

  21. We have a rose bush in this same lovely color. Don't drink soda at our house either.

    I will never tire of your outfits. There are some blogs that over-do the outfits, but yours are always interesting to me because I know you made them...and I study them and wonder about the interesting backgrounds. I say do what YOU want to do.

  22. Love your blog, love your photos, love your creativity. I read every new one with interest and check to see what is new every day!

  23. Love your blog, love your photos, love your creativity. I read every new one with interest and check to see what is new every day!

  24. I have also been wondering about daily MMM posts or weekly, but find that I loose momentum and it only takes a small amount of time for the daily post but so much longer for the week one. Up to you, however I do love to see your styling and the beautiful scenery you find.

  25. Agree you should do whatever posting schedule works best for you. I am torn about daily outfit pictures. I think the ones I enjoy most are the ones which come with some analysis alongside the picture - which is something your posts always have anyway!

  26. I really hope I bump into you one day as I'm sure we'll have lots in common - we sew (of course), blog, do lots of dog walking and now I discover you also love the verge collection and don't drink coke. Incredible! I have a hard time blogging every day, although I do have plenty of photos ready to add to new blog posts. I sit down with good intentions, then just end up reading other blogs! I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to seeing your MMM posts.

  27. I am looking forward to the daily posts. In fact, I am trying to find other bloggers taking part in Me Made May. It's fun! keep up the photos and posts please.

  28. I am glad you are participating me-made May, because I enjoy your style and seeing how you use your hand made garments.

  29. Purely from a busy reader's viewpoint, I love weekly collages with brief descriptions below. That said, I love your blog so much, I never miss a post, even if I have to catch up later. Keep up the inspiring sewing.

  30. I tune out. I found one week one pattern boring (apart from a few standouts like Oona) because it was the same ****ing thing everyday for a week! And for me the whole point of sewing is to get away from 'the same ****ing thing every day of the week'. So yea 'overview' posts are preferable any day! However, you have a pretty diverse hand made wardrobe so stagnation shouldn't be a problem XD Oh, and the comments work for me now, yaaay! Thanks for that!

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