Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The DNA Tower

Please allow me to introduce to you, the DNA Tower.  
Hehe, I am being sorta touristy on the blog lately! but not completely since obviously Perth has always been the backdrop to my life... 
The DNA Tower was built in the early 60's, and I have lots of fond memories of my brothers and me having the time of our lives pelting up and down the tower as fast as we could, while Mum and Dad boringly sat with the picnic on the grass nearby.  And since we would come home so tired all we could do was to fall into bed early, then I'm sure the DNA tower was equally beloved by Mum and Dad as well...!
When my own children were little they loved running up and down the tower too, so each whole new generation repeats the same routine.
Nowadays, the tower is much beloved by fitness fanatics too.
So I am enjoying my me-made May photos at the mo'... employing a few Perth landmarks certainly makes the photo-taking, always the most challenging part of the, er, challenge for me, a heck of a lot more exciting and interesting.  And happily this is another spot that is basically on the way home from dropping my son Sam off at uni, which is part of my current daily routine.  He is learning to drive, and guess who gets to be the driving instructor?!

Picture taken around 11am;  Temperature at the time 19C.
Overnight low: 11C; Today's high: 21C
Fine and sunny

Top; top "a" from the Japanese pattern book Unique Clothes Any Way You Like by Natsuno Hiraiwa, white cotton, details here
Jeans; Au Bonheur des Petites Mains PLH08002, strawberry pink non-stretch cotton denim, details and my review of this pattern here
Cardigan; knitted by me, the Fitted Cardigan 04, version 1 with the lace edging and three-quarter sleeves, in Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton; colour Calico (shade 216), details here
Thongs; KMart
In an almost complete hat-trick of me-made sightings in my household...
Last night Cassie wore a cocktail dress made by me, to a party 
Cassie's dress; Vogue 1105, silk charmeuse

Today Craig again wore again the blue linen shirt I made for him, and Tim wore the shirt I made for him for Christmas
Craig's shirt; Burda 7767 modified, blue linen, details here
Tim's shirt; Burda 7767 modified, blue check crinkly stuff (a blinkin' nightmare) details here


  1. How wonderful to have your creations appear in MMM with your family posing the finished garments. What a great family affair! I've been enjoying your blog after discovering it through the original Wardrobe Refashion (one of my favorite blogs -- sad to see it end, but happy it continues in its new format).

    You are super creative and talented. I also love all of your "touristy" Perth sites -- they offer a lovely view into your world.

  2. I do not envy you being the driving instructor! What an interesting structure this is and it is easy to see why fitness enthusiasts would like it. I like learning about these spots around Perth...and I envy the glorious sunshine.

  3. My boys would love that tower, so would have my daughter a few years ago!

    Ahh driving lessons...we are doing that also. Hopefully my daughter will pass her restricted next month and can drive by herself...yay

  4. Thank you for showing us your hometown, your photos are excellent. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her dress. I bet she is very proud of her mum!

  5. I wish we had a tower like that around here! I'd probably still be running up and down all day. Looks like I have to recreate your daughters cocktail dress :) It looks amazing on her.

  6. Cool photo, I like taking the visual tour of Perth with you! You must have nerves of steel to teach someone to drive!

  7. I've never heard of the DNA tower until your post. Thank you.
    You and the family look wonderful in your made me outfits.

  8. I'm loving your different Perth locations, as well as the photos of your MMM family-wide. It's also stange to see you saying it's getting cooler and so the warmer clothes come out. I wish it were 21 degrees in Wellington, NZ! :-) Can't wait to see photos from your trip - where'ere you're heading! And Cassie's dress is fab!

  9. Oh, I love, love, love, the combination of colors you've chosen today - coral with cream and white work so great together!

  10. Amazing colors in your outfit today, the pants especially are such a pretty color. I am so enjoying the photos of Perth. Also, great garments for your family.

  11. I am really enjoying getting a tour of Perth during Me Made May and of course, I love the clothes.

  12. What a cool place to picnic at & such a great picture backdrop for your lovely outfit as always!
    And Cassie's dress is gorgeous! I'm working with silk charmeuse right now and having a headache. How do you finish the edges on her dress (the tiny dark contrast edges)? Do I need a special machine for that?

  13. I also LOVE the various locations for your photos - what a treat! I would love to visit Australia some day, but since it won't happen soon, I enjoy seeing pictures. Even when I do (hopefully) get to visit, I'm sure I won't see all of the fun, local things you are showing to us like this DNA tower.

    Your clothes are great! Such inspiration.. please continue to show your clothes for MMM!

    And, I do understand the teaching driving issue, my son is just barely old enough to learn to drive (according to our state law. Now, whether or not Mom and Dad agree he is mature enough is an entirely different matter!). When he is allowed to learn to drive, I will do the lion's share of the teaching.

    By the way, it is so fun to learn some of your Australian phrases! "cactus" and "chuffed" come to mind.....

  14. I'm really enjoying your photo tour as well! It is fun to go sightseeing
    without leaving home. I love your cardi, and am going to look up the pattern. Have a lovely day!

  15. I think it's great to be a tourist in your own town - way too few people manage to do it and they miss out on a lot.

    I've visited Perth, but I missed the DNA tower; possibly because my third cousin isn't an exercise enthusiast.

    My Uncle Bernard taught me to drive, as he did with all his younger siblings. He made it his job to see that I got my driving license. Whatever else his faults, I'll always remember that he cared enough to take the trouble. It can't have been fun for him...

  16. what a cool tower! Is it "for" anything, or just there? It reminds me of fire towers in the eastern woods.

    Driving ... we had a deal when goose was young, if I changed nearly all the poopy diapers kevin would teach him to drive, but as that is still 10 years hence (driving, not poopy diapers!) I'm not sure it will come to fruition. Good luck!

  17. Those stairs are so cool! I had a pair of carrots twist into a double helix once, it made my day. The dressyour daughter is wearing is just lovely.

  18. Grogeous outfits worn by you all.

    All I can think about the DNA tower is someone trying to slide down the handrails.

  19. What a fabulous tower, it really does look like DNA. I can imagine you and your brothers having fun racing up and down.

    Great outfits worn by you all.

  20. Jo Sharp Sweater - I order some yarn (not Jo Sharp as I'm in Canada and it's not available locally) and plan to knit the sweater. I'm a newbie on Pinterest and posted the Jo Sharp photo. Since then it has been re-pinned 26 times by people I don't know in about 10 hours or so. Amazing!

  21. Lovely outfits, all. (In particular, I love the colour scheme on your outfit, I'm lusting for some coloured pants, but I'm on a fabric fast, sigh.)

    And the Perth landmarks are really interesting!

  22. Thanks for giving us the virtual tour of Perth! That's quite a few lovely spots, seems I'll have to put it on my list of places to visit. Great outfit, too! Your strawberry jeans look amazing on you. And it's so nice to see that your family is playing along with MMM!


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