Thursday, May 10, 2012



Still nothing.  Consider this a comfortable and companionable silence between friends  :)

Picture taken around 12pm;  Temperature at the time 21C.
Overnight low: 12C; Today's high: 22C 
Fine and sunny, some clouds

Top; Vogue 1248, light coffee cotton with silver polka dots, details and my review of this pattern here
Skirt; Vogue 1248 lengthened and lined, curtaining fabric with satin lining, details here and my review of this pattern here
Cardigan; my own design, green jersey knit, details here, later dyed with iDye in Brown here
Shoes; Enrico Antinori, from Zomp shoes

Cassie's top; drafted from Pattern Magic 3 by Tomoko Nakamichi, two different shades of blue cotton jersey knit, details here
This top looks so much better on Cassie than on me.  I'm so lucky that my daughter loves to raid my wardrobe, and even better, spirit stuff away so that I can make new stuff for myself.  :D


  1. I'm a major fan of that green cardigan.

  2. This cardigan is one of my favourites too! I love the interesting details you added. BTW where do you find such interesting landscapes? They always make me wish I was there too! The jetty yesterday, the bush today, fabulous!

  3. I love your cardigan with this skirt!

  4. I am enjoying so very much, seeing all your inspired outfits every day.

  5. That'f funny. My dad always ends his phone conversations with "I've got nothing more to say so I'll say it." then silence. We chuckle, and hang up. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom with a wide and varied interesting wardrobe to raid as well!

  6. I think your outfit is just beautiful. I absolutely love the colours and shapes. That green is really divine on you. xx

  7. Who takes all the wonderful photos?