Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all you yummy mummies out there!
I sure hope everyone got the obligatory cup of tea in bed this morning, hmmm?
I did not, but I forgive them because everyone did tiptoe in to kiss me and wish me a Happy Mother's Day before rushing off to their various jobs  :)
And then there was this...
I'm dressing for comfort today, although of course I am a big believer that dressing for comfort does not necessarily mean one should sacrifice style.  Jeans are comfortable, and look especially good when worn with a plain and simple white Tshirt; a timeless example of casual chic, no?
Doing another assessment of my wardrobe this morning, preparing for our trip coming up soon!  (squeee!)   I am embarrassed to see that as usual I could easily wear weather-appropriate, entirely me-made ensembles for the whole month with no double-ups of any garments whatsoever.  I need to either stop sewing and knitting (IMPOSSIBLE!!) or get rid of a few things (ALSO IMPOSSIBLE!!)  I'm simply too ridiculously attached to my handmade stuff, but I still have this restless urge to create more.  Last night we attended the ballet (fyi; I wore my red dress and my ivory trench coat together (below), so I was completely me-made but no photo sorry...) and it occurred to me as I sat admiring gorgeous costumes twirling and wafting by on wondrously graceful and athletic ballet dancers that I should try to get a job helping to sew costumes for the ballet or the opera or something like that.  I would be as happy as Larry just quietly toiling away at the sewing machine everyday and I wouldn't even care about the pay; seriously!
The only problemmo would be this; who would do my very-unstimulating-but-still-unfortunately-very-necessary officework if not me??

Tshirt; basically self-drafted, white cotton jersey, details here
Jeans; Burda 7863 modified to be flared, purple stretch cotton denim, details here 
Thongs; KMart

Picture taken around 11am;  Temperature at the time 19C.
Overnight low: 13C; Today's high: 22C 
Overcast, but fine and humid

below; last night's effort ... for the ballet I wore my red dress and my ivory trench coat together, and with those black pumps at right...


  1. I am disappointed with your cup of tea score. I had to stay in bed for ages waiting for the third cup of tea (one per child you know - at least that is my excuse), but fortunately I had a new book to read, so it wasn't so difficult ;)
    You look terrific in your jeans as usual.
    Sewing for a hobby has to be more fun than sewing what other people want you to make, imagine what horrid fabric costume sewers would have to use!

  2. Frankly, jeans and a T-shirt is my most favourite everyday outfit - simple, elegant and comfortable. And your raspberry jeans are absolutely adorable. Happy Mother's Day!
    (We celebrate ours on the 8th of March, the International Women's Day)

  3. Both of your outfits look beautiful - that red dress is a stunner. And yes - I got my cuppa in bed with some lovely gifts too.

  4. I didn't deserve 'The-Cup-of-Tea-in-Bed' (= didn't achieve motherhood- sigh) YET, what's your problem?! ;-)
    Concerning the full wardrobe and not (yet ;-) !) willing to part from any bits and pieces: Cassie ? :-D

    We/you're in Australia = make 'them' (theatre/ballet) an offer they can't refuse = offer 'part-assistance' of sewing for them done from your home (this way you can utilize 'time-slots' better?!)

    (please don't destroy my big 'OZ-picture': hell of a lot of things are possible here which aren't possible elsewhere!!! )

  5. I agree with it being impossible to get rid of me made stuff. Although I have done, I 've got things that I have made 10 years ago that don't fit any longer but I just keep them anyway. I think I'll give them away but no I just keep dreaming that they'll fit one day. I love the ballet and opera - lucky you. I don't think they use cheap fabric actually so I think a job there may be ok!!

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy having your children around while you can. Eventually they leave and then the house seems so empty.
    It is difficult to part with items that you've poured your heart and soul into.

  7. Jeans and t-shirt - you just can't go past them, I think. Lucky you going to the ballet. I really enjoy the ballet and wish I had someone to go with. Happy Mother's Day :)

  8. Have a fun day! I only recently found your blog, but have lots of fun looking through - and you are quite the source of inspriration! I am fairly new to sewing, but would love to be able to wear only "me-made" every day and look as great as you! Are you self-taught? How many years have you been sewing?

  9. terrific jeans and tee! i just got denim yesterday to attempt jeans (here's hoping mine look as good as yours, sallieph's and tanit-isis's!!). the red dress is smashing and gah, i ADORE the ivory coat!

  10. I think if sewing became a job it would start to suck the pleasure out of it with all the obligations being an employee brings.
    I loved your `wacky` dress but I don`t think it is wacky at all - just comfortable and stylish.

  11. Those jeans look fantastic! What a dream to sew for a ballet! I utterly understand that you don´t want to part with your self-made stuff!

  12. I think I would be as happy as a pig in mud working in a wardrobe department of a theatre or similar. I definitely missed my cues when picking career choices at High School. The obvious choice for me would have been a High School Sewing teacher.

  13. You have a very good point about stil earning a living. I can see you designing and creating outfits for a ballet or creative troupe.
    Happy Mothers Day.
    Your jeans are lovely.

  14. Angela; thank you so much! I have been sewing for myself for most of my life, and taught how by my mother.

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  16. I had thought it would be great fun to help with theatre costumes. There seems to be a theatre about every other block around here in England. Sadly, I'm not that interested in the plays themselves, just not my thing. Perhaps this is something you could put on your list of what to do in retirement?

  17. As a community theatre performer and sewist, I can say first hand that any theatre group would be happy to have a talented person such as yourself on their team. We are ALWAYS in need of sewers who know what they are doing. You would be appreciated!

  18. As a community theatre performer and sewist, I can say first hand that any theatre group would be happy to have a talented person such as yourself on their team. We are ALWAYS in need of sewers who know what they are doing. You would be appreciated!

  19. jeans and a tee, of course, the perfect mother's day. Happy Mother's Day! Goose had a plan he was going to sneak into our room "like a ninja" at 6:30 AM and wake daddy up and do something for me, but fortunately he slept until almost 8:00 which allowed lounging in bed and waking up slowly ... much better IMO.

  20. Hello Carolyn, Just thought I'd tell you about my aunt (mum's sister) who has the very job you are thinking about - she makes theatre and dance costumes for a company in Sydney. Her claim to fame is that she makes Captain Feathersword's puffy shirt. Whenever I see the Wiggles on telly I think of her. She is 71 and works 3-4 days a week. She was offered the job by her next door neighbour when the neighbour bought the costume business. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. She is a super-duper tip-top sewist- I'm not sure how her personal sewing goes these days.

  21. Have to say again I love your red dress. :O)