Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tiny thoughts...

Me-made May, Day 9:
Isn't it dreadful when someone with nothing worthwhile to say insists on saying something?  So I will refrain from sharing the tedium of my mundane little non-thoughts today.
You're welcome.  :)
Except to say: my best wishes to everyone for a wonderful day!!
And also; No, my new ombre-dyed skirt from yesterday is not the wacky thing I've been working on.  The wacky thing will be obvious when it appears.  I'm waiting for a warmer day to show it off.  :)

Picture taken around 10.30am;  Temperature at the time 19C.
Overnight low: 12C; Today's high: 22C 
Some breezes, some sun, some rain.  Y'know.

Cardigan; my own design, leopard print wool jersey, part of a twinset, details here, and see the twinset styled in 6 different ways here
Top; drafted from Pattern Magic 3 by Tomoko Nakamichi, blue knit jersey, details here, and see this top styled in 6 different ways here
Skirt; Vogue 1170 lengthened and lined, blue corduroy, details here and my review of this pattern here
Shoes; Enrico Antinori, from Zomp shoes

In other handmade sightings today, my husband is wearing again the same blue linen shirt from yesterday (it's OK, he works in an operating theatre where they wear scrubs during the entire working day, so it wasn't really dirty from yesterday.  Really  :)  )

And Cassie is wearing the combined beanie/scarf that I knitted for her a few years ago.

Craig's shirt; Burda 7767 modified, blue linen, details here
Cassie's combined beanie scarf; my own design, various wools, details here


  1. Another great outfit, I really like the leopard cardigan, very chic.

  2. I love today's outfit. Blue would have to be my favourite colour other than the usual neutrals, black, white etc. And animal print - yeah, you're a girl after my heart :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit and i love your skirt in your previous post!

  4. You should wear more blue, it suits you.

  5. This is so interesting to see what you'll come up with! And this skirt is brillant! I've sewn the rachel comey dress (vogue v1161) which seems to be the same skirt (minus the pockets). You just gave me the idea to go ahead and use the bottom portion of this dress! Thanks

  6. JJP; I think you are right; the skirt of that dress looks identical!

  7. You're so right and I never understood, why most high ranking folks usually have some rhetoric tutoring somewhere in their life just to talk for hours on end about .... nothing!?
    Yet, back to the real interest of this blog of yours: I really like the strong blue colour to your marvelous irish-golden hair; pink envy - as usually - for both.


    At least with 'globalisation' we gradually and finally all (not only those with an official mixed-culture definition - like Australia) get the idea to understand the different mentalities and needs of people being brought up differently; despite with varied progress/success

  8. One of my favourite pics. Those blues really suit you and your lovely hair!

  9. Can't wait to see the wacky thing...and the silence is companionable.

  10. As a fellow Perth-ite, I recognise that cityscape in your photo :) You take beautiful photos.

  11. You look beautiful in those colors,Iwona