Friday, May 11, 2012

Ugly Places

I have to admit I was really giggling to myself while taking my photo here today...  with terror!!
Today's photo mini-challenge in the me-made May group is Ugly Places, and I immediately thought: building site.  Building sites are the epitome of ugly, aren't they?  Not just the piles of rubbish, but the dust, the noise, the disruption to the whole neighbourhood. This one is like a 2 minute walk away from our house, so I just popped over in the afternoon, assuming the workmen would have gone off somewhere else at midday like they do frequently... well, not today of all days, there was still sounds of building activity going on out the back.  Cursing my bad luck I almost turned on my heel and walked away thinking to go back later, but then stopped myself, thinking for heaven's sake, get a backbone, woman.  I did a quick glance about and truly there was no one in sight, all the builders were out the back.  So I steeled myself; nothing ventured nothing gained....  and quickly as possible set up my camera on the verge and snapped a coupla photos, as much as I dared! before courage deserted me and I packed up and cleared out with lightning speed.  This was like a thirty second photo op, honestly.  I was supremely lucky that not even a car went past during that time too...  the funniest thing to me was imagining those builders going about their legitimate business out the back nailing and hammering, whatever, completely unaware that some crazy woman was out the front on the street taking a photo of herself, so ridiculous, no?!
Sigh, the things we do... honestly, I cannot believe my audacity.
But y'know what, the truth is that, crazy though this photo was for me; the photo mini-challenges are one of the fun-nest things about the whole me-made saga.
But I will be glad to get back to more secluded spots!

Picture taken around 2pm;  Temperature at the time 22C.
Overnight low: 11C; Today's high: 24C 
Sunny and warm, in fact a beeeeeautiful day!

Shirt; my own design, a refashion of a pair of white linen trousers (also made originally by me) details here
Skirt; Vogue 8363, rust red wool/silk bought in Japan, details and my review of this pattern here
Scarf; knitted by me using Noro yarn, details here
Shoes; Betts & Betts Brazilian Collection, I've had these for donkey's years

Later edit: yesterday Dorothy asked who takes all the "wonderful" photos:  thank you for the compliment, Dorothy!  Unless otherwise stated all photos are taken by me, using a tripod and a remote control. 


  1. It seems that was a challenge indeed! I completely understood what you said. I think it is a great success!

  2. Great shot! I can imagine the uncomfort of the moment! It turned out fine, though. I like your shirt so much!

  3. Nice juxtaposition between ugly scenery and pretty clothes!

  4. Ha! I love your story about taking the photo. I also love that blouse!

  5. That's a sexy photo! The softness of a woman on a building site!

    Haha, building sites are horrible... I liaise with builders at work and I've seen terrible photos of building sites that claim they are "clean" (to make room for gas lines) and they are look like a dump!!!

    You are so brave setting up your camera in the street! I'm such a camera shy chicken in public!

  6. You're the master of color coordination! You've managed to color coordinate your beautiful clothes even with a building site! Funny story about taking the picture, I completely understand and share your feelings :)

  7. You are so very brave!
    I do love that shirt!

  8. Crazy! I totally understand but I don't think I'm as brave as you, I would've come back later. I agree that the photo mini-challenges are one of the fun-nest things though even if it does bring out the crazy in us. :D

  9. ;-) double daring with the nice white shirt !


    Btw., the poor builders couldn't even 'do italian style': whistling after you in admiration for 2 reasons:
    a) they missed out seeing you
    b) since 'this' is usually done in matching dress code to 'the prey' .... none of them would have been able to do so!

  10. That is a great shot! And I love love love that top!! :D

  11. Lovely clothes and artistic photos. Would you mind sharing what camera you use? Do you use a full sized tripod or one of those short bendy ones?

  12. Ooh I was going to do that down my street but ended up chickening out! Well done!

  13. Thank you for the lovely comments!
    Emily; I use a Nikon D3000, and usually a stiff tripod that folds down to about 40cm long and fits nicely into a backpack. I do have one of those short bendy ones too, which we take when we go trekking, but the big one is not too big to take out walking with me.

  14. If you had attempted this in the US, you would have had to put up with catcalls from the workmen.

  15. I love your idea of recycling the t-shirts to make the dress. It looks fantastic and tones it down enough that it can be a fabulous every day dress rather than a special occasion dress.