Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You are all so brilliant!!

Woa, you are all so fabulously switched on and fashion-icon-savvy!!  hehe, might I just add; far more so than my husband, who had no idea  ...   ;)
Yes, of course, everyone was correct, I was Annie Hall.  My husband went Hawaii 5-O; in a loud Hawaiian shirt, his bright red jeans, boaters and a straw hat.  And thank you, we had an absolute ball!  we stayed alive; celebrating raining men, proclaiming our will to survive and asking to be taken to FunkyTown until the wee small hours....   
Naturally one of the fun-nest parts of any dress-up party is checking out and discussing everyone's costumes... there was a Bianca Jagger, and some Abba's and more afros, bellbottoms, safari suits, psychedelic minis and gogo boots than I've ever seen in one spot.  Giving me an illogical desire to hunt down a pair of glossy plastic gogo boots, ahem.... must resist...  
There is one guy in the group who, for every single fancy dress party, no matter what the theme; wears a fat-Santa suit...  He adds some accessory that is a token nod to the theme, this time it was a peace sign necklace ... :D

For those who wanted to enter into the draw... ElleC, I will be contacting you to send you the pattern.

Now, while I was digging through my stuff trying to settle on a costume, I found and initially thought I might wear this old thing... and you'd think surely I must have shown all my "old things" by now, hopefully this is the very last!
I'm pretty embarrassed to show it here, it is a rather hideous waistcoat, that I knitted during my teenage years.  I was pretty into Kaffe Fasset knits back then, and this was one of my earliest attempts at his style of colour mixing and matching.   The triangles design is his but I made up the knitting pattern myself...  it has no side seams, but was knitted in one piece in the round, and just joined at the shoulder seams; then I picked up stitches around the armholes and the front to knit up the ribbed bands.   It was knitted in the intarsia method, and sadly has a few moth holes now  :(  but that's OK since it's not as though I was actually going to start wearing it again, except if we got invited to a bad taste party, maybe  :D

I have made a "new thing" though, a gloriously fashion-forward piece of haute couture...
My old peg bag finally had the richard and I made another one.  It is all leftover fabrics; a small piece of rust-red upholstery fabric (from my friend C) for the outer shell, and lined with some of the blue-grey knit leftovers from this little jacket; so it is double layer for extra durability, and exactly the same shape and style as my old one (which I also made).  I re-used the same old clothes hanger for the top.  Both my grandmothers and my mother always made their peg bags just like this one, and I have inherited a preference for the style.  Mum goes the extra step of hand embroidering "PEGS" onto hers in beautiful script; if I had half her talent and patience then maybe my peg bag would be a bit more visually stimulating!  Mine has more of a slapped together rustic-chic look about it... hehe

(and I know the accounting is boring and I kinda half-wish I had not started, but I said I would so I will see the year out!  :S) 
...so, some judicious jottings for July

Nylon Rip-stop; $22.50
Polyester net lining; $4.99
2 dress zips for pockets; $1.98
Open-ended zip; $2.99
Thread; $2.68
Seam Grip; $17.95
Eyelets; from stash
Cord; $1.49
Cord Stops; $1.19
Velcro; $4.00
Pattern; self-drafted
Total cost: $59.77
Fabric; $13.90
Bra cups; $8.99
Patterns; panties were a free download, and the bra was self-drafted
Hook and eye closure; $2.49
Underwire; $2.49
Total cost: $27.87
Nylon Rip-stop; $12.60
Polyester net lining; $9.98  
(yup, being white = "bridal" = twice the price of the black net I used in mine...!)
Thread; $2.68
Open ended zip; $3.49
2x Dress zips for pockets; $1.98
Seam Grip; $17.95
Cord; $1.49
Cord Stops; $1.19
Eyelets; from stash
Velcro; from stash
Pattern; self-drafted
Total cost: $51.36
(y'know what though? I'm not going to include this one in my year's total since it is not part of my wardrobe  :)  )
Fabric; $27.00
Pattern; self-drafted
Total cost: $27.00
Yarn; $108.70
Pattern; a free download
Buttons; a gift from Mum
Total cost: $108.70
Fabric; made from all old clothes
Pattern; my own design
Thread; had the right colours already
Buttons; from my stash
Total cost: free
Peg Bag
all leftover free fabric and a re-cycled hanger
This month I also purchased:
Seam Un-picker; $3.95
Sewing machine light bulb; $7.95
Total cost: $11.90

o hai there...


  1. That is one stylish peg bag and I must say that I do love a bit of a list and number crunching, so I'm fascinated by your current tally. It is so disciplined.

  2. "finally had the richard"

    That's a new line for me. Any idea where it comes from?

    My stuff usually "bites the dust"! and then I rarely get around to making new---I slap duct tape on it and use it for another decade.

    Sad but true.

    You are so very productive, creative and energetic.
    I enjoy your blog and especially the lovely backdrop scenery to your beautiful creations.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner! I like your knitted vest A LOT! And today thanks to you I found out those little things to hang the clothes are called pegs...and then they say the internet just made you waste time!...Oh, I just find out I got an A in my Cambridge test! :D

  4. oh, I like the peg bag, and that is genius to hang it on the line. Mine is a small tote my mother in law made and I hang it around my neck whilst hanging laundry so everything is close at hand. Ahhhh .... I think the knitting shows quite a bit of skill even if you wouldn't wear it now .... I still have done intarsia only once and that was a dishcloth ... someday I will knit something really lovely for myself to wear .... someday...

  5. Long, long ago, in my Kaffe Fasset stage, I knitted a pair of leggings/trousers for the 1 year old daughter of my best friend. I thought it was a great idea, making something complicated for a Short Person. And believe me they were complicated ! You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive last week, a photo of my friend's Granddaughter wearing the pants 20+ years later. If only I had that patience now !

  6. I gather what having a richard means from the context, but it's not a phrase I've seen before. What a gorgeous cat! I'm so impressed at your making underwear, particularly bras!