Saturday, August 4, 2012

A tee or three

I have made a few new Tshirts…
I’ve noticed a few examples of mixing and matching different colour and/or width stripes in the one Tshirt, and decided to have a go at adding something like to my wardrobe; using up some scraps and a few more of the old Tshirts in my bag of refashioning garments…
Below: I took both these pictures from Australian Vogue, at left is part of a Tommy Hilfiger advert; at right, from the Antipodium resort ’13 collection.
Quite interesting, yes?
My Tshirt is made from: the baby blue with thin black stripe is cut from one of Tim’s old Tshirts; the sage green with diagonal white stripes is leftover fabric from a top Cassie made for herself; and the yellow sleeves are cut from one of my old tank tops, that was once white and that I dyed yellow with ground turmeric, here.  The green/white stripe fabric is an interesting print; the stripe is on the diagonal!  So while it looks like the lower part of the body is cut on the bias, it is not!  
The pattern is my own self-drafted pattern, with the sides cut straight down, instead of my usual fitted-to-the-waist curve, because I wanted to match those diagonal stripes down each side, this would have been a Mission Impossible with a waist curve!  I’m pleased to say, mission was accomplished.

I’ve also made a coupla new plain white Tshirts.  I came across some white cotton knit, leftover from this dress, while searching for suitable candidates for lingerie, and while I decided it was not suitable for lingerie it is perfect for Tshirts.  So I cut out two new Tshirts.  Only then did I remember that I had mentally set this fabric aside for another Pattern Magic thing… (headslap) oh well!  There is fabric aplenty still for Pattern Magic things!
These will be great for thermal purposes and just basic useful things... one can never have too many white Tshirts, no?
The only special thing about these new Tshirts is that I stabilized the shoulder seams with Seams Great.  This was a gift from the kind and clever velosewer; thank you so much velosewer!  This gossamer thin tape is new-to-me, and I am thrilled with how unobtrusive and tidy it looks sewn over those shoulder seams!
The lower hems of the two white Tshirts were finished with a twin needle blahdy blah, but for the striped Tshirt I just decided on a whim to go with a simple zig-zag.  Man, but I’m just one crazy rebel, sometimes  ;)  If it goes wave-y or funny I can always re-do it with a twin needle, properly.
Tshirt; self-drafted, from a mix of old and leftover cotton knits
Skirt; Vogue 1170, PU laminate, details and my review of this pattern here
Shoes; Perrini, had these for donkey’s years


  1. carolyn, those are cute tees. I love the mix of stripes in the first one and thank you-I now know what I can do with some old tees which don't get worn anymore.

  2. All of the t-shirts came out great, but the mixed stripes is a winner - great idea!

  3. Great mix of stripes! And that skirt is so pretty.
    The weather still great over there, isn´t it?!

  4. Very creative use of these fabrics The stripes and colours work well together...

  5. Really love the yellow one. What a winner.

  6. Cute tees, especially the one with stripes. However, I'm puzzled by the curved seam in the back of the skirt. Any special reason why it was included?

  7. I love the mixed striped one too. What a lovely mix of colors and patterns. And well done for recycling.

  8. The mixed stripe tee look great. And I agree with you, you can never have too many white tees.

  9. Love the mixed stripes. Ditto on the white tee, can't have to many.

  10. Hey Carolyn, are you still interested in your Pattern Pyramid Giveaway win? If yes, please contact me with your details so I can send you the pack ASAP to hold your own giveaway. If not, please let me know so I can contact the second runner up. Nice tees btw, and see you around!

  11. Hi Carolyn.
    I'm really pleased 'seams great' helped you with these tshirts. They do look wonderful - as always :)

  12. I just love your creativity! I can't believe you found a "bias" stripe!

    (And I love seeing that dog of yours again! He/she/it has at least one raving fan! Give 'em a scratch behind the ears for me!)


    1. Thank you Brenda! And Sienna is a she, and she sends a wag and a lick in thanks :)

  13. Love your ideas of utilising what's on hand; actually I admire quite some people of this country for this gift and tend to fit in with delight! :-)

    YET: missed out with a comment in time at your post before and just burst into a huuuge laugh when I saw your planned 'future potential' of bra-fashion!
    You know - you'd better get cracking, since they're obviously re-doing 'Priscilla, Queen ...' !
    Your skills might come in quite handy!!!

    Loving greetings whilst ducking immediately in case something is flying towards me from your west to me in the east,
    Gerlinde :-D

  14. Good basic tees! And I SO love the stripey tee! Very nicely done!