Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sometimes, doing nothing...

... is all that is needed.
This is a bit of nothingness really, but I am wearing something for the first time here: my floaty cloud of a scarf.  This is one of my Parisian fabric purchases about which I promised to show results... so; ta da!  Fabric in action.
I bought this as a pre-cut piece of divine, very finely woven wool from Sacre Coupons in Paris and showed a close-up of the beautifully wispy, feather-fine weave here.
I didn't do anything at all; didn't need to do anything at all to this length of fabric, I reckoned it was simply perfect just as is.

Scarf; a length of finely woven pure new wool, with the edges slightly frayed
Dress; the "hole" dress from the Japanese pattern book Pattern Magic by Tomoko Nakamichi, of charcoal wool mix, details here
Top; sexy woman (second hand)
Tights; Spencer Lacy
Shoes; Django and Juliette, from Zomp shoes


  1. un blog genial:)

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  2. I hit the "Like" button on your post!

  3. Beautiful scarf. I often see scarves that I would love to buy, but the prices are sky high and I always think if I could get the material then the rest is easy. The problem is I never see that type of fabric. At least, now I know it is out there. Can I be cheeky and ask how many euros it set you back???