Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A petticoat and an ISTJ

OK, so I have posted about this new... er, thing before; and in a comment janesewandtell expressed surprise that a petticoat should have a zip ... the answer of course is that even though I did describe it as a "petticoat" of course it really was only masquerading as a petticoat.  Actually it is a bonafide dress, and can very well be worn as one!
So I thought it really deserves its very own post to show what it looks like on!  Since it has a fitted bodice it does need a zip so that I can actually get it on and off.  I supposed I described it as a petticoat since it is made of a lusciously soft silk that is kinda flimsy.  Meaning it can be worn underneath a loose lightweight thing like my tunic top and function quite well as a slip.  But the fact is that as the weather warms up this is the kind of light and airy sundress I will love to pop on and wear on its own too!
So here 'tis!
And sorry to mess with your heads, but I've accordingly copied the petticoat/dress's info from the original post it shared with the tunic top to here  :)
I used Burda 8071, a terrific basic pattern I have used ten times before; for ten different dresses and petticoats.  This is the eleventh!  To see a gallery of my previous versions of this pattern, go here  :)  The bodice is lined with ivory silk charmeuse, leftover fabric from this top.
All the seams are French seams and all other raw edges are finished with HongKong seaming, in a lightweight ice-blue cotton leftover from this shirt.

Dress/petticoat; Burda 8071, powder blue silk
Sorry, you can't see them very well in the picture above but I am wearing these sandals; a gift from Misano. 

I loved reading about sewbusylizzy's Myers-Briggs personality! and no one is going to be surprised to find out that I am a ISTJ; the Examiner, or the Duty Fulfiller.  The type of person who sees out to the bitter end what she has started even if she is hating it. This explains why I am dutifully continuing with the year of self-auditing my sewing habit, which I am heartily wishing I had not started... is everyone bored stiff with my meticulously accurate but excruciatingly dull accounting??  That's OK.  I wouldn't blame you one little bit  :)

OK, the Organisational Odds n' sods for October...

Fabric; a re-fashioned ball gown
Patterns; Vogue 1170, used previously
Zip; recycled from the same dress
Hook & eye; from stash
Total cost: free
Fabric; leftovers
Pattern; used previously
Dye; (first time used, bought at a 30%off everything sale at Spotlight) $7.77
Bra cups; $12.95
Hook and eye closure; $2.49
Underwires; $2.49
Elastic; 2x $3.49= $6.98
Ribbon; $0.10
Total cost: $32.78
Fabric; $28.00
Pattern; McCalls 2772, used previously
Swimwear elastic; $4.99
Thread; had already
Total cost: $32.99
Fabric; gift from Craig
Pattern; Vogue 1309, $8.75 on special
Zip; $2.50
Thread; had already
Total cost: $11.25
Fabric, zip and thread; gift from Cassie
Patterns; all used previously
Buttons; gift from ElleC
Total cost: free
Fabric; from my friend C
Pattern; self drafted
Buttons and thread; had already
Total cost: free
Slender Man mask
Fabric; $13.19
Zip; $0.65
Total cost: $13.84
No miscellaneous purchases this month

Total costs for October, not including Tim's mask:  $77.02


  1. Your ISTJ status is interesting. No wonder you went into analytical chemistry!

    I tested borderline I/E NTG. So, I can be either a scientist or a field marshall. After working with military officers, I think that I could never do what they do on a daily basis. Let's just assume I took the test on a sociable day.

  2. So many interesting links to check out here. But first I need to tell you how pretty the pettycoat/dress is, gotta find out about the other versions, and above all, what a joy to see your photos are, specially now it´s pouring here! Love the light in this one specially.

  3. Eleven times! Wow!%)))

    I like to read through your figures, may be because I finished math department?%))

  4. me it looks like a beautiful slip dress. Love it. I would wear that all summer.

  5. It's great to find such a TNT pattern. This dress/petticoat is lovely and looks perfect for a really sweltering day when you want to look and feel cool and refreshed and especially so in such a beautiful powder blue colour.

  6. Of course it is a dress too!
    Thanks for introducing me to Sew Busy Lizzy's blog.

  7. Lovley dress/petticoat.

    I am a ISFJ through and through (no matter how many times I do the test, this is me.)

  8. I would have called it an underslip rather than a petticoat. I think they are a brilliant piece of clothing. The photo with the field of flowers is enchanting. We did the Myers-Briggs thing at work. I don't remember anything other than I was an introvert, which suprised everyone but me. I like people a lot, I just happen to like my own company better; without a certain amount of solitude I get a little crazy.

  9. Just curious about why you're feeling so hateful towards the accounting. Is it coming out very different than what you thought before you started? Do you wish it was more, less? Or do you just hate the calculations? WHY can't you give it up??

    Of course it's interesting to the rest of us. We too find there's not necessarily a correlation between price and beauty or usefulness :-). And many things do turn out free, once you've built up the basic resources. In short, interesting but nothing earth-shattering, that's the way of most research.. Would a whole year really show a different pattern, is there some upcoming something you know about that'll change the deal?

  10. Ok. I'm only going to comment on how pretty your petticoat is.
    As an ENTJ, it's fairly clear cut to me:))

  11. Hi Carolyn

    As a very long time lurker of your wonderful and inspirational blog I was differently inspired to comment.

    I have used Myers-Briggs for over 10 years now. It's a wonderful tool for self awareness and brings a great understanding of the people around you too, which I firmly believe is a route to real appreciation of everyone as individual's.

    One of the quirks of online or quick self analysis tools is mis-identification of your type. I had a professional do mine, and whilst it was largely correct,it took me over 2 years to work out there was one letter wrong. I was a "logical" F, not a "T"

    My understanding of us "sewists" is that the vast majority of us are "feeling" types. We have a hard time with criticism and mostly love to serve ourselves and "others, " not cold systems or hierarchies. We are intensely logical and ordered about this, but our true motivation and pleasure comes from other people.

    Hope I'm on the right track with this and just again, I'd like to say how much I love and appreciate your blog too.

  12. So glad I'm not the only ENTJ stitcher out there. When I was an interviewer for a craft magazine I did notice certainly personality types with different crafts - which makes total sense.
    My Myer Briggs was determined by a professional. Funnily enough when I was assessed for my current job, that test showed that I have the trait of 'continuing on relentlessly in the face of complete disaster'. I'm still pondering whether that is a good thing!

  13. No idea what an ISTJ was, so clicked on the link, and saw that was me described to a tee or T (whatever!!!) Your blog is amazing - learn something with each post!

  14. MC; thanks for showing an interest! I think I'm just a bit tired of keeping such very tight tabs on everything; if you have been reading the lists you will have noticed I am accurate down to the last cent. I've found I really prefer to be less rigid with my favourite hobby.
    Why am I continuing? because I said I would do it for the year, and I will. Now that there are only 2 months left and there is a light at the end of the tunnel I am feeling more enthusiastic, actually! I expect that at the end of it I will be glad I went to the effort! Also at the end of the year, I expect I will write a more complete summary on my findings and my thoughts then.

  15. Bibliophile: thank you for your comment! Hmmm, well I do not know for sure whether my test results were a mis-identification, but I do identify very strongly with the ISTJ analysis :)

  16. Whatever it is called, the result is lovely as usual.
    The picture is awesome !

  17. I love those fields, the glowing light. This is a pretty little pattern and so useful, too.

  18. What a great dress. I have often admired this pattern, and thought it would be a great one add to my stash. It's so very versatile, and I love all your versions.

  19. Aah! I see now. Must order that pattern

  20. I love your petticoat dress. It's such a versatile addition to your wardrobe.