Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rotto; a travel wardrobe...

We have just returned from a really delightful island holiday...  :)))

Time away
5 days
Where to:
Rottnest Island
Mid spring.  Cool nights, daytime highs from 20C right up to 30C
Expected activities:
Veeeery casual island lifestyle; 
swimming, walking on the beach, cycling, bbq's and some dinners at the pub.
Colour scheme: nearly all !Brights! and with the freshness of white and just a touch of black

What I packed: (click on each garment name to link to its original construction post)
(left to right; top to bottom)
green/ultramarine ballet flats, a gift from Misano
pink thongs, KMart
straw hat, Country Road

This was a great assortment for a fun and relaxed family 
beachy holiday; I stepped out of my comfort zone with all those !brights! and was pretty pleased I had done so.  All my ensembles felt cheerful and happy; and vibrant in the brilliant sunlight.
In retrospect, having two white shirts on such a short holiday, I felt like I was doubling up too much and had less choice. I love love love white shirts with the deepest passion imaginable; but I think an improvement would have been to substitute one with one of another colour, for a bit more variety.
The raincoat was useful for, oh let me think, about a minute? total? but I wore it as a "cardigan" for one day, so it didn't go unloved.  It's best to pack it at this time of year, just in case...
on a happy note, I have discovered that this skirt design, Vogue 1170, is ideal for bicycling! it's like it has been designed for just this very activity...  If you click on the link in the list above to see the back view of the skirt you'll see what I mean... that high curved back flounce sits perfectly on a bike seat with no straining of fabric, there is plenty of room for pedalling, and minimal creasing of the back.  The front is quite flat and straight too, so it doesn't flip up.  Win!
and on a sad note, my pink thongs broke during the holiday, so in a spur-of-the-moment holiday purchase...
Welcome newbie scarlet thongs;  may you live long and prosper....

(and yes, the outfit in yesterday's post was a part of this travel mini-series too...  :)  )


  1. Lots of fab brights! Love the collection of colours. Methinks I need some lessons in minimal packing from you!

  2. I'm always looking for fabulous styles to wear on a bike. The pockets are on a good angle for cycling too.

  3. This is a great travel wardrobe. Do you think two white shirts too much - I don't. Sometimes lots of brights can be a little overwhelming don't you think?

  4. Such great colours n wardrobe... :)

  5. Such beautiful colors! I love the brights that are in style this year, you put them together and accessorize so well.

  6. I'm thrilled with all the brights around at the moment, I really like wearing them. Your blue skirt is my favourite.

  7. Great travel wardrobe - love the mix of colours - thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Even your suitcase continents look like a work of art! You sure know what to pick for a holiday! Every time I see your corduroy skirt reminds me I have to sew mine some day soon.

  9. Great bright wardrobe for a summery holiday - thank you for sharing.

  10. I had to google Rottnest Island. It looks like a lovely spot for a break!

    Packing lightly is always one of my greatest challenges.

  11. Your post is a drop of sunshine in a Northern Hemisphere October for me!

  12. I am impressed with your wardrobe is so bright and full of colour!! I love it. For me the most incredible piece is the sunflower bathers, amazing!!!!!!

  13. I can see I'm going to spend this winter envying you your weather... You do love your colours, don't you! They work, mind, they work very well.

  14. I love the colors in the that photograph!

  15. I love Rottnest Island - lucky you being so close! I love your swim suit (togs over here) and can't wait to make me some in about 6 weeks when uni is finished for the semester. We go to the beach on Sunday when it will be 32 deg and last day of school holidays - can't wait but the report will have to! Thanks for your nice comments too.

  16. Looks like the perfect holiday wardrobe!

  17. always love the brights, and the skirt, never really noticed that before but now I need it!

  18. Everything is so always, I am in awe of your talent and vision.

  19. Inspiring! I wish I was so organized about my travel clothes. I just keep piling until I can't stuff anymore. And I often end up with orphan pieces. Maybe I should try color scheming. The hardest part is always which shoes to bring!

  20. Looks like the perfect island wardrobe! Colors are amazing.