Sunday, October 28, 2012

Perchance to dream

I have made some rather daggy baggy shorts, but don’t worry.  Style has not flown out the window.  After today, these are my new summer PJ bottoms!

I used a too-small-for-anything-else piece of polycotton, crazily colourful and wildly patterned; given to me by my friend C from her late mother’s stash.  It is very nice for summer PJ’s really; light and flowy yet closely woven and sturdy.  One just has to be careful about looking at that rather garish floral print.  Which I think I can manage, since I will be tucked up in bed with my eyes shut for most of the time I’ll be wearing it.
kidding! it's actually rather luscious, don't you think?

I made these using my usual pattern, adapted from off an old pair cut up yonks ago for this very purpose and from which I have made all my PJ bottoms for the past few years.
With added pockets naturally…. because; well, when it comes to the question of pockets in a garment, if one can then one does, amiright?
I gave them a decorative fly front, and found three purple buttons in my stash that are a pretty good match!
With regards to my white shirt here: no, that is not sleepwear; but more a lame attempt to disguise the fact that I am, tut tut, actually wearing my pyjama bottoms out in public; shock, horror.  Really for the top half of my PJ’s I’ll be downgrading one of these little tees.   I opted not to wear said little tee out today because together they really do unmistakably scream "PJ’s!!"  It’s the elastic waistband I think  (shudder)  Even for Australia, even for the beach….. yeah, no.
Actually I had almost forgotten I even had this lovely white shirt… which is pretty dumb of me since it is kinda perfect for the delightful spring weather we are having.  It’s not too hot for it yet, and it gives really good coverage from the sun. I have rediscovered my love for this shirt since seeing Merche’s truly fabulous version of this pattern.  Isn’t it great that we can simultaneously wear our shirts on opposite sides of the world, despite having opposite seasons?
a moment of reflection...  

Shorts; self drafted with the help of an old pair of PJ’s, polycotton
Shirt; Burdastyle magazine 10/2010, shirt 102, lightweight ivory cotton, details and my review of this pattern here
Hat; pilfered from my husband

Sienna; is wearing her own PJ’s as well…


  1. Great idea - I picked up a metre of lovely cotton voile at Spotlight yesterday for $1 (it was $5 and she entered it for $1 accidently - when I pointed out her error she decided to give it to me for $1 away!).
    I've bene thinking to make some simple nighties for the kids as they need new pairs every years - whereas mine seem to last fooooorrrrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrr...
    Gorgeous gorgeous pictures - even if you are in your PJs!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I'm missing summer already just looking at them (sigh)...

  3. Comfy is always good! Even though you will use those for jammies they will always be good if you need a super comfy pair of shorts too :O).

    So pretty there and all the water. Keeper would have so much fun playing in that with your doggy! He loves to play in water.

  4. I love them in all their floral glory!

  5. You might think floral shorts on the beach very 1980's, but I have seen bright floral pants everywhere this year and I bet you at some point those floral bottoms do turn up at the beach.

  6. Cute, Carolyn! It does look like spring has arrived!

  7. I think they are cute!
    Do you make EVERY SINGLE thing that you wear? You are one lucky girl.

    You mom made ALL of my clothing growing up...even...ummm...underwear.

  8. Everyone needs pj's!
    The pictures make us drool in the far Northern hemisphere. All that sunshine! The turquoise ocean!

  9. Love your photos! What beautiful shades of blue there! Are you really going to use those shorts as pj´s? I think they are lovely...but then you have so many lovely clothes to wear...
    Thanks so much for the link.We are part of Burda globalization, I guess ;D

  10. Very cheeky and they are perfect for PJ's. Now is Sienna leaving a lot of fur around, Roscoe certainly is :)

  11. When I saw the title, my mind said 'PJs', but then when I opened the page and saw blue sky, it said 'No...'. Still, buttons and pockets outweigh an elastic waistband, so I think you'd be safe. I love that white blouse! You and Merche are so clever.

  12. Oh man. I cannot TELL you how jealous your photos make me, and how much they tempt me to emigrate all the way across the world.

    Oh, and fab PJs!

  13. Am with Merche. These look cool as summer shorts. ideal for extremely hot days. I wouldn't have even guessed these were meant to be PJ's.

  14. These look super comfy and just right for summer! May I also say Sienna is as cute as a button! Hope you both enjoyed your beach walk :)

  15. They shout summer at you - look great

  16. I LOVE these shorts! I think they're cute even for non-pjs, but then again I like wild prints on bottom. I also made that Burda pattern, in a really drapey white rayon, but yours looks so pretty and crisp. This makes me want to have another go at it.

  17. I've seen some bright young things on the street around here wearing baggy floral shorts with elastic waists, so perhaps you could get away with wearing them in public! Your dog looks adorable too.

  18. WOW!!!! What spectacular pictures! Here the autumn is cold and rainy, so when I saw your pictures...oh my...
    Love your shorts! They look bright and comfy!