Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September summary

(random holiday daily outfit  :) )

Top; top "b" from "shape shape" (formerly known as Unique Clothes Any Way You Like) by Natsuno Hiraiwa, white cotton, details here
Shorts; Burda 7723, hot pink linen, details here
Hoodie; refashioned oversized cardigan and Tshirt, details here
Scarf; knitted by me, details here
Thongs; Havaiana

and some silly stuffy sums for September

White-y Tighties
Fabric; $10.00
Pattern; Burda 7863, used previously
Jeans zip; $1.99
Jeans button; had already
Total cost: $11.99
Fabric; $8.00
Pattern; Burda 7401 (on special) $7.50
Fabric for the HongKong seaming; $7.00
Total cost: $22.50
Fabric; $15.00
Pattern; self-drafted
Total cost: $15.00
Fabric; leftovers from Craig's hoodie
pattern; self-drafted
Total cost: free
Fabric; gift from Mum
Pattern; from Burdastyle magazine a gift from Alexandra Mason
Thread; $2.68
Total cost: $2.68
Fabric; leftovers
Patterns; KwikSew 3300 and McCalls 2772, used before
Underwires; $2.49
Closure; $2.49
Elastic; 2x$3.49= $6.98
Cup Inserts; $12.95
Total cost: $24.93
Fabric; $20
Pattern; self-drafted
Total cost; $20
Fabric; from my friend C
Pattern; from Pattern Magic 3, used before
Total cost; free
Brocade dress with zips
Fabric; birthday gift from Sam
Pattern; traced from Pattern Pyramid Burdastyle magazine, free
Zips; $18.49
Lining fabric; $8.39
Total cost; $26.88
Bared ankles capris
Pattern; Vogue 1115 (on special) $8.75
Fabric; $10.00
Zip; $2.29
Total cost; $21.04
No miscellaneous purchases this month

Total cost to add to my wardrobe this month (not counting the kiddles' stuff, naturally)  $87.52


  1. I LOVE those shorts and that beach isn't too bad either!

  2. Great outfit! I love those bright colours.

  3. Looks great. Fall just hit Denmark, so no shorts here for the next 7 months :-(

  4. Your accountings make me feel like a big spender! ;)

  5. the whole ensemble looks great and I am lusting after that beach especially as its got so cold here in the UK

  6. Carolyn, I love your blog. You always make it look so effortless!
    And your pictures at the beach make us long for summer just as we're moving into the winter months here in the northern hemisphere.

  7. Your accounts make me think that sewing your own is worth the effort for savings as well as for the fun of creativity! And like some of the other commenters, seeing your photos brightens my day. It is well and truly autumn here in the UK - daytime temps of 13 degrees C last Saturday!

  8. These colors are so pretty together. Perfect for a walk on the beach!

  9. You have been busy. It looks as though you had a maximum gain for minimum pain kind of month