Friday, November 9, 2012

feeling blue

I took this photo during our holiday on Rotto but never put it in with the other travel wardrobe photos... the blue skirt was appearing too often.  But I still think it's a nice photo so I decided to post it after all.

Raincoat: self-drafted, of non breathable nylon ripstop, details here
Top; top "a" from shape shape, formerly known as Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, of white cotton, details here
Skirt; Vogue 1170, blue corduroy, details heremy review of this pattern here, and see this skirt styled in 6 different ways here
Thongs; Havaiana

I've been a bit sad and have lost some of the blogging joy over the past few days... thanks to a very sarcastic nasty comment on my blog I discovered recently.  A few might have seen a recent blog post I wrote about it ... but probably not many because I deleted it soon after publishing.  I also deleted the mean comment too eventually; Craig told me I should have left it to allow everyone to read it, but rude comments upset me.  I just don't want hurtful stuff on my blog.  I usually prefer to be all Positive Pollyanna.  
The commenter took exception to my review of Natsuno Hiraiwa's Pattern book Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, or shape shape, which she interpreted as a personal attack on her character.  Apparently she was an author of one of those scathing reviews on amazon about Natsuno Hiraiwa's book.  Of course it goes without saying that she had nothing nice to say about my own makes from the book!  She outlined her alleged long sewing history, I guess as a means of "proving" her superior level of sewing expertise, thus granting herself the authority to override my positive review of the book.  Despite admitting again she hadn't even used the book.  She classed me a "spoilt Anglo Saxon sewer" (and btw I have used Burda magazine patterns a lot too), and very sarcastically dissed the skirt I had made, skirt "d" pictured at the top of my review.
I don't like to drone on about my own history since I prefer for my handiwork to speak for itself... plus one thing I've learnt from the internet is how lots of people can talk until the cows come home about how utterly expertly fabulous they are at something without ever offering any evidence to support their claims; so I will not.  I have posted about some of my really old stuff under the label ancient history.  
However, for the last three years I upped the ante to the max and took on sewing my entire wardrobe; and this has been documented pretty thoroughly here on my blog.  I have not bought any clothes in all that time.  In my real life, I am literally the only person I know who sews all my own clothes.  I really enjoy doing this; I love clothes and I love the challenge of creating them myself, and it gives me something to do in my spare time.  I'm a busy person, and don't like to be still, so sewing keeps me happily and productively occupied in the hours when I am not doing my official work in the office, cooking, housework, and on the weekends when my husband, who works very long hours, is on call or at work.
Blogging about it started out in a small documentative way; but has built up to become so much more to me, a community of wonderful like-minded people, with whom I share a common love.
Of course, I know I am very lucky and undoubtedly I am spoilt in many many aspects of my life BUT .... I've still put in many hours to get to the level of sewing expertise I am at, and I put in quite an effort to make things the best I possibly can.
I also put in quite an effort to present my creations in a fun, lighthearted and interesting way here, and to make my blog the best it can be.  I'm not the sort to make a half-hearted effort.  And I prefer positivity over negativity.
Anyway, I don't even know why I'm baring my soul defensively in this way... just feeling a bit down I s'pose.  I hope I am not over-sharing in an embarrassing way.  

(I wrote this a few days ago, and I'm feeling more cheerful now  :)


  1. I'm always impressed by your makes. Some of it isn't my style, but some of it I would love to copy exactly. The variety is good to have though. How boring would it be if we all thought alike, and so all only used the same patterns in the same way? That being said, I'm glad you deleted the comment. There's no reason for all of us to read it, then start fighting in the comments section. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Stay happy :)

  2. I would have commented on your recent post and kind of feared you might not come back... Glad you are! As I see it, negative comments are a sign you have a successful blog and achievements others can only wish they had. That doesn't make it alright, or less hurtful, of course. I'm a bit sad you had to deal with this, because everyone who has read your blog any length of time has to notice you're one of those people who always err on the side of friendliness and civility. Apart from the beautiful photos (and sunshine!) that's what makes your blog special and keeps me reading. Well, that and the gorgeous clothes! Don't let them get you down.

  3. I am sorry that someone left a mean comment on your post, and glad that you were a strong enough person to move beyond them! I rarely comment here, but often read your blog, I love your creativity, your writing, your lovely photography and your amazing clothing. I am impressed with how thorough a job you do and didn't realise that you sew all your own clothing. Be of good cheer, there are all kinds of people out here in blogland that appreciate you and what you do!

  4. I wish I could come to you and hug you right now. I know how you feel, though there isn't any of your fault in this story. I have realized that some people need to attack others to balance their own insecure feelings. You don't have to get it at all. It's their problem. I hope you keep us seeing your beautiful creations.

  5. Unfortunately with the billions of people in the world there are a percentage of people who are negative and destructive.

    They see any thoughts that don't tally with theirs as a personal attack and respond with venom.

    Your blog is an inspiration and people have learnt a lot from you - I know I have. I aspire to sew like you do and your pictures bring a great deal of enjoyment to me and I am sure many others.

    As Uta said - negative comments - unfortunately - can be seen as having a successful blog as there are so many people who read your blog that the law of averages kick in and you are bound to attract some of the negative Nellies.

    Please keep up the great work and keep letting the sewing populace into your world.. It is so lovely and stylish in there.

  6. Oh - and BTW - the jacket and skirt are lovely and so beautifully shown against the blue Aussie sky.

  7. I'm always impressed by your resourcefulness, your sewing skill, and your thoughtfulness. I first saw your creations on Wardrobe Refashion and was inspired to keep learning more sewing skills myself. So thank you for sharing what you make. And I like healthy discussions and even disagreements, but they should really be accompanied with civility and empathy!

  8. Dear Carolyn,

    I know exactly how you feel, having had my share of mean comments. She's pretty defensive, no? I don't know why anyone would take a review so personally, but I think it says more about them than you.

    I love your blog, and I admire your makes - I wish I could make as much of my wardrobe as you do! You also have (to my eyes) a very distinctive and consistent style, which is wonderful - I always looks forward to seeing what you have made!
    Hugs from the US!
    Jessica (Stitchywitch)

  9. I saw that you had posted something new but couldn't find it. This must be when you were having all the trouble.
    Of course, some one's comments can cause us to reflect. It's only human. When the sting goes out of it, I think it's easy to see that you have sewn a lot of beautiful clothes, shared a lot of great techniques, taken inspirational photos, and worked hard to create an attractive, well written blog that we all enjoy and appreciate.
    It's such a shame that success and a job well done can make you the focus of someone else's jealousy and frustration. Please don't pay it any mind, and take all the nice things we sincerely write you, seriously.

  10. Don't let them get you down. Easier said than done, I know. But if you never say anything that anyone could disagree with, things would be a bit bland! I always look forward to reading your blog. Your makes and photography are beautiful and I enjoy your thoughtful writing.

  11. I have always sewn and taken it for granted that I do. I often used to feel a little nerdy because I didn't know anyone else IRL who did. That was until I found blogging and like minded people. I have been fortunate enough thus far not to have had nasty people comment on my blog but I do know that my confidence would be knocked if this were to happen. I can appreciate that everyone has their own opinion and blogs are a good way to express these but also believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this and nastiness is not it. I hope this person has not knocked your confidence too much as reading your blog remains one of the highlights of my daily routine.

  12. I'm sorry that you've been the victim of such a mean commenter. It always makes me wonder what is wrong with people. You make wonderful things and your skill level is high. There are many of us out here who are inspired by every single one of your posts. My personal inspiration from you at the moment is bra making. We all seem so able to remember the crappy things people say and forget all the wonderful things that others say. Go back and read some of your old comments; I'm sure they will cheer you up! I would be sad if I didn't have my daily fix of inspiration from you.

  13. Don't let the nasty people get you down.

    You write a wonderfully inspirational blog and up the sewing blogging ante (in a good way).

  14. Hi Carolyn,

    I think your work speaks for itself. And you take lovely photos too.

  15. Sorry to hear about the nasty comment. Would have liked to read it to see how off (and how full of it) it was. You don't have to justify your opinions or your life and your clothing does speak for itself. I guess having a blog means putting yourself out there but unwarranted attacks must sting (even if we tell ourselves that they are meaningless & from unimportant people). So schoolyard again! Anyway, glad you are feeling more cheery & hope you know many worldwide love to read your blog. A lurking insomniac.

  16. I have enjoyed your blog, (without thanking you or commenting) for ages. I admire your generosity and humour, your beautiful photography and the glimpse into another family's life on the other side of the world. So - many thanks for brightening my day.

  17. Glad you are feeling more cheery. I was a little worried about you because your post popped up on my blog list, but when I clicked, I couldn't see anything.

    It is very sad that people need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. Your sewing is truly inspiration, as is your photography.

  18. Aah don't be upset Carolyn. I can understand why you feel hurt, I should feel the same but frankly the problem is hers, whoever she is, to be so mean. I can never understand the need for meanness, but it does seem to exist at times, sadly.

    Your blog is wonderful, as are your wonderful skills which you take the time to share with us so generously. As for being 'spoilt'??? Jealousy surely.

    I too am married to a hospital doctor and know well the very long hours spent alone. Sewing has been my salvation also and helped me pass many hours productively and happily.

    Please don't stop blogging, your loyal fans would miss you too much!! Have a lovely weekend.

  19. I think of myself as leaning towards that Pollyanna outlook as well! I've never understood why people enjoy being hateful on the internet; I suspect it's because they are frustrated and haven't the courage to vent spleen in real life. It's far easier to spew garbage on the web - especially anonymously - and I have seen cases where comments descend into appalling behaviour, being increasingly venomous. Not the sort of thing I wish to read. This person may or may not have her own sewing talents, but yours are undeniable. Not only can you sew beautifully, you look great in what you make; truth be known a lot of us are a bit envious of you there ;-) I'm sorry that you took her comment to heart, but we do have feelings, don't we? I'm pleased you're back and I hope you'll be able to put her nastiness behind you. Your fans far outnumber any detractors, I am certain.

  20. Why do we let things like this upset us? She was talking such nonsense. You sew beautiful things and have a beautiful blog. She unfortunately is not a very happy person and needs to be mean to others to make herself feel better.

  21. I am another lurker who has never commented on your blog - and this is wrong of me. You should know that you are one of my most inspirational bloggers. I am sewing all my clothes, but far less professionally than you do and your posts and photos give me the encouragement to keep striving and keep learning.

    Mean and spiteful people can really, really hurt - but please brush it off and keep on inspiring us.

  22. Carolyn, I usually don't comment on your posts, but I feel I must this time! I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I am always astounded at your creativity and skill at sewing. I have been sewing since a little tyke too, but I continue to be inspired by what you come up with, and it spurs me on to try some creative sewing myself. I always look forward to reading your posts, so keep up the good work! And delete those nasty comments - don't need them! *hugs* from the other side of Aus.

  23. Hi, I regularly check your blog as I enjoy it so much, please don't be upset by mean and sarcastic comments as I think the other person has a problem, probably with low self esteem.
    I hope that you keep on blogging as I find it quite inspirational.
    We are looking forward to visiting your lovely country next year and will be staying near Sydney.
    Best wishes Judy

  24. I did see that post before it was deleted (yeah, I follow your blog like a lost baby duck) and man that creature was vicious. At one point I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was drunk when she wrote that, I mean who is that rude to a complete stranger? but then I remembered that it's the internet, home of the tough guy (or lady as the case may be).
    Oh and tough lady, if you're reading this and getting offended (and look you probably were upset when you wrote that comment, I get that) just walk away. You probably have better things to do; I know I do.
    Carolyn, I love your posts! You make me yearn for clothes I normally don't really like... keep up the good work!

  25. Je suis française et j'adore ce que tu fais! Ne te laisse pas impressionner par un mauvais commentaire et montre-nous vite tes nouvelles créations!!!
    Hakuna Matata!!!!!!!

  26. Carolyn, that is a gorgeous blue, so electric! Just keep doing what you love and be free with the delete button. Hugs from Orleans!!!

  27. Oh darling, I cannot belive how crude and envious some people can be, there is no other explanation for an attack like that. You are so nice and talented, your views are your own and this it's your blog.. You got the right to write what you want and it's always very informative...

  28. I too saw that post before it was deleted, and boy was she on the attack!! I also reread your post that she took offence to and couldn't quite work out how she got that out of your original post. I can see why your upset as your blog is very positive and your skills are amazing. Chin up!

  29. Hi Carolyn

    I'll add my voice to the lurkers who never post (so feel free to feel special at being the first person to whom I have actually addressed a comment). I too read your post before it was deleted and felt that I needed to tell you how much I enjoy reading about you and your achievements.

    I love your style and enjoy reading your blog very much.

    Do I have anywhere near your skill set? No definitely not. Does that matter? Also no.

    Do we have the same taste? Not entirely. I will never achieve that effortless elegance you have. Unfortunately I think at best I am destined to be cute (and I am getting too old for that to be good). Again, does that matter? Not in the slightest.

    In sewing as in life, people struggle to accept that a difference of opinion or experience is not a judgement of their opinion or experience. I won't profess to be particularly zen, but life is so much easier and happier if you accept that difference makes life fun and engaging and life is certainly too short to be grumpy.


  30. Christiane from GermanyNovember 9, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    from me as well - a comment from somebody reading quite often in your blog, but very rarely commenting....
    I really enjoy reading your blog, looking at your phantasitc pictures, admire how you found and meet your own style and to dream away how it would be to be able to sew up all my entire wardrobe one day!
    Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation you spread around the world :-)
    Have a nice day,

  31. There is nothing much left to be said. All the previous coments say pretty much what I feel. But really, don´t pay attention to the one nasty comment of an insecure person and bear in mind we all love your work and the way you present it to us, your pictures and your stories. Don´t deprive us of all of it, please!

  32. Dear Carolyn,
    I'm a long time reader. My background is in theater, costume design and construction. I do sew sometimes for myself, but we move frequently around the world (currently in Shanghai, China) so it doesn't always happen. You are one of the blogs I check every single day. My style and your style barely overlap, most of what you make I would never wear. But I adore everything you make. I love your creativity. I love the way you work around challenges. I love the way you stick to your goal of making everything that goes on your body. I love the backgrounds of your shots that give me a taste of your hometown (and a desire to one day live down under). I love how your daughter has been influenced by you to make her own clothes, and that your boys (grown up as they are) wear the clothes you make for them. I love your manipulation of fabric through color and deconstruction. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I wanted to take the time to fill you up with what the other person stole... a tiny bit of your self-confidence, which is absolutely what I love the most about your blog. Please keep up the most excellent work. I'm such a fan!
    Best regards,

  33. Hi Carolyn, I'm so sorry this happened to you. The person who commented is obviously insecure with their own work. As for nasty comments, I think it's par for the course. I shared a tutorial when I first started blogging, and someone posted that "it was time for manicure, eh?" or something along those lines. I thought it was shallow and added nothing to the value of my blog so.... *delete* and keep your chin up. We, who are actual followers of your blog, appreciate that you take the time to share your projects and pattern reviews with us. ;)

  34. Ditto to all of the above Carolyn. I saw that post and more than anything I felt immensely saddened that someone felt the need to post such a personal vitirolic attack.
    I find you immensely inspiring, as a stitcher, a blogger and as a kind-spirited person.
    I have never understood why people might feel the need to vent such mean and nasty thoughts in the social media world.
    On a cranky day at work I sometimes type an email, read it and think 'how would I feel if I received that?' Often typing something helps you clarify your thoughts, calm down and then DELETE and re-hash in a rational, logical and less offensive way.
    I think you should treat people as you would like to be treated. And it applies in the blogging world. Just because it's a different medium doesn't mean that the same rules of civility and kindness to other human beings do not apply.
    I recently read a post about thin young stitchers and I was horrifed by the follow-up comments that some people made. In fact I was so put off by the poisonous comments and lack of moderation that I slunk away and never went back. I wasn't that I thought their points were valid I just didn't understand the nastiness of it.
    Sadly that sort of behaviour does impact of what I choose to write about on my blog, what I take close-ups of and what skills I might comment on or share in my own space. I have all sorts of thoughts on things like body image, age, I have a rather extensive craft background etc etc but am very put off sharing things as I have no interest in being 'put in my place' by people who think it their duty to humble, discredit or embarass me. And that what I might make can be negatively viewed because of my socio-economic status, body shape, ability or age. I'm stupid enough to think if I make something to the best of my ability, learn something and create a wearable item that I'm kinda doin' OK. Worse, if it makes me happy or confident I think that's even better!
    It's a rather sad state of affairs.
    Why can't be all just be a bit more respectful of each other??
    Heavens above, this comment will link to my blog and I might endure a snowstorm of negativity of being a silly ray of sewing sunshine. However alas, putting others done never actually makes me feel better about myself, in fact it makes me miserable.
    Life is too short. My FIL nearly died this week following a massive heart attack, these sorts of things puts life and sewing into perspective...

  35. Carolyn, please, please, please do not let these faceless trolls get you down. I discovered your blog about a year ago now & have been a frequent lurker ever since. I love, love, love all the clothes you make and are so envious of your ability to make such beautiful and unique clothes. I love how you try different and unique patterns and styles and are able to wear them with such style and grace. Please continue to document your lovely and inspiring makes. I hope to continue to be able to be inspired and thrilled by your lovely makes, as I aim to be as inventive and imaginative with my makes as you are. I will be sending you a lot of sewing love from over here :)

  36. Oh Carolyn, I did wonder what was going on and I'm so sorry it has happened. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and even though our styles are quite different your ability and willingness to share your skills with us is really appreciated.

  37. Firstly beautiful photo! Secondly i did read the original blog post as I was up late. I was really saddened by it as over the last 6 months i've loved being part of this usually extremely supportive group of people - especially those like you who take the time to provide such special commentary on all of our blogs and who write with great thought about all your fab creations. But don't let it get you down Carolyn! Lots of love through the internet, Kirsty.

  38. I hope you feel better now :-) When I am reading my blog comments, I feel very very happy! I know that everyone have problems in her life out of the blogosphere, but they, like me, want to share positive energy, love about all the project that people have published, so feel free to delete all the comments you want.
    The best is don´t pay attention to this kind of destructive comments!
    Lots of love,

  39. Here's to sunny days! Glad you're back! I've been missing Sienna - and hoping your absence wasn't related to her!
    Wishing all that is good, feeds your soul, and inspires you to be who you are!


  40. I have been lurking about your blog for some time now. Everything you make is wonderful and an inspiration to me. You're always upbeat and charming.
    I can't imagine how awful it must be to be so bitter and spiteful, that one must spew their venom in order to feel superior. "Spoilt Anglo-Saxon"?!? WOW - just WOW!!!
    Remember Dory in "Finding Nemo"? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Kelly in Florida

  41. Oh Carolyn, as a long-time blogless admirer and big fan of your creativeness, please please don't let the bogans get you down! Ooh, I gave away my fellow aussiness didn't I? I haven't ever commented on a blog before (bad me!) but felt compelled to encourage you to keep up your excellent work and interesting garments - and I mean that in a fashion way, not in a " mmm, darling that's an interesting picture, what is it?" way!
    And seeing the best beaches in the known universe every now and then takes me back to my childhood, without the long flight or relatives to visit!
    Thanks, Yvette in Radelaide

  42. I absolutely love your blog. You make fabulous clothes that suit your tall willowy figure so well and the photos are always superb - (I especially love the beach pics with the dog in the background!). Don't let this nasty comment upset you so much. From all the other popular blogs that I read there are always nasty comments at some stage and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. It's tall poppy syndrome / jelousy / the ravings of somebody who has nothing better to do that leave nasty messages. You obviously have a lot of readers so clearly I'm not the only person who loves your creations and writing.

  43. You have a lot of comments here, and I haven't read many. I read the post you deleted and I think the commment was a tad sour. Srsly, stuff her! Do what want. You make good stuff. I like to read it. Others like to read it. nuff said. Poo to her and her expertise :)

  44. Carolyn.
    I'm glad you're feeling better.
    There's a lot that you and share with us everyday and you do this willingly. I would miss seeing the new things you create to wear, drink or eat. And your pics are super, so stick with what makes you happy - and I hope it involves cooking or brewing or sewing or anything that you love doing. I'm bias :))

  45. Carolyn,
    I, for one, enjoy your blog immensely and not just because your lovely Australian summer brightens up my Canadian winter! Your clothes are gorgeous, and that photo of your skirt inspired me to buy the book once I happily discovered it had been republished under the title of Shape Shape. Please carry on doing what you are doing. I know from reading other blogs that you have an excellent reputation out there. One person doesn't change that.

  46. Just delete those negative comments and don't think twice about them again. There are some miserable people in the world who enjoy making others miserable, too. It's unfortunate, but true (I use to work with one of the above said people! Haha!)

    You are amazingly fabulous and your work is so incredibly inspiring. I know you inspire many people out there in the interwebs, not just me. So don't let one negative nelly get you down!

  47. Like all the others who have commented, I find your blog so amazingly inspiring! I read a statistic somewhere years ago that really stuck with me, "90% of a persons thoughts are about themself". Whenever I've had to deal with unpleasant people I think that whatever they've just said is truly tied into something going on inside themselves. Who knows what that might be.

    I have noticed how positive you are throughout your posts and I really appreciate it. I know that it takes a ton of effort to put a 'happy' spin on life and I think you do it beautifully! Thank you!

  48. I love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful photos! I am inspired by your creations so please keep them coming! Thank you for all that you do here to teach and inspire so many of us!

  49. Wow, I've been lost in the studying world the last few days. I did notice there were no posts to distract me from study.. I'm a bit lost for words. It isn't sad for you but sad for the "commenter". I'm not a prolific sewer nor do I make up tutorials or take my blog too seriously as I started it just before I started my degree and self litigating a legal matter... all three things huge learning curves. I love that you share and create and yours and many blogs have inspired me to think about making more things that I wouldn't normally think I could make. I love the sharing and encouragement that people pass around. It is this generosity that the mean commenter doesn't have, but you and many (most) other bloggers do. Thanks to you all.

  50. Ditto everything Ms. Rose-Chase said! I live in northern Canada and love to see your gorgeous photos (with the dog) and opposite seasons. Greatly admire your taste and style, tho' being medium height and round I can't apply any of it. :)

  51. I'm sorry someone was so rude - I did catch the post before it was taken down, and it was quite disheartening. Usually the online sewing world is so positive. I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog and admire your sewing skills and sense of style!

  52. You know, the Internet is not a Positive Polyanna haven.. it's just not going to happen, ever. You seem to get quite upset about single, isolated nasty comments though. Your only solution is to turn off comments entirely, unfortunately. Are you living so isolated that you never come across nasty people in real life? If so, I want to move to Perth :-) (aside from my beliefs on its beauty based solely on your photos).

    I'd like to thank you for pointing out those negative reviews on amazon though. I subsequently went over there myself an posted a positive review of my own, just to balance things out. And pointed out that reviewing a sewing book without making anything out of it is irresponsible. I also got a longwinded nasty comment from that jerk who seems to think that her decades of sewing give her the right to decree what we should think and say. I amused myself by pointing out that I have in fact been sewing for something like 10 years longer than she has :-). But it's immaterial really, experience only comes from an open mind about what you're doing, and this person clearly lacks the most rudimentary willingness to examine anything new.

    But the point really is that you're putting out what you're doing, why should you be answering to her or to anyone? I'd suggest that you do some reading on trolling in general and how best to respond to it. Posts about being upset just encourage people like this to spew their venom all over the place, what they're seeking is attention and simply deleting their stuff is the most efficient response (blocking is even better so you don't even see it).

    And by the way don't ever get on twitter :-)..

  53. Stephanie, I think your work is wonderful, it is one of just a few blogs that I really enjoy reading. In fact, I just cleaned my blog list and eliminated those that were wasting my time. Yours remains, I so look forward to what you make, and how you model your creations - wonderful! Please dismiss this person's remarks (they come from jealousy for sure) and keep on sewing and blogging.

  54. I disovered your blog from some post at PatternReview and it's hands down my favorite sewing blog out there. One reason for that.....your skills. You don't have to defend yourself at all, IMHO, because your work most certainly speaks for itself. It seems obvious to me that you could make a very good living creating one of a kind garments for those who can afford such luxury. That you can create that luxury for yourself I find amazing and it's something I aspire to. Keep up the beautiful work and ignore jealousy, for that's what it is!

  55. Carolyn
    Your sewing skills are superb, your taste in fabric is great and you know what suits you. In addition you are a very good photographer and enjoy the benefit of beautiful scenery. Oh and I left out your excellent writing skills!

    Please don't think of leaving us without your lovely contributions to the happiness of keen sewers.

    I wait for every new post to see what you have done next so please keep up the good work.

  56. Just another lurker coming out to give you love!
    Could I wear the garments from Shape Shape? Probably not - on me it would be more Lump Lump. :)
    But I love seeing your work, and how you style it.

  57. Carolyn, I'm so sorry that blog comment upset you. :( I'm a freelance journalist, and let me tell you -- it has taken me a long time to develop the hide of a rhino when people rip me or my writing apart. I've had readers accuse me of being a terrible mother, an uneducated idiot, a lazy SAHM, and someone with obviously no taste in peanut butter. One thing the Internet has done is made everyone an expert and people can levy their opinions anonymously. It's sure easy to rip someone apart when you have a convenient place to hide. My strategy: the minute I sense a comment is nasty, I delete it. I don't put a lot of stock in my press -- meaning I accept everything, good and bad, as opinions. They do not define me as a person or a writer. I focus instead on my work and strive to please myself with it. And if people love it? Great! But my opinion matters most. I'm much happier as a result. And p.s. I LOVE your blog. :)

  58. I read your blog pretty frequently but I did miss the deleted post, and actually I'm quite glad I did as Internet bitching and bullying is becoming all too common. You're not the first sewist blogger I've heard about to discuss this problem and I think many people are forgetting that behind most sites like this are real people.
    You're putting yourself out there by blogging about what you do so for me (and also for everyone who commented above me) I find you extremely inspiring.
    (I actually bought the shape shape book after you wrote that blog post too^ )
    Don't let people get you down.. ❤

  59. Sorry to hear about the negative comment. I love your blog it is so inspiring!

  60. I just LOVE your blog!! I visit here everyday to start my day imagining myself at the beautiful beach in your photos and wishing I had the creative life and the wardrobe you do.

    Please remember there are so many "quiet" admirers out there, looking forward to your posts everyday :)

  61. I had to do a LOT of scrolling so I could post a comment! lol

    I did read that post, after you'd deleted it. (Yes, that's possible.) I am sad someone felt the need to spew such vitriol. It is obviously someone who doesn't know you.

    Thanks for all of your generous sharing, your endless inspiration, your creativity. We love you!

  62. Your sewing expertise combined with your fantastic photography and writing make your blog my daily must read. And if you don't post I sometimes dip into older posts. I think you are so right, some people need to drag others down and it is better to ignore them. The beauty of the sewing blogosphere (making friends around the world) more than makes up for the few negative commentors. glad you are feeling more cheerful and looking forward to your future projects.

  63. I´m sorry that you felt sad and upset! Glad, you´re back!

  64. Carolyn, I didn't see the comment - not sure how I missed it since I click on your blog every. single. day. :) But, I think you are an amazing seamstress! I envy your skills, even as I know you earned them through hard work. While I'm not as bold as you to wear some of the more unique styles, I completely appreciate the skill involved in constructing them.

    Please don't quit blogging, so many of us would miss you! I have no idea why this person felt the need to attack you in such a way, not a day goes by when I don't wonder why people can be so mean sometimes. You are so sweet!

    Take care!

  65. Hi Carolyn. All I can do is echo everyone else's comments. I read quite a lot of blogs and yours is my absolute favourite, you are generous with your knowledge, share some wonderful photos of your homeland (I cannot got over what a beautiful colour the sea is!) are exceptionally creative and have a head full of things to do with101 lemons!! You are greatly admired and respected, please don't let this hateful commenter get to you. Big hug from the UK x x x

  66. I'm glad you added that tagline about feeling better now. I did see the previous post, as it showed up in my reader. I cannot believe how jerky some people can be! It makes me angry and sad to see that people would go to such lengths to tear apart those who do not agree with his or her opinion (though, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the election season that just happened.) But I'm glad you didn't let this person turn you away from blogging. I absolutely love your blog, and yours is one of the favorites that I always read in its entirety, no matter what you're sewing.

  67. Oh, I read that post. She was just being catty and mean. You would be better off not letting it get to you. You sew beautifully, and I aspire to be like you one day! So glad you are back and I hope you feel even more cheerful in days to come.

  68. Carolyn,

    (First time commenter here. I've tried to post before but have been unwilling to "join" an account to do so. Today's post inspired me to try again -- thank you for relaxing the rules so that I might participate at my comfort level (or was it user error? :) )

    I love your blog. Although your body is not much like mine, your aesthetic is. Watching you get your sewing geek on makes me feel at home. So thank you for what you do.

    In regards to your present difficulty: tone is difficult in e-communication, made even more difficult because it feels so personal even while most of us have never met. I want to point out an irony here. The nasty commenter got her(?) feelings hurt and went on the attack. You got your feelings hurt and retreated. No one won in either case! I'm glad you're back and feeling cheerful again. Thank you again for sharing so generously.


  69. I love reading your blog and seeing the fabulous clothing you create. You are a very talented sewist.Sometimes I see what you've sewn and go wow! keep up the good work, negative commenters are only jealous of such talent.


  70. So glad you're back. I love your positive Pollyanna view. Such a day brightener. I too am sad that someone would post something so unnecessary. But I'm delighted to see your blog going strong again.

    PS - I too would have deleted the negative comment. What is accomplished by letting it stand?

  71. Trolls happen. Evil poisonous people who assume everything is about them, no matter what and spread the bile around. I'm all for deleting whatever trash they put up, but you can't let it get you down. Trolls aren't worth it.

  72. I'm glad to see you are back.

  73. I too am glad you are back.I enjoy your sewing projects and what you do to creativity. You inspire me.
    BTW I ignore anything that I don't like and focus on the rest.
    Love your blue skirt and raincoat and the background is awesome.

  74. It's almost all been said already by others, so I'll just add that I adore your work, and there's no question in my mind that I would adore you in person should we ever get the chance to meet. (Gosh I would like that!)

    Hugs, and a great big "Thank You" to you for your positive, creative, and inspirational sharing! {{{Carolyn}}} :)

    1. I second all that Jilly said! Carolyn, I love your blog. The pics, your writing style, your sewing - l enjoy it all.
      Boo hiss to the nasty person who feels herself so superior and feels the need to spew ugly comments.

  75. Hi Carolyn,
    I enjoy following your blog and I just love your clothes - you have a huge sense of style. I'm sorry to hear that some idiot has sent a vile comment to you. There sure are some weirdos out there.

  76. Hugs! you are among friends! I'm glad that you will continue to blog about your projects. I adore your sewing projects and your posts about them.* It so hard to sew a creative garment with skill, and it's difficult to blog consistently about these projects--you good at both. I'm glad that you are not lettting people who make mean belittling commments stop you from publishing. I looks forward to reading about your creations.

    Rose in SV/LO

    *and your lovely dog.

  77. Wow. The number of comments should show how much support you in the sewing community. I don't blog but I sew and read many sewing blogs. I particularly love yours because of the fantastic skills you are generously sharing and the style of clothes fit our Aussie lifestyle. I remember when Yoshimi received a nasty comment and was totally devastated by it. It seems there are many nasty people out there who have not yet learnt to keep their nasty comments to themselves. All I can say is that they are doing more harm to themselves than they can do to you. Look at the support you have!! How many GOOD comments do you get compared to one stupid woman who isn't even clever enough to make something from the unique clothes book? Hah. She is a silly cow and a miserable git. Not worth wasting good emotions on.

  78. I too would be very hurt by a nasty comment. But please keep sewing and blogging because clearly you have lots of fans.

  79. A negative comment can be so dispiriting. However I really look forward to reading your posts. I am an advanced beginner/intermediate level home sewer and have learnt some new techniques from reading your blog. Your sewing is very neat and professional. Another aspect I particularly enjoy and find inspiring is your ability to combine colours. In addition I live in grey Britain and love the sunshine fix even if it is only virtual (I can only dream of a lemon tree!). I would encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, you can never guess the motives of another person, but if you are giving pleasure to all these people you must be doing something right! X

  80. The world is a vale of tears, and some people like to add to it with other peoples tears.
    I think you must be so far from that mindset, with your posts that demonstrate joy and skill in your creation, and the pleasures of being in your beautiful part of the world , that it must be really difficult not to take it personally when some disturbed or just plain nasty person wants to spill some bile. I liked your review of Shape Shape very much, and agree with you, reviewing a sewing (or knitting) book without using it is, at best, a limited review, no matter how much expertise someone likes to claim.
    I used to have a troll commenter on my blog, which I found very unpleasant, but after I deleted the comments for a month or two, , the troll starved to death (at least I hope so). Your blog is so popular that you are sure to attract more trolls and vampires in the future, maybe you need a defence plan? There is a discussion about this sort of thing here at Stitchers Guild - it is focussed on the forum, but I think there are some good points for blogs.,1410.0.html
    (sorry if you already have looked up these things, but they were a relevation to me - we play nice here!)

    Hugs. I miss your posts when you are blue.

  81. Hi Carolyn, I rarely comment on the blogs I read, but felt a need to offer my support to you for the fantastic blog. You are so generous with your time and knowledge. A big thank you.

  82. You are so skilled, and what you do is amazing! Don't let mean comments get you down. I need your blog to drool over and inspire me to keep trying!!

  83. More support here !
    It is an awful feeling - I say to myself will this matter next week or next month and that seems to help get over things quicker.
    Just one of the many issues here are because we don`t know the person behind the computer people seem to forget that we are humans with feelings. Well the commenter is obviously an unhappy person for some reason but her comments were so so wrong for so many reasons .Glad you are feeling better - I personally find sewing very therapeutic so hopefully you have some fabulous creation to show us soon and that would also be the best ` revenge `for your troll. Also I agree with others - it seems to best way to deal with trolls is to ignore and delete their comments.

  84. I really enjoy your blog.

    Don't let the 'toxic' people
    get to you - they're the ones
    with the problem and they have nothing better to do with their
    lives than being perpetually nasty!

    Take care.

  85. Sorry that you took the horrible comment too heart. It is hard not to sometimes, we all get a bit low and feel these things much more than they are worth. I am not a blogger, just a reader, but wonder if there is a way to protect yourself from these type of comments but still keep on blogging.
    Like a lot of others have said, I love your blog and admire your sewing and think you are a fabulous, inspiring sewer.
    Keep your chin up

  86. I truly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each new post. More than anything, I like reading the thoughts of someone like you who is passionate about sewing. You are an inspiration.

  87. I have been one of those hiding in the background. I read about your site on Pattern Review and checked it out and now look forward to seeing all the beautiful garments you make. On the Shape Shape or Drape Drape books, I bought them because of your comments and have now used several of the patterns, modified for me, and find them to be wonderful. I liked learning how to drape to create a beautiful top, or skirt, or vest. I would ignore what people say that is unkind. One day they will regret their actions and when they will hurt double. Keep up the great column.

  88. I'm usually a lurker, but since someone out there tried to ruin your day, I want you to know how creative, gorgeous and talented you are! You find the most stunning backgrounds for your pictures, and I love the colors you choose and the way you combine them. Your Vogue dress made out of old surfing T-shirts was fabulous and so creative. Obviously, the person who wrote the nasty comment is green with envy. Ignore her and please keep on blogging. I get excited every time I see you have posted something new!

  89. Well, I think your stuff is amazing, and well crafted, and interesting, and shows such a range of talent; If I am one day half the seamstress you are, that would be amazing. Boo on the commenter. Golly. !!

  90. Don't take anything personally!

    Just keep on doing what you do best, and keep inspiring us with your beautiful creations!

    Very best regards,

  91. I saw that comment when it was first posted & just thought what a pompous, insecure individual one would have to be to write such a thing.

    As for you, my dear... even if you sometimes make & wear things I could never get away with, every single thing looks absolutely amazing on you. Not only do you have an amazing talent, you have the great gift of knowing your style & what works for you impeccably well.

    You inspire me with every single one of your posts. When I grow up as a sewist, I want to be just like you :)

  92. I love your inspirational blog. Like others I check ti every day and really look forward to seeing what you are making and how you have styled it. It inspires me to get more creative with my sewing and I love seeing your makes from the Japanese pattern books. I'm not brave enough to go there yet.
    Unfortunately trolls are a part of life on the internet nowadays. As to why they do it, like others who have commented, I think it's all about them -their low self esteem, their issues. But even knowing that doesn't take away the hurt from such nastiness. Hope you are feeling better from seeing all the support you have and I really look forward to seeing your future makes.

  93. Your work, your spirit, your artistic sensibility--all beautiful, all much appreciated. Elle

  94. Wow look at the support here Cazza! i read your deleted post and was so disappointed at thathorrible comment. i love your sewing and attitude and glad you're feeling better xo

  95. Well I think you are a great seamstress and I hope that one day I can make all my own wardrobe and achieve the style you seem to manage to so effortlessly. I don't know why people are so nasty and rude on the Internet, I'm sure they wouldn't have such bad manners in real life. Disagreeing with someone is part of life but there is no need to be unpleasant about it.

    Glad to hear you are a bit more cheerful now. Getting it off your chest must have helped!

  96. Hi Carolyn,

    I didn't see the comment or your post, in a way I wish I had as I have no idea how anyone could find anything mean to say about you. You seem like a lovely person with amazing style, you make beautiful clothes beautifully, and take wonderful photos of them. I have a very different body shape to you so I'm never going to pull off the same style as you, but I still find so much inspiration from you and the creativity of the clothes you make. I aspire to make my clothes with the same degree of skill and beautiful finishes.

    Remember that there will always be people out there who see the world differently to you, and many who see the anonymity of the internet as an excuse to forget all rules of society. Your blog is a personal site, if there is a comment that upsets you don't take it personally, just delete it and carry on with your wonderful blog.

  97. I really don't understand why some people have to be so nasty - I too love reading your blog, and like others scroll through my feeds to check that I haven't missed one if I have been away for work and can't keep up.

    The other comments have pretty much said it all, but while I was fairly late finding your blog, I would miss reading your posts because you do inspire me, I also value your comments on my blog too........I am sure I can think of a much more appropriate word for the person concerned, but take comfort from all those people that really value the time and effort you put into your blog - clearly from all the comments above, we all love you

  98. Hi Carolyn
    I look at your blog every single day when I make my morning tea - it's one of the very first things I do and I am always pleased to see what you have made. Our body shapes and tastes are different, but I appreciate the effort you go to with your tutorials. Your admiration of the Japanese book has prompted me to take it out of the library even though I know most of the projects won't suit me, and will never be made - but I believe curiosity makes the world go round ans so I am keen to make up my own mind about the book. I really think that the essence of what has happened is to be found in one of the other comments - because of the quality of the blog you are attracting a wide range of readers and so the law of averages means that your chances of a harsh critic increases. It possibly hurts more because it seems to just pop out from the ether with no warning. Just remember though - every morning, on the opposite side of the world, you brighten my day.

  99. I'm so glad that you are feeling better! You are right, we are human and feel to heart negative comments. Let me just say (again! ;-) how much I enjoy your blog, your sewing, photographs and your lighthearted writing.

    I remember that not long ago over in Goodreads I had someone comment on a review, basically telling me how ignorant I was about the style the book was written. What was funny is that I identified the style and said it wasn't my cup of tea. I don't think it makes me ignorant not to like a particular writing style!

  100. This is your personal blog and your personal space. It's not a news outlet with an obligation to represent all sides of a story (which often amounts to "equal time for nutjobs" anyway), nor was your review posted on a commercial/public site like Amazon. If it makes you unhappy to see that kind of comment here, by all means delete away.

    Like many here, I'm a devoted reader of yours. I check for updates habitually and I've read every post in the archive. I noted your (ever so brief) absence and am glad you're back.

    Cheers from snow-bound Canada!

  101. I am so happy you are feeling better and so sorry this happened to you. Your talent and incredible style has me coming back to your blog again and again. I am always impressed with all you make for yourself and your family. Don't think twice about her comments.

  102. I read this post a couple of hours ago, and had to calm down before I wrote this. I haven't entirely succeeded yet.

    I wish so much that I could be there with you with hugs and tea and sympathy. This kind of thing really knocks the wind out of you and is so undeserved. You are an amazing, talented, photogenic, prolific and beautiful woman. I am certain this troll is jealous of you and felt the need to try to bring you down to her level. She is obviously incredibly unhappy with her life and wants the rest of the world to be as well. Don't let her do it.

    I am very pleased you are going to continue to blog, the sewing blog world wouldn't be nearly as nice and informative if you weren't in it.

    Thank you.

  103. To my darling mother.
    Your blog has always been a source of envy not only to me but also it appears to other women who apparantly feel it necessary to openly put down both yourself and your clothing. These comments are only published out of jelousy and should only be viewed as a reflection of the commenter's immature nature. As your daughter i receive the unique privledge of sometime wearing your clothing out. Tonight fashioning your "Black-adder cardigan" talked about here >< i received so many possitive comments, and then after reveiling that, yes, my mother has made this cardigan self drafted based on a cardigan she owned, comments of awe and amazement. I've never been more proud to have you as my mother. I will always love and admire you.

  104. Oh my goodness! First, I'm glad you're in better spirits and that many have expressed how much you and your creative work inspire many who read sewing blogs. Including myself. I only wish I had 1/2 your talent at sewing, photography and writing.

    I, for one, look forward to reading about your sewing adventures and non-sewing adventures like how you send your friends off with lemons (that was so funny by the way).

    Just know that your post brightens my part of the world and I couldn't imagine the sewing blog world without your blog in it.

  105. I love your creations and am so jealous of your skills. I hope that one day I am at
    your level of expertise. And I love the fact that you make all of clothing. Don't let one nasty person sway your confidence

  106. Oh, I am very late in reading this and to hear of it makes me sad.

    I love your blog, your work is brilliant!

    It's one comment in hundreds of friendly and admiring ones, and probably from a person who is trying very very hard to find hairs in other people's soup (I wonder if this makes sense in English).
    Try to ignore it, please, anything else would just make this misanthropic person feel satisfied. Not worth it.

    Well, and look at all those supportive comments...
    if you ever get one of those nasty comments again, just come back here and read these :)

  107. I admire your work and can only hope I can someday be an inspiration to others as you have been to a lot of us. I was hesitant to blog about my sewing because I felt it wasn't up to par with other seamstress' out there but I refuse to let any negativity stand in the way of something I love to do. I have learned so much from others and I also don't have any room in my blog for negativity. I will continue to sew and blog regardless of anyone's negative opinion.

  108. hello carolyn,
    i,ve read your blog for a long time, and never wrote omething.
    most importend is that you enjoy it. your an inspiration and i hope that you blog (and sew) for manny more years.
    with warm greetings from jenny

  109. Hi Carolynn I read your blog regularly, but I don´t usually comment. I think your blog is of an awesome good taste and sometimes I wonder how do you manage so many things with such perfection... your blog inspires me, so pls, keep on posting, be sure that it means a lot to many people around the world! Don´t let mean people let you down! Xoxo, Carina fm Brazil :)

  110. Hi Carolyn,
    I've missed this bad episode and I'm glad to read all these comments about your extraordinaire sewing blog! It should convince you to keep the good work (we're all counting on you and your wonderful sewing projects, pictures (oh the beach!),and all your fun comments...
    Big hugs from Quebec!

  111. Dear Carolyn, I read this post two days ago on my phone and kept telling myself to come back to it and comment (commenting on blogs using a smart phone set to Dutch is really annoying).
    I understand how a nasty comment can get you down but please don't let a visit from some 'common home or garden troll' discourage you from blogging.
    The problem with books like 'shape shape' (and Pattern Magic as well, for that matter) is that their use requires a different mindset than using normal patterns. Some of us really take to that, others don't. I just went back to your review of the book... How does anyone consider that an attack? It's not like you wrote the reviewers on Amazon were stupid for not trying it out...
    I think you've made amazing stuff using your wide variaty of Japanese books and you manage to make things which are properly wearable as well.
    And I may have told this before, but I'd like to make sure you know this: I've met with fellow bloggers only two times (with two different bloggers). Usually, the conversation is about sewing, fabric, patterns and blogs. Both times, we specifically mentioned you as 'that amazing lady from Australia who is working herself through all the Pattern Magic books'

  112. I'm late to this, but of course I wanted to express my moral support to you. I know you virtually for some years ago and have never read anything offensive to you against anyone ... not understand that another person may feel offended by your words ... you are so special and kind.

  113. Carolyn, I cannot stand that anyone would cause you a moment's unhappiness over your incredible talent, prodigious effort, beautiful blog, and generous sharing of it all with us. Witness here - you've so many friends. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  114. I'm glad you're feeling more over the negative commenter. Your blog is far too good to lose to someone so awful.
    You've been inspiring me for a couple of years now!

    And I would also always - as a pretty experienced sewer myself - always give far more weight to a reviewer who had actually sewn the patterns over one who hadn't, no matter how good they think they are at sewing.

  115. Sorry about the "Anonymous" comment above. I'm "LivingBeauty".

  116. Arrr Carolyn, I'm late to this too, sorry. I'm a huge admirer of your work and it kills me to read that an evil troll could of almost gotten the better of you. I hope you're okay and concentrating on sewing your next brilliant garment. Sounds like that person has some serious jealousy issues it's best to not give them your energy xx

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