Friday, November 30, 2012

here's a thought...

Top; from Pattern Magic 3, of grey marle jersey knit, details here
Shorts; Burda 7723 modified, of grey/beige corduroy, details here
Thongs; Havaiiana

The last day of the month, the time of reckoning is at hand; and verily, an unexpected snag has raised its ugly head...  
You see, while I, of free will and sound mind (ha!), elected for this year to account for how much I spend on sewing my wardrobe and on everything sewing-related really, including all the random bits and bobs for Craig and my children; I'm shy when it comes to personal gifts.  Like, the birthday pressies I made for Mum and Dad this month, and Christmas is coming up, and since my family do read my blog...  and yeah, seeing a price tag on a pressie is so so tacky, don't you think? and all the love and the care and the thought, and the hours of sewing, ahem that go into a handmade gift are not accounted for, but become somehow negated when a number is placed upon it.
I didn't think of this in the beginning, since everyone's birthdays and Christmas are at the end of the year it has taken me this long to twig that this might happen...
SO I have decided on a plan.  I am still going to tally and publish the costs of my sewing habit but there is going to be an addendum for this and next month.. a Secret Tally.  I've already made things for my children and for Craig that I have tallied separately throughout the year, and I will add the costs of everyone's birthday and Christmas pressies into that at the final tally next month.  So, those costs will still be accounted for and published, but as part of a separate, whole and unitemised sum.  
My own personal clothing expenditure will continue to be itemised... does that sound fair and open and honest?
I hope so, because whatever; that is how it is going to be!

So behold, the noble n' neat, nitty-gritty for November...

Fabric; previously accounted for
Patterns; Vogue 1247, used previously
Lingerie holders; gift
Total cost: free
Fabric, hook and eye closure, bra cups; all leftovers and recycled from previous set
Blue chiffon and white lace for the new crotch; $10.87
Patterns; used previously
Elastic; $3.49
Underwires; $2.49
Total cost: $16.85
Fabric; after using a birthday gift voucher from friends, $4.98
Zip; $2.30
Total cost: $7.28
Miscellaneous purchases
no miscellaneous purchases this month

Total costs for November:  $24.13

the Secret Tally, to be accounted for next month:

A random thought for the day...


  1. Love the button! I know I don't do it very often... There is something tacky about presents and cost, but I am now rather wondering why that is. We accept so many ideas as part of what we learn to be 'good manners' without wondering how that came to be the custom. I for one would be happy to provide receipts to anyone who wished or needed to exchange a gift I gave them; I'd far rather that than the money be wasted. So there, you've made me think first thing this morning!

  2. You don't need to ever tell us what on spent on supplies for presents. Just take it off balance sheet, Enron style!

  3. Glad you are displaying your sensitive side in case your critics are waiting to pounce! Your thoughts on gifts are right on track with being a sensitive and caring person.

  4. ... 5 thumbs up for your thought of the day (2 from me; 3 from hubby ;-) !)

    LG, Gerlinde

    Good to see/hear you're o.k., since parts of WA had some, aehem, 'special entertainment' weather wise!

  5. I totally laughed out loud at that button. ;)

  6. how can you put a cost on the time spent creating your creations......I am sure all your family love all the pieces you make for them.

  7. me too, laughed out loud. I want that on a t-shirt. And this morning we have pouring rain so I have lovely sunshine and beach envy due to today's photo here. lucky you :)

  8. I don't count gifts either and I don't blame you for not publishing that. I always take the price tag off any gift so I don't see things that I make as any different.

  9. If you're like me, the dilemma is that the presents totally skew the accounting, because most of them involve mostly new expenditures. All the fabric I already own suits me, as with my patterns. When she was alive, making present for my mother-in-law was a perfect example - not only did she like different colors, she liked different fabrics. Add to that the fact that I needed to buy two patterns, one in her size, and one in the size she thought she wore. (And she wouldn't wear something if she thought it was a bigger size.) So you can't just sneak the cost of all the Christmas presents into the budget.

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