Monday, January 28, 2013

Taupe is dope

Actually, I think the colour of my new ballet flats and scarf is more ecru than taupe, but the name printed on the side of the shoe box was "taupe".  So I'm running with it.  Seeing as not much at all rhymes with ecru.  
But whatevs ... shoes!  in one of my favourite colours.  Or is that even a colour?  :)  I'm thinking these are almost animal print.  What I love is that what "looks" like a spotty print is actually little irregularly shaped perforations in the leather, providing natural ventilation for hot sweaty feet.  That's a real plus on hot sticky days like we are getting.  Win!
Technically speaking, the new "scarf" is just a wide strip of soft, silk/linen jersey knit bought at the Morrison remnant sale.  I originally thought to make lingerie with it, but now I've decided that I could well use a soft little summer scarf in this non-colour.  Well the colour is perfection incarnate, no?  It exactly matches the ballet flats.  So, it has migrated from the stash and into the wardrobe, and is getting worn.  Yes!  Wearable stash!   I don't think this counts as stashbusting, but...  ;)  I might still use it for lingerie.  Mebbe, mebbe not.  I'm still thinking about that, but in the meantime it's doing fab as a scarf.
I do love a light airy scarf; so fantastic for protecting the decolletage from the notoriously harsh Australian sun.  If I'm driving I often rearrange it over my right arm, and it's amazing how effective it is at keeping one cool, just keeping that direct sunlight off.
The latest addition to the Navel-Gazing Fashion Blogger's Society photo collection.

Top; Vogue 1247, details here, made of cotton dyed by me, my review of this pattern here, and see this top styled in 6 different ways here
Skirt; Vogue 1247, made of stretch denim then dyed,  details and my review of this pattern here, and see this skirt styled in 6 different ways here
Scarf; remnant
Shoes; c/o Misano

(if you're new, I've pledged to wear only clothes handmade by me this year and to sketch my daily outfits in my Fashionary.  I'm calling this the paper doll project)
Some more navel-gazing; this time about the outfit fourth along... (seen first here) this was one of my earlier refashions from Wardrobe Re-fashion days.    This is one that I sometimes forget to wear, because it is "old", isn't conventionally pretty and is even a little strange...  and sometimes I have to wear a thing for a day to decide whether I still love it or not.   But whenever I do wear this skirt and top ensemble I'm reminded how much I do love slightly weird clothes.  I think I want to get back to making interesting things again.  
Anyhoo, I decided again that the men's shirt ensemble is definitely a keeper.  The same cannot be said for something from the previous week, which I am taking the scissors too... pretty soon  ;)


  1. Very cute shoes and two more great additions to the Navel-Gazing Fashion Blogger's Society photo collection! Have you set up that flickr group yet? Which outfit is getting the chop? I don't remember ever seeing the outfit refashioned from 3 men's shirts before so surely not that one?

  2. Oh... i like your shoes!! And the top....... and the skirt :-)


  3. I have so many scarves that started out as scraps of fabric - but I like to do a rolled hem with my serger on them. It's worth owning a serger just for making scarves and napkins.

  4. Love the shoes, love the scarf - definitely stash busting - and I have to remake this top in a similar fabric to you because it looks fab!

  5. The wardrobe sketches are great, but where do you find the time?

  6. Those are gorgeous shoes (and I hate you for your lovely, long tanned legs) but I agree, not taupe. Off-white might have more rhyming possibilities, but regardless, having a scrap scarf is the ultimate in sustainability - not even time or electricity invested to create it! As to the business shirt outfit, I do remember this. I can't say I'm much of a VW fan, though I have visited her shop in Newcastle (I wonder if they only interview snooty, anorexic shop girls?). Nevertheless, I do like your outfit; I would probably wear it as separates to tone down the eccentricity a bit. As you say, you do like 'weird' clothes. I think that's why you have so many fans.

  7. That is something I don't understand : in French, a "taupe" is a mole, and a mole is black...
    Anyway, even if we consider the "grey/brown" definition, it does not make sense with the colour of the shoes.
    So, I suggest that the name was chosen because of the holes, looking like the tunnels the moles dig !

  8. The scarf definitely counts as stash busting. Turning it into lingerie will be refashioning. I love those lacey shoes - beautiful!

  9. Love your new shoes, I have some similar ones however my legs are almost the same colour as your shoes at the moment (not a good look).

    Still love your drawings and the scarf

  10. i just love your sense of proportion! And how you work with a-line shapes in your outfits.
    You know, I never thought about wearing scarves in summer but I always get burned right at my neckline (yes I wear massive sunscreen but the sun is harsh here, too). Might try this summer...