Monday, March 4, 2013

the paper doll project

26th February - 3rd March
(I've pledged to wear only clothes handmade by me this year and to sketch my daily outfits in my Fashionary.  I'm calling this the paper doll project)

from left:

Hello  :)
Tuesday night saw us back at the Quarry amphitheatre for take two of our picnic followed by the Ballet, after last week was rained out.  It was a wonderful night, easily my highlight of the week.  The performance was breath-taking.  We decided it was our favourite Ballet at the Quarry, so far.
My maxi dress was pressed into service again.  It was a veeery hot day, but this really is the best thing to wear to a summer evening picnic... you can scramble about on the grass setting up and distributing nibblies with absolutely no danger of flashing anyone!

So.  Le stash-busting, pour le February...
I'm doing OK here; since another old thing from the refashioning pile (Cassie's jeans) was remade into something new and useful (a sunhat)PLUS four more pieces of fabric have winged their way from Le Stash to be transformed into usable and wearable garments during February.  Namely, my piece of Liberty, the silver seqinned fabric, the large leftover piece of grey jersey knit, and a small piece of pewter silk dupion.  And no new pieces of fabric have joined the flock.  Yay!  Obviously, the piece I am most thrilled to have used is the 2m of silver sequinned fabric... not only am I thrilled with the results but it was sure burning a hole in my conscience!
Actually, I'm kinda amazed that any sewing has been done at all, since I don't feel like I've been very productive lately.  More like a sad, wrung out old rag. Thank goodness today is cooler.  I might actually get something done.

Talking of baking bread... oh, we weren't?  Sorry.  But we are now, right?  ;)  Anyway; I discovered this little gem on youtube.  This gave the whole family a real laugh, so I hope you enjoy it.  For the record, my husband does NOT bake bread like this, more's the pity....


  1. I'm glad you were thrilled to make use of that sequined fabric. because I liked seeing what you did with it. At my husband's company Christmas party, one of the boss's wives wore a silver sequined skirt and white shirt with knee high cowboy boots. It was smashing.

  2. your little drawings are wonderful - this is a great idea. love the video sadly our bread making isn't like that either.

  3. Oh, the ballet! I'm envious.

  4. Ha,ha! I think I´ll be copying some moves when I´m cooking! Except the t-shirt ripping one. I don´t do those things to my clothes!
    Your fashinary is great. It help us redescover some of your creations.

  5. I definitely think Craig should learn how to make bread like this.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA The bread! Oh my!

    Glad your picnic and stashbusting went well this month. The sequin dress was a really winner!

  7. Agree with Merche that your paper doll project help us to rediscover your talent. The link to the original post of these outfits are what i really like too. :)

  8. The breadmaking clip was hilarious.
    I loved the sequinned dress and skirt - just shows how wonderful stash busting can be.
    Glad you finally got to see the ballet.

  9. I love your paper doll project. You have such an amazing collection of handcrafted clothing. It is super inspiring to me!

  10. I agree that it's nice to have links to your original posts. Those wavy pockets DO look like giant ric-rac (in a very cool way) glad you provided a how-to on that! I may need to try that out on a summer dress.

  11. Caroline, I am curious about the ballet - what was performed? I think the sketch book is a great idea during those very tedious and never ending hot days at this time of year in Perth. First cool day, and I'm sure you'll be back into it like there's no tomorrow.

    1. SarahLiz; there were three performances; the first piece was quite classical in form but with brightly coloured tutus, the second a slightly more contemporary piece set to cool jazz, in GORGEOUS creamy/ivory costumes; and the third quite modern and breath-takingly athletic, with the performers all in white unitards. Only a dancer can pull off a white unitard in my opinion!
      If you are interested you can catch a sneak peek of behind the scenes with rehearsals and the making of the costumes for the first piece here

  12. I also like your doll project (and video) Your summer clothes are a nice change from the winter coats we are wearing here. I just shoveled several inches of snow from my driveway. I hope your temperatures turn more moderate soon.

  13. Carolyn ,it's probably just as well that your Hubs doesn't bake that way . You would never have time for interesting sewing -you would be too busy sewing or repairing his tank tops.