Friday, May 24, 2013

my home town

The theme for today's mini photo challenge in me-made May is your home town, so ta da!!!!  I walk past this view nearly every day, but my photos will attest to the fact that I usually position my camera to not include the city, if I can.  I dunno, a city skyline rarely looks very attractive to my eye.  I prefer nature.  See, I still got a bit of tree to frame my picture!
See that medium height, square white building to the far right, with sorta "castellations" at the top corners?  I can vividly recall that being the tallest building in the city.  It has a revolving restaurant, then called Highlite 33, at the very top ...  can you guess which floor that was? haha!  When I was about twelve, my parents took us to dinner there once, for some special occasion.  It was pretty swanky back then.  My brothers and I were utterly fascinated by the revolving floor, and observed tables inching past windows, goggle-eyed.  I remember a toothpick being placed surreptitiously by a window, and cries of glee when we came around to it again.  That toothpick was greeted like a minor celebrity at our table. 
It's now inexplicably called the C restaurant.  The food critic for our local paper completely ripped it to shreds in a review a few years back, which was a minor scandal and hugely entertaining for everyone.  Except the owners, probably!
My outfit: I like the look of blue denim and chocolate brown together.  I put the tights on first, and they are so cosy and warm I didn't want to take them off! so just picked things to complement them.  The heels are wearing pretty thin now, so after winter I'm going to transform them into footless leggings.  That's the beauty of sewing stuff yourself... you can improvise and keep a thing kicking on like this!

min 8C, max 23C, fine and sunny

Dress; Burda style magazine 06/2011, pattern 102, purple/brown rayon, details and my review of this pattern here, and see this dress styled in 6 different ways here
Cardigan; the fitted cardigan, knitted in Jo Sharp soho cotton, colour Sapote, details here
Tights; self-drafted, jersey printed to look like distressed denim, details and my tutorial for drafting your own custom fit tights here
Shoes; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes

the family's MMM; Craig is again wearing this shirt, Tim is wearing this jacket and Sam is wearing this jacket...

Craig's shirt; Burda 7767, blue linen, details here, and my review of this pattern here
Tim's jacket; Burda 7767 modified, beige corduroy, details here 
Sam's jacket; Burda 7767 modified, navy corduroy, details here and my tutorial for making that welt/patch double pocket here


  1. I´m jumping constantly from Flick to your blog. So it was THIS dress!
    Thank you for the story about the revolving restaurant :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your home town and your childhood outing. We visited London the other day (about 45 mins away from us) and were talking about how dramatically the sky line has changed. My son found it difficult to believe that St Paul's once seemed so tall.

    It's wonderful that your family regularly wear garments made by you. And such beautifully made ones ( of course).

    Your outfits are always stylish. I see it will be 23c today. You are wearing tights. Over here we would be wearing swimming costumes at 23c! No kidding. But beggars can't be choosers!

  3. I cannot imagine living that close to water. I am landlocked :) You outfit is nice, and I really like the jackets that you made your kids.

  4. I enjoyed your hometown post. I somehow imagine you in the country, I think it is all the nature in your pictures! There are no skyscrapers where I live, I have never lived in or near a big city! I hope to join in themefriday this week if I can get a willing photographer, so that everyone can see where I live too. By the way, I love chocolate brown with denim as well. The outfit you are wearing today has a kind of relaxed, chilled vibe to it, perfect for your autumn!

  5. I loved the story of the revolving restaurant. The fabric for those tights is so great. I must get around to making some tights.

  6. Wow....your secret is don't really live so far out in nature that urbania is a distant glimmer in the mind...!

    I agree that cityscapes have a certain beauty, but I'll take the trees and the piers and the ocean any day :) Your photos are always fabulous though, no matter the background :)

  7. you fooled us all I too thought you lived in the middle of an island surrounded by water lol. So do you take a tripod out with you when you take these pictures with a remote shutter release or timer on the camera, or do you have your own personal photographer that follows you around all the time??? ha ha. The men in your life all look crisp in their shirts/jackets.

  8. What is it about revolving restaurants, we used to go to one in Honolulu when I was a kid, the view was fantastic and the food was bleah. Looks like your weather has turned and you can wear tights/boots,glad you are not sweltering anymore. I like brown with blue also, looks good.

  9. What a cute story. I love your photos, you always manage to find unique landscapes with such wonderful lighting.

  10. What a great idea posting all your me-mades for the family. I'm so glad you decided to include them in MMM '13. You have sewn a LOT of garments, and it's so nice to see them documented and worn!

  11. I am entranced by the cityscape. Beautiful!

  12. Blue denim and chocolate are a wonderful combination and your outfit is relaxed and you. Thank you for sharing the revolving restaurant story :)

  13. I've visited your hometown a couple of years ago. We stopped by to see a cousin I'd found via genealogy research on our way home from visiting Bill's sister, Jane, in Sydney. Sharon took us all around, I particularly envied her having grown up around Cottesloe, I think it was, with beautiful beaches. You live in a great place!